NXT 25/6/15 Review

Last but not least is this weeks episode of NXT. I felt a little disappointed with last weeks so we’ll see if it bucks up this week.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Enzo Amore vs Big Cass vs Jason Jordan & LeFORT
Winner : Enzo Amore & Big Cass

Dana Brooke vs Kassey
Winner : Dana Brooke

HypeBros vs Sawyer Fulton & Angelo Dawkins
Winners : HypeBros

Finn Balor vs Rhyno
Winner : Finn Balor

Dusty Rhodes Tribute

Triple H has all the superstars of NXT on stage to tell the world how Dusty called the NXT superstars his NXT kids and how he’d have thought of everyone as his NXT family. It was nice seeing one last tribute to him especially on NXT because after his death we have been reminded of just how much he did for the guys in NXT to make sure that the next generation were as good as they could be. It was nice.

Hideo Itami / Kevin Owens 

So Hideo is back to give us a update on his injury. Nice to see his face, missing him greatly. Hideo confirms that it’ll be another 3 or 4 months before he’s back in the ring. I love hearing from Hideo and I’m a little upset that he’s injured because it would have been lovely to see him fighting in Japan on the 4th.

His segment is cut short by Kevin Owens.

I do love Owens on the mic too he’s awesome and I loved his reaction to his stumble, unlike Rollins who kind of makes no sense or Cesaro who gets confused even more, he made a good joke out of it before carrying on. It kind of reminded me of the Bottom Live Shows (points to anyone who know of them) when Rik Mayall stumbled his lines and would always just shrug it off and make a joke out of it.

When Owens had had enough of Hideo he goes to the ring to “take care” of Hideo’s other arm just for Owens to be attacked by Balor who in turn is attacked by Rhino (Rhyno, wait I’ve forgotten how its spelt in WWE again d’oh!)

Great opening segment! Now let me run to America to give belated hugs to Finn.

Main event for the night is Finn Balor vs Rhyno. Happy times. Happy me. Happy, happy happy!

Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs Jason Jordan & LeFORT
Enzo Amore & Big Cass win by pin fall

OK so I have to say that there is something that just makes you want to shout along with Enzo when he gets going. He’s probably gonna be one of the best guys on the mic in the future. I’m not the biggest fan of him in the ring but he can hide that really well in tag teams. I just really love listening to him.

Jordan and LeFORT had most of the offence but it ended with Enzo getting a roll up pin fall.

Did Cass even get into the match? It was so short I kind of felt like it was over in seconds. The building story with Jordan is interesting but the matches aren’t that great. The one the other week against the Vaudervillains was fun but nothing special. I kind of want to see something MORE.

Samoa Joe

Sorry but my disappointment with Joe carries on. I’ve been a huge fan of him for a long LONG time and there is just nothing going for him right now. The matches have been badly done whether it was a squash match that went on forever or a match where he was completely out matched by Owens. His music is terrible and the worst idea ever and now he’s just screaming randomly and repeating himself in interviews. There is so much more that Joe could be doing but never mind.

Dana Brooke vs Kassey
Dana Brooke wins by pin fall

I love Dana Brooke. I don’t care what anyone else says I think she’s freakin’ awesome.

The match was completely one sided. Kassey got a little bit of offence here and there but it was just Dana. It wasn’t the best match in the world but there was some great heel posing and postering by Dana, she was accompanied to the ring by Emma and then she got a great win.

Kassey was good, can’t wait to see more of her but it was never a match she was going to win. Good showing though and she has a lot of promise.


I love Charlotte. I hate Charlotte. I love Charlotte. I hate her. I don’t know. I’m confused. I don’t know.

It wasn’t anything important other to point out she’s going to kick Dana’s ass.

Finn Balor

I have now fallen in love with Finn and his Lego. I mean I don’t know what I love most the fact that we got to see Finn making Lego ships or the fact that Sami joined him.

I am loving the whole look into Finn’s life and it is just making me love him even more then I ever was to begin with. It is nice to just see him being able to talk about who he is and where he came from.

Great segment.

Bull Dempsey

I could have very happily never EVER seen any of those photos of Bull Dempsey. I love him though.

HypeBros vs Sawyer Fulton & Angelo Dawkins
HypeBros win by pin fall

So the team of Mojo and Zack Ryder now have a name, HypeBros. I’m happy about that, they were a great team the first time and they carry on being great this time too.

The match was very fast paced and the HypeBros worked extremely well together. I love the chemistry of the team and they got a really good win.

I mean Mojo isn’t the best in the ring but his personality is contagious and his team with Ryder is fun so it all works.

William Regal / Eva Marie

We get to hear how hard Eva has been working on training and she wants to have a match. Apparently she’s got to show Regal that she’s ready so that is what she is going to do.

Finn Balor vs Rhyno
Finn Balor wins by pin fall

It isn’t Rhyno that comes down first. After Finn gets to the ring it is Kevin Owens that comes down to join the commentary table. I love how he just pushes his way to the table, he’s a lot of fun.

You know what, and yes I’m going right off topic of wrestling and into fan girl world here, but Rhyno doesn’t freakin’ age. I have had a crush on this dude since I was like… Tiny. I remember watching him when I was a little kid and he looks exactly the damn well same as he did back then. HOW?! WHY?! Fuck this shit.

Back to the match. Of course the match was always going to be awesome its Balor vs Rhyno. What makes it better is that Kevin Owens is great on the commentary table, to be honest he’s a great heel commentator, he’s extremely funny and has a great voice. He can do it all. Great talent WWE have there.

The match was great, the commentary great and when Finn won Kevin come down to beat down on Finn just to see Joe come out to even the odds.

My Thoughts :

Really good show. I think the short run time helps it because they don’t put all the stupid crap in it like they do on RAW and SmackDown. We get great matches, to the point promos and fun segments without having to watch three hundred repeats of the same moment that happened two days ago.

Everything about the show was good. I loved all the matches, they weren’t the greatest but they entertained me (remember I’m writing this after watching RAW and SmackDown back to back after a 8 hour shift at work and hardly any sleep) the guys and girls in NXT are always worth the time and effort to watch.

Finn/Rhyno was a great match and probably the match of the show for me.

I can’t wait to see Dana and Charlotte get it on in the ring because those two are going to set the ring on fire.

One day I will learn what Enzo says on his way to the ring, I know it but I forget it so I can’t really shout it along with him. One day though, one day.

I probably said it before but NXT the biggest thing for me is the re-watchability. It is important for the simple reasoning that it is only a hour long so whenever I’m bored and have nothing to do NXT is a great way to waste time away whilst being entertained. Whilst I’ll probably never watch last weeks episode again this week if I find myself bored in the little time away from work I have over the next week and a bit then I’m sure to watch it again.

Still no Tyler Breeze which makes me sad, then again we got Cesaro last week so I can’t complain!

Good show.

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