Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic : Because I Love You More Than Anything

“Naniyori Tobikiri Suki Dakara” (なによりとびきり好きだから)

The last adventure with the girls and we start the adventure in England!

I’m not ready, I never will be ready….

The episode was just a bog standard normal episode with the promise of “see you!” at the end so I can always hope that we’ll just follow the girls every year for the rest of their lives and never stop….

It was sad though, its always sad to say goodbye to characters you care about and I love these girls and have since the first series.

The first part of the episode in England was cute though super confusing, can Alice’s mum speak Japanese? I know it would have been done to make everything easier on the voice actors but it went from English to Japanese without me even noticing and I had to wonder whether or not we ever knew if Alice’s mum could speak Japanese, I kind of think I remember she could but can’t remember if we were ever told why.

I don’t know its been a long time.

The second half of the episode was my favourite because there wasn’t anything special behind anything it was just all the girls being themselves together. We got to see Shino buckling down to become a interpreter and then got to see them all carrying on their lives as normal whilst the ending credits and music played.

It was the perfect way to say goodbye in a show that just makes you feel like you are part of the group.

I’m hoping even if we don’t get another series, which we could very easily have another series, we at least get something in the future showing where the girls ended up. With all the talk of what will happen to Shino in her future as she’s terrible at English and doesn’t seem to have the motivation to get better even though she wants to be a interpreter I can’t help but wonder where the others will end up.

We haven’t really ever been given much of a idea of what the others want to do or what they are doing to achieve that. I’d kind of like to find out what happens to all of them when they grow up but I also just want to carry on watching them grow up, I’ve become extremely attached to the whole lot of them.

The episode left me craving more adventures and didn’t really feel like a ending so I didn’t really get upset until I remembered there would be no more episodes after this.

It made me sad.

No more adventures.

And I was so hoping for another festival episode too!

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