NXT 1/7/15 Review

I might not have done anything else in the last week but man will I make sure my NXT blog is done!

Matches Quick Overlook :

The Vaudervillians vs Dash & Dawson
Winners : The Vaudervillians

Baron Corbin vs Tucker Knight
Winner : Baron Corbin

Emma vs Carmella
Winner : Emma

Tye Dillinger vs Tyler Breeze
Winner : Tyler Breeze

Finn Balor & Samoa Joe vs Rhyno & Kevin Owens
Winners : Finn Balor & Samoa Joe

The Vaudervillians vs Dash & Dawson
The Vaudervillians win by pin fall

I really like the Vaudervillians, I love their gimmick and they are bloody brilliant in the ring. The posing is just amazing, I really think they are great.

The match was really good, Gotch spent most of the time in the ring before tagging in English and after a big boot Gotch got the win. I think the two teams really worked well together and I agree that the tag teams in NXT could start to get really interesting if they did something with them. Either way I just love seeing the Vaudervillians.

Becky Lynch

We get a up date on Becky who is injured and letting us know she’ll be back soon. NBecksT sounds great. Can’t wait to see her back.

Baron Corbin vs Tucker Knight
Baron Corbin wins by pin fall

The match was pointless, it was fast. It was a normal Baron Corbin match.

William Regal / Big Cass & Enzo Amore / The Vaudervillians

Next week Big Cass and the Vaudervillians will be in action against each other and the winners will become number one contenders. The sad thing is I see Enzo and Cass winning because they are already in that position anyway.

Finn Balor Part 3


The series has been extremely interesting and it carries on being extremely interesting. I think there is so much that I just love about Fergal in general, he’s such a dork and I love that and he’s just so cute and I love that too. Still prefer Tyler Breeze but I love him anyway.

Emma vs Carmella
Emma wins by submission

The more I see Carmella the more I get impressed with her. She looks really good at the moment and improving all the time. Or at least I really think she is.

All in all the match was pretty good and it wasn’t that simple a win for Emma. Her and Dana Brooke are starting to look like a force to be reckoned with now.

Bull Dempsey

I am not sure how I am taking this. On one hand I kind of love the whole Bull Dempsey thing, its funny and you need some humour from time to time. I mean there is nothing wrong with a comedy show in the middle of a wrestling show.

On the other hand it was kind of embarrassing.

I guess I lean closer to liking it because I do like a good laugh. I think it is funny. I really loved the look he gave the vending machine right at the end after being told off. It was funny.

Tye Dillinger vs Tyler Breeze
Tyler Breeze wins by pin fall

I’ve missed Tyler, honestly I have. He’s my favourite, nearly as loved as Cesaro is.

The problem I guess right now is that there isn’t much for him to be doing. I don’t get why people can’t see the greatness of the whole character. Yeah OK you could misconstrues it as being just a comedy character but there is so much you could do with him. OK the Beauty Spot isn’t the best signature move you could have but it could be a lot worse and I really do think he’ll be able to connect with the general audience if he got promoted.

The match wasn’t that long and wasn’t that interesting but I kind of hope we’ll get something more substantial from Tyler soon. Tye was really good and the fans got behind him. Good match but nothing special.

Finn Balor & Samoa Joe vs Rhyno & Kevin Owens
Finn Balor & Samoa Joe win by pin fall

After a few meh main events I have to say this one was a little less meh and that was probably because of the addition of Balor and Rhyno.

I don’t know there is just something I found boring about it. I mean I’ve just watched it and I’m having problems telling you what I liked and disliked about it.

I do think it would be more interesting to have had Rhyno and Owens win, I’m kind of 100% certain that Balor is going to win the match today seeing that they’ve had the “getting to know Finn” stuff and it being in Japan and having the emphasis constantly on how much Japan means to him. The win kind of cemented the belief that Finn is just moments away from becoming champion.

My Thoughts :

I’m still extremely cold towards Joe in NXT. There hasn’t been that moment for him that made me go “that is the Joe that I know and care about” and I feel like it will be kind of sad if I never get that but it is starting to feel like it won’t.

I really do feel like we should have had more of Balor/Owens going into their match today (yes I’m late so I’m sat here minutes away from the Beast in the East event) and focusing on Joe/Owens was silly in my opinion. Thing is if Owens goes up to main roster then what is going to happen? If he doesn’t then what is the point? What is the point? What?

Loving the tag teams at the moment it is a lot of fun. Kind of hope the Vaudervillians stay in the tag team picture but feel like the match is obviously going to be won by Amore and Cass.

I forgot to mention it in the event but there is going to be a Diva’s tag team match and Sasha Banks needs to find a partner and there are a few people I can imagine teaming with her and they should be fun.

I’ve loved the Finn Balor stuff. It has made me love him even more.

Alright show.

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