Aoharu x Kikanjuu : Let’s Start This Deathless Death Match

“Shina nai Koroshiai wo Hajimeyou ka” (死なない殺し合いを始めようか)

A girl who pretends to be a boy and takes part in survival games. I didn’t realise that Airsoft had become a Anime Genre but that was what someone described it to me.

The main reason I have decided to watch were for the word comedy.

Hopefully it ends up better then I kind of have a hunch it will turn out.

I really couldn’t tell you whether I liked it or not. At least with Gangsta I was left satisfied at the end I just don’t know whether its for me or not, this I couldn’t even tell you what was happening in great detail because it just happened and I didn’t honestly care enough to pay attention.

The main character Hotaru is a girl who purely because she wears trousers and has short hair looks like a boy. She over reacts about everything in the most pathetic of ways (a guy stood at her doorway talking about tits is apparently the crime of the century) and ends up causing a fuss all the time.

Masamune is a host in a restaurant who airsofts. After being accused of something he didn’t do by Hotaru he challenges her to a “death match” with BB pellets and beats her whilst realising she has potential to be really good.

That is it. That is all that happened.

The characters have no charm, Hotaru is annoying and Masamune is bland. The other female character is a boring stereotype and the other guy was a bit of a whiner.

I’ll give it a second episode because you never know (I didn’t like Arslan or Owari no Serafu at first) but there is seriously a lot that needs to happen for me to even faint the slightest of interest.

The first thing is the characters need to have some personality added and not just be one dimensional asses. Hotaru needs to become much more interesting then “girl in trousers who gets mad all the time” and Masamune needs to do something other then pick on a little girl.

As for the story, giving it one would be a good start.

I really dislike the episode. I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

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