Game of Thrones TellTale Game….

OK so my original save point for the Game of Thrones game was on a XBox owned by my mum (it was her game and I had one of the four save points) unfortunately my mum isn’t the best with computers and she’s played over all the play saves because she couldn’t remember which was her own so instead of panicking and revenge saving I brought GoT in the Steam Sale on my laptop and played it fro beginning to end with a safe save file away from technophobe prying saving….

That also means I’ve probably changed a lot of what I WAS doing so here is a round down on what choices I’ve made and one last rant about it as well as comparing the XBox version to the PC version….

So I won’t bore you.

My main aim was to keep the Forresters honest, loyal and kind at all times but making sure they didn’t back down and look TOO weak. They’d do what was right but would ultimately still stand tall. Apart of my rant will be how things just don’t really matter in the game and people might “remember” events but it rarely matters so in some ways I went against how I felt I’d want to play the game trying to see if there was anything new hidden away.

Gared was a good boy he saved Bowen, showed mercy on the guard, went to the wall quietly, kept Lord Forresters secret and only told the info to his uncle. At the wall he befriended Finn but at the same time always tried to be friendly with Cotter, he did his best to show he was worthy of Jon Snow’s trust and when Britt showed up in Episode 3 I didn’t kick him off the wall or make him suffer, I did my best to defend myself and then left him. I was always honest with Snow, Frostfinger, Duncan (I told him I wouldn’t break my oaths), Cotter and Finn and tried to be a good boy.

Ethan, poor poor Ethan, I knew whatever I did it was a plot point I couldn’t avoid seeing him die so I was strict (took the three fingers from the thief) but I was also kind to the people around me. I made Ser Royland my sentinel mainly because hindsight is wonderful and having played the game enough times on my own and with my mum I know in my heart up to the end of Episode 3 Royland was the only character I truly trusted. I had him meet the Bastard at the gates, I had him stick up for himself against the Whitehalls and speak plainly to the Bastard and when the time came I offered to take Talia’s place instead of having the Bastard take him.

Poor Ethan.

Mira I made pretty much a pointless side character. I didn’t ask for Margaery’s help hoping beyond hope there might be a nicer path to walk. Unfortunately no matter WHAT you do you 1/anger Cersei 2/anger Margaery and 3/end up doing the exact same thing you would. In fact thinking over it Mira’s choices of reply never really do much difference anyway.

So instead of longer scenes where I beg for Margaery to help me I tell her I don’t want to put more pressure on her then she already has and just ended up skipping vast parts of the “interesting” parts of Mira’s story.

I still didn’t help Tom though. Mainly because I just want her to be good and I feel like if anything is going to have a consequence down the line it’ll be Mira killing the guard. I did however then kiss Tom’s ass every time I saw him afterwards.

Asher I wanted to make a badass but I made him loyal to his house above all else. I really wanted my Asher to love his family, I have a feeling it’ll end with Asher marrying Gwyn to bond the two houses but until then I want him to be a focused bad ass.

To that end I had him kill Tazal, save Malcolm and did my best to push home how much Asher wants to return to his family.

Rodrik is that hardest one to play though. I just want Rodrik to kick everyone’s assess but at the same time I was determined to try and take a more diplomatic approach with his character this time out. I still didn’t manage to secure our marriage so we’re out on a limb on our own but I DID make him bow to Lord Whitehill so that Ryon could come to the funeral and even though I told Gwyn I’d bow to her brother too I wouldn’t sit in the mud and allow him to push me around. I didn’t hit his guard though and instead of hitting him I helped Talia out of the mud.

At all times I tried to be polite and kind to everyone even if it went against how I felt.

And that is where I am now at.

Gared is truthful and friend to both Cotter and Finn.

Mira is friends with Sera but nothing I could do would change the rest of her story. I stayed away as best I could from Tyrion turning his offers down as much as I possibly could.

Rodrik is brave and strong but knows when to play the diplomat.

Asher is a bad ass on his way to save the family from everything.

So did playing it through again change how I feel?

I’ll have to answer with a possibly.

For a start I prefer the PC version to the XBox version more then I can put into words. The controls are much more reactive and I felt much more in control in the action scenes. It meant that the whole game didn’t start to feel like a chore so I could enjoy the story much more.

