Ushio and Tora : The Fateful Meeting of Ushio and Tora

I read a very quick summary of the show and thought why not. Usually this ends in disaster.

From the moment the main character appeared I felt like this is a show that is not going to make it past the first episode.

It has a very ugly animation style that just annoys me to the point that I don’t want to look at it. The main character just looks odd and the way he’s drawn makes me hate him before he’s opened his mouth, when he opens his mouth it isn’t like I suddenly like him any more because its mainly boring and shouty that comes out.

Tora on the other hand was quite cool to look at, he wasn’t brilliant but it was the most interesting part of the whole episode.

My brain turned off in pain half way through and I can’t say that I’m particularly sorry about that because I’m not. I’m not even going to bother getting a header for the blog because I’m just not carrying on with it.

ALL the characters were either really ugly or really annoying. The story, which could have been interesting, dragged. Everything about it felt like someone was dragging their nails over my nerves. I just don’t think I’ve seen something I have disliked so much instantly ever in my life.

Someone please tell me that I’ve missed the point or something?

It was just painful.

2 thoughts on “Ushio and Tora : The Fateful Meeting of Ushio and Tora”

  1. Yup. You missed the point. I’ve read the manga and this is a HUGE story. Historically massively significant to the native japanese audience. Shifts heavily into a more horror based tone once the opening arc is done. Extensive mythology. Solid character development etc.

    Yup. The point was missed.

    1. “The story, which could have been interesting, dragged.”

      I submit that the story possibly could be interesting. The animation however is ugly and off putting as far as my tastes are concerned, the voice acting annoyed me, the story which could be wonderful at any point in this episode was stodgy, dull and at best uninteresting.

      You say you read the manga and found it interesting well then maybe when I have a chance I’ll read the manga myself as it is interesting story or not down the line the first episode put me off watching any more and if any of what you said was hinted at during the episode it was lost on me with all the screaming and hyperness surrounding EVERYTHING.

      It is all about first impressions I’m afraid and having never read the manga or even really did much research on it other then read a quick blurb (which I found interesting by the way) all I can go on is what I saw and what I saw just isn’t something I’m willing to go out of my way to watch each week. Though if you say the manga is good I will probably have a look when I have a free few hours.

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