Game of Thrones : Sons of Winter

The fourth episode in the TellTale Game series sees the continuation of the war of words between House Forrester and House Whitehill.

We’ll start with the most pointless part of the whole episode shall we?

In the long run we might get a twist at Kings Landing but it didn’t happen this time out as Mira just eavesdrops on a load of conversations, either makes or breaks Sera’s relationship with a rich Lord she’s flirting with and finds out that the Whitehalls are building a army of sell swords in Kings Landing.

It doesn’t take up much of the game and like always is pretty boring.

That being said Rodrik might have a tiny bit of a dramatic episode but it all comes and goes in a flash. Elaena after refusing to marry me is here to get Rodrik to kill Gryff who she is now betrothed too. Well she should’ve thought of all that before turning down Rodrik. By the looks of it no matter how much you say no to her you still end up with her brother Arthur’s troops helping you take down Gryff. Later on in the game and its a trip to Whitehall to make either threaten or help Lord Whitehill whilst bargaining for Ryon using the now imprisoned Gryff.

Over in Meereen and Asher and Beskha have to help Croft destroy a beacon that will warn the Masters in Meereen of invading forces. There is a lot of action but it seems that no matter what you do you can’t do the right thing in the eyes of Beskha, Croft and ultimately Daenerys.

Lastly we have Gared who is being executed for killing a fellow brother and escapes with both Cotter and Finn to find the North Grove, being attacked by Wildlings along the way and finding Cotters sister in the meantime.

Not the most dramatic of episodes and if I’m honest after waiting for it for so long (or at least what feels like so long) it didn’t really do much of interest. It was nice to see Ramsey Bolton being so charming at the end of the episode and I’m happy it looks like he’ll be in it longer in the next one as I really do love Ramsey. It looks like Mira might have some interesting story next time out too.

This episode though it was a bit boring.

I said in my review last week that the PC version is much cleaner then the XBox one and it took me the quickest time to complete. There wasn’t many particularly difficult battle or action scenes and most of the time we were just following the story along.

I was impressed that there wasn’t a single glitch or problem with it and it played smoothly from start to end.

Out of the bigger decisions what did I do?

Nothing much really. Instead of intimidating or calling Lord Whitehill’s bluff I decided to agree to his terms as long as he didn’t hurt Ryon (all part of my Rodrik being a big softie thing), I made sure that Asher did his best to do as Croft said even though it would upset Beskha, I kissed Elaena even though I didn’t really want to help her (I mean come on if she loved us so much she’d have married us!) I carried on not killing people I really didn’t have to (Gryff and the Wildling that ran off with our food) whilst staying honest to everyone around me.

I was really polite to Ramsey the second I walked into the small council hall, in fact I stood there for a good few moments just listening to him talking to Talia because I didn’t realise that I had to move and I was too busy laughing at the conversation (remembering how terribly stupid Talia’s song was and how it was basically all about how the Bastard would fall.)

I tried to do what was best for Sera as I really don’t want Mira to be doing ANYTHING other then thinking of herself and Margaery, unfortunately I don’t see anyway back from our demise in Kings Landing. I kind of want her to marry the dude that was working with the other dude to sell off all the Ironwood in the name of the Whitehalls though. I didn’t get either of their names and I’ve had a quick search and couldn’t find them online.

Played as a part of the game as a whole and it was alright. If I hadn’t had to complete the episode previous to it I would have been left with a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth.

We are still nowhere near close to finding out who our traitor is in Ironrath or at least it doesn’t feel that way. I originally thought it was the Maester though with how much of a bastard Duncan can be I really think its him and will be extremely upset if it turns out to be Royland who seems way too loyal to be a traitor. Duncan acts loyal but he’s also extremely dodgy at times and too intelligent for his own good. I’m not thinking its the Maester any more because Gryff beats the crap out of him and to be honest he’s MEANT to stay out of it all and I’m not sure I can see it being him (though he was my first choice) the only other person I can think it would be would be Lady Forrester (under duress because of Ryon) or Talia (some twisted hatred for her house after her twin brother died? She was going on about needing to change maybe she already did.)

I’m going with Duncan…. Mainly because I went with Royland to see Lord Whitehall leaving Arthurs guards at Ironrath like Duncan said and the Bastard got in. Though I think that is also just something that was always going to happen. I kind of would like to have a clue over who it is though.

I’m looking forward to the next instalment and hope for a good bit of dialogue between Ramsey and Rodrik.

Not holding my breath though.

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