Playing through it again means that I know when moments that piss me off are going to happen anyway so I didn’t find them half as annoying as before.

It glitched a whole lot less then it did on the XBox too which was nice. The story didn’t lose out because I’d missed something as it had randomly decided to skip some dialogue.

All in all it just felt a much more complete game even though there was nothing different about it.

And that is the one big problem.

In Life is Strange you have the option to save Kate or not. Well it isn’t that simple you have to talk her down off the roof. Now my friend played that episode three times till she had talked Kate off that roof and her story, whilst not that different, is different enough from my game to mean I want to play again to see what happens to Kate myself.

Game of Thrones I’ve seen my mum play twice and I’ve played twice. Every single option seems to be on the same lines. Instead of having a choice between angering someone, appeasing them or whatever it usually is just a different take on the same rift so the game can automatically take you down the path it so chooses.

Take Mira. We’ve played her as a character only out for her family, we’ve played her kissing Cersei’s ass and kissing Margaery’s ass but in each and every play through there is no difference whatsoever. None of what she’s done actually  impacts anything else. No matter what you do you’ll upset this person or that, you won’t be able to do this or that, you’ll end up in the garden to do this or that. So far there seems to be no POINT in Mira.

And this is the thing.

I find the story in the game much more interesting then I EVER found the TV series.

I lie, I found the first series quite interesting bar anything to do with Daenerys, but it only equals how interesting I find the story of the game.

IF they had brought this story out as a animated TV show or a side show or put it in the main story line then I’d lap it up. This isn’t a adventure game like Steam has it tagged at, it is very much story rich and much more a virtual storybook then anything else. You might  have a slight influence on the way people interact together but in the end it all ends up the same. Heck half the dialogue doesn’t even make sense unless you press the buttons that the game wants you too.

The story is a good one, I know some people think its a joke, mainly the Forresters themselves being such a small looking family yet being intwined in so many different plots that involve all the big name players in the series, but if I’m really honest with you I think its lovely. I love all the Forresters and find their stories to be interesting. I just don’t think its worth the money you’ll be paying for it, heck it wasn’t worth the money I paid for it in a sale. When I can buy games like Cherry Tree Comedy Club which is properly tagged as a visual novel but is a game that you DO have a lot of influence over when it comes to the story and has VAST amounts of re-playability (I’m on like my fifth or sixth play through) for only £5.49 (£6.99 with its sequel and £2.99 during the sale!) I have to say you are paying so much money for the voicing talents. The game is easy to breeze through (7 hours to replay all three of the first episodes AND the newest one which I’ll review next week) and at first you might want to replay it but you’ll get to the end of episode one, midway through episode two and realise there is little to no point.

UNLESS you like the story.

I do. It uses some of my favourite characters from the series (Cersei has always been a fav of mine so has Tyrion but I also love Ramsay Snow (what can I say? I like Psychos!) as well as Margaery) and I love all the characters that we meet from House Forrester (specially Rodrik, Ethan, Gared, Ser Royland and Asher) as well as some of the more background characters.

That still wouldn’t make me want to run it through again any time soon.

I personally can’t wait to see what happens, though I’d be a bit surprised if anything negative happened to Ramsey Snow, but that’ll be it.

AND it took me a long time to CARE about the series as a whole. Because the game play on the XBox at times was just unplayable, because the story is stodgy when you are making decisions the computer just doesn’t compute and because some of the scenes can be long winded for no reason at all I only fell in love with the story because I saw someone else play it and I had to play it a second time myself.

I’ll be the first to put my hands up and say “you know what no I’m not a Game of Thrones fan” but I had high hopes (as I also do) for the TellTale game and just felt like it isn’t really as good as it could be. Just with one or two optional differences it could have been a great game.

This is the thing I hate the most about games like this. They tell you that you’d opinion, your decisions, your time building these characters matter.

It never really plays out that way.

Life is Strange at least makes me believe that I’m making decisions and that I’m in charge.

Game of Thrones is obviously on its own path and I’m just a voyager with no say in the matter.

The fourth episode review will be up next week before returning to Sam and Max.

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