Gangsta : Hundemarken

I was neither impressed or unimpressed with the first episode finding the characters and the world setting to be interesting yet the story lagging.

As such I’m hoping episode two picks up a little.

I’m happy to announce the story did get better. Maybe last week I just had a bit of a slow one on but this episode was much more engaging and easy to follow. I think most of my problem last week was that I felt the story was pretty slow so getting into it was difficult whilst this week we had equal amounts of talking things through and action that it made the episode trot along at a better pace.

I really like the characters of Worick and Nicolas, for all the terrible things it is obvious they do and for the torment we’ll probably learn about Nico’s past they just seem like two giant kids. Their hearts seem in the right place just the world they live in obviously is a lot different.

Alex is very obviously the audiences window into this world, she isn’t from Ergastulum so knows nothing about the “Dogtags” or “Twilights” as Nina called them and is unaccustomed to just how downright bad the place is. Through her eyes we learn the lessons that people like Nina already have and whilst I never was under any doubt that Nico wasn’t scary and that there will obviously be good Dogtags and bad Dogtags it was nice to see it explored.

Nico is my favourite character by far. There is so much more we are going to learn about him but in the two episodes that we’ve had there is so much to his character. I don’t think I’ve seen a anime with a deaf person in it and its kind of nice to see a main character with hearing difficulties because it is something I don’t think we see very often. I like the humour you can derive from that like when the Doctor was trying to kill him for damaging the clinic and he was just casually signing to him that it wasn’t his fault. There is a soft side to Nico as well, Worick is far from being a bad BAD guy but he is, to put it bluntly, a Gangsta. He talks like one, he acts like one and even though in the sphere of bad guys he’s one of the good bad guys he’s just a normal guy. Nico on the other hand goes out of his way to buy Nina the drink she likes, he holds her hand whilst walking her back to Dr Theo’s clinic and in the end it is Nina that tells Alex that Nico isn’t scary which you can believe. The childish way he complains to Officer Chad about hitting him, the fact he was the one that sent Worwick with a handkerchief to Alex in the first episode, the way he playfully pokes his tongue out..

The episode wanted to gear up to tell you how terrible these people are and we learn that Nico is the toughest rank of them all (A/0) but at the same time you are taught that actually they are just like everyday people too and actually Nico is playful and kind and cares about people.

Its the small subtle things that make you fall in love with the characters more then you already did.

I am 100% behind this anime now and it is a must see regardless of quality of individual episodes purely because I really like all the characters.

I want to see how Nico and Worick met, I want to know more about their pasts, what is a Twilight? I want to see Alex grow as a character, I’d love to see what experiments Dr Theo partakes in and I really just want to see Nina more especially following Nico around like a little sister.

I’m still not sure on the world in general but all the characters interest me beyond my need for interesting stories.

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