Gate : Jieitai Kanochi Nite, Kaku Tatakaeri : Two Military Forces

“Futatsu no gunzei” (二つの軍勢)

We met the hero of the piece, Yoji Itami, learnt everything we need to know and marched through the gate with him to confront the people on the other side.

This week we get to meet the other side of the story. The Emperor of the world on the other side of the gate seems to be a bit of a bastard. After being defeated at Alnus Hill he then sends out more troops from Vassal states to fight and loses them all too. The power of our world technology obviously was too much.

What I don’t get is after fighting a war that killed innocent people, because in any war the troops themselves are usually innocent people just doing their job, the JSDF seem to think that they’d be able to make friends.

Itami isn’t happy that he’s been made commander of one of the squads sent out to visit villages but to be honest I think it is the perfect job for him, he’s such a nice and easy to talk to person that he’d easily get on with anyone he met. Not only that he’s shown that he has a lot of empathy for people in general and I don’t think he’d put up borders between human and “other” as it were.

I liked that we got to see the other side of the story though I’m also a little peeved that it couldn’t be two sides fighting a war against each other blindly believing the other to be a problem. In actual fact the JSDF MIGHT end up having to fight the Emperor just because he’s a bastard. I mean after losing he uses scorched earth tactics and by the end of the episode Itami’s squad rolls up to a village of roughly 100 people who have all just been burnt alive by a dragon.

The story is still really engaging and for some reason it is really easy to get on with characters. I don’t know the names of anyone other then Itami but I like them all, they all have unique “ways” about them even though we’ve only just met them.

It would have been nice to have seen the JSDF making some friends and all that before we went onto the scorched earth stuff and having them arrive at burnt down villages. I’d have liked to actually seen them talking and working in Coda village to make bonds with the people there not just flashes of it.

I’m mostly impressed by how rounded it is. Neither side of the story so far has been treated as the lesser of the story, we’ve got characters of importance emerging from both sides.

Heck we’ve even got a evil USA President hiding in the background who might become THE big bad by the end of the series.

I like how they manage to blend our world with a fantasy world the only problem I guess I have is that no one has stated in the show how it might not be far to be facing troops on the other side who are only using swords and spears. Japan has invaded the world, just because the Prime Minister or whoever decided to class the Special Region as Japan doesn’t make it any less wrong for them to march into the Special Region and start a war, just like it was wrong for the Special Region to march into Japan and start a war. The thing is other then the Dragons and the possibility of other things like Dragons the JSDF KNOW that the opposing army is made up of archers and swordsmen and yet they still invade with as much force as possible wiping out a good chunk of the population before THEN deciding that it is time to get to know them.

Or at least the ones that THEY haven’t killed and that so far haven’t been wiped out by their own emperor.

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