Aoharu x Kikanjuu : Didn’t I tell you I don’t need Friends?

“Nakama nante iranai tte itta yo ne?” (仲間なんていらないって言ったよね?)

I really disliked the first episode but decided to give it at least a few more weeks to truly make my mind up on it.

I’m semi glad I did.


Don’t get excited yet.

All episode long I felt conflicted.

First off the story was much better, I enjoyed it and it was much more funny. I didn’t find anything funny about the first episode and found the characters to be rather annoying. I’m no big fan of airsofting but I know a lot of people do find a lot of joy going along to events and doing survival games. The anime could kind of make me want to retry airsofting in the future because it makes it look a lot of fun so even though I’ve had a bad experience with it the anime managed to nearly make me forget that.

Maybe that is the whole dilemma I’m facing.

I did have a few bad experience’s with airsofting so seeing everyone have so much fun doing it when from my experience there were way more people like the ones in the Greyhound team then you’d like to think kind of made it stick in my throat a little.

Either way the heavy dose of comedy helped it.

This also came with a improvement of the characters. Masamune was much less annoying and much more funny. There was a nicer side to him that I enjoyed watching and the childlike enthusiasm for airsofting made him much more watchable. Toru was a good addition as he managed to bring in even more humour whilst making Hotaru look good.

Hotaru I still don’t like. There were moments, like when Toru called her a pervert, where I kind of liked her but overall I still can’t be bothered with her. I have no real problem with characters like her but there was something in her attitude that just puts me off. Her relationship with Toru will be interesting and I’m guessing by the end of the series the two boys will figure out she’s a girl but in general its a bit of a stupid one. I mean its contrived to say the least to have one character fawn over the skills of another just to be told regardless of how much he appreciates skill he wouldn’t let a girl in his team. Thus leading us to the situation we’re in. It isn’t even a fun storyline or anything he really just needs to get over it and Hotaru be a girl.

I mean there was a ladies room and female characters so I don’t get this whole “she needs to be a boy” thing. It seems a complete waste of time.

I’m willing to give it to at least the half way point in its series to see if it gets better.

The survival games looked fun and I loved the interactions between Toru and Hotaru and that is why I’m carrying on because I’d quite like to see their relationship grow.

2 thoughts on “Aoharu x Kikanjuu : Didn’t I tell you I don’t need Friends?”

  1. I’ve seen parts and reviews of it and it seems like they add unnecessary twists to try to make the audience go “eeeeeehhhh?!” but gets ridiculous real quick. I won’t bother watching this at all 😛

    1. Yes indeed they do. I wouldn’t recommend it the only reason I’m giving it a few more episodes is there is a possibility I might (MIGHT) get a few laughs out of the relationship between characters but its a long shot and I expect it to be forgotten in another one or two episodes.

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