NXT 8/7/15 Review

Another week and another NXT review. Finn Balor is now NXT Champion. His first NXT as champion.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Dana Brooke & Emma vs Sasha Banks & Charlotte
Winner : Sasha Banks & Charlotte

Marcus Louis vs Solomon Crowe
Winner : Solomon Crowe

The Vaudevillians vs Enzo Amore & Big Cass
Winners : The Vaudervillains

Beast in the East

We start off with review of the whole Beast in the East event and highlight, not well but still, Finn’s championship win.

Dana Brooke & Emma vs Sasha Banks & Charlotte
Sasha Banks & Charlotte win by submission

I kind of called that it would be Charlotte, I had a feeling it would be Charlotte.

I really liked the match all four of them were bloody brilliant and it was extremely entertaining. I loved it. Great way to start the show. Dana and Emma actually work quite well together and I like their partnership, plus if anything else the match sets up for a Sasha/Charlotte match next week.

There isn’t much to say about the match as always it was a A+ (or A* here in the UK) match that ended with a double submission (well why not?) win for Sasha and Charlotte.

What I have to say is that the female wrestlers do have such wonderful ways to pin each other. They bridge over each other and all sorts. They are much more inventive then the boys that is for sure.

Great match and good result.


Last week was a update on a injured Becky Lynch and this week its a update on the injured Bayley. I had wondered where she was.

Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens
Finn Balor wins by pin fall

So we get a look back at the whole history (or lack thereof) between Owens and Balor before a replay of the match which you can see a review on in my Beast In the East review.

Chad Gable

I love Chad, I love how stupid he is and how much he’s trying convince Jason Jordan to tag with him. He’s got it though, he’s tagging with him next week.

Solomon Crowe

And now Crowe is back. When was the last time we saw him? It feels like a million years ago! Kind of missed him.

Marcus Louis vs Solomon Crowe
Solomon Crowe wins by pin fall

The match was alright. I enjoyed it, please don’t think I’m saying that because I didn’t! I think the Balor/Owen re-watch kind of sucked life out of me and knowing that the Vaudevillains was coming made me itchy to see them.

It was nice to see Crowe back and Marcus actually was a great match up for him. I think Marcus Louis could really get this character going if given some time to fight against people like Crowe as for Crowe I just like him anyway.

The Balor/Owen re-watch kind of slowed me down.

The Vaudevillains

Backstage promo with these two. I love them. They are hilarious. People say they wouldn’t work on the main roster but I think they could if booked the right way. You don’t have to play them as really stupid comic booky, do what they are doing now. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with them though.

The Vaudevillains vs Enzo Amore & Big Cass
The Vaudervillians win by pin fall

A really good match. I have a soft spot for all the tag teams in WWE in general. I have a soft spot for tag teams in general. The Vaudevillains though I have to say I’m in love with. I really think their characters are great fun and they are wonderful in the ring together. They have great great in ring chemistry and both have charisma in buckets.

Enzo and Cass have a little bit of work to do. Enzo has the personality (though it depends whether or not you like what he’s screaming about as some people find them abrasive) and Cass has the in ring skill. Together they have a great team but they really need each other whilst the Vaudevillains just works and is brilliant.

I’m actually really truly surprised that the Vaudevillains won because I was sure that Enzo and Cass would win. I can’t wait for that match but no doubt seeing Enzo and Cass were in a proper think with Blake and Murphy and Carmella with Alexa I can’t see the Vaudervillians getting the titles (or a fair match.)

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