Show by Rock!! : Our Youth is Non-Stop!

“Seishun wa Non-Sutoppu!”(青春はNon-Stop!)

Another ending and more goodbyes. Will Cyan be able to defend MIDI City and return home?

The answer is yes in what is one of the most boring finale’s in the history of final episodes.

The final episode is a little all over the place, we start where we left off but with the battle between the monster that Cristicrista only being a few minutes long we’re then left with shockingly put together action scene after shockingly put together action scene before everything ends and Cyan is back home.

I’m not even joking, I’m being kind to it by not just saying the whole episode was a pointless waste of time.

Even with me disliking the main cast and not really caring about Plasmagica one jot the ending should have been better.

For a start the battle with Cristicrista was over in a flash, we went from Angelica and Maple trying to save the Grateful King to him suddenly showing up out of nowhere. We had Dagger turn into countless amounts of big bad bosses before Cyan was sent back to her home just to be able to counter what was happening come back and shoot a arrow through Dagger.

We then didn’t get any goodbyes, the festival restarted and we got to hear the band play before a final moment to reflect and then we were back to where the series started with Cyan standing about waiting to introduce herself to the rock band club at school.

There was no real goodbyes, there was no showing how much time had passed or her being at home.

It was a mess of epic proportions, then again I really felt the whole series was a bit of a mess so it doesn’t surprise me that the finale was that bad.

Nothing really happened in the end and it just kind of finished.

It was really terrible.

I might not have loved the series as a whole but at least the other episodes felt like they were telling a story, a story that didn’t matter come the end as long as they got big bad guys, flying girls and a few musical scores in.

It was a disappointment.

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