Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic : Seaside Promise

“Umibe no Yakusoku” (海べのやくそく)

We finally go to a beach! Everyone is happy its beach time!

Right lets start with the promise, the promise isn’t actually important it was just Shino saying if she ever missed Alice when she’s in England she would get a raft to England to see her and Alice making her promise she’d come by plane because the sea hates Shino.

The rest of the episode I loved and hated. For the normal reasons.

I loved it because it was just lovely. It was nice to see them all spending time together, we got to see them doing some really random stuff and just being themselves.

They didn’t stick with one thing for too long so we got to see them do a variety of beach like things from Shino nearly drowning instead of swimming, souvenir shopping and lunch by the seaside to going to a aquarium like place afterwards and falling asleep on the train home. It was just like you’d expect. Even Karasuma and Kuzehashi were there together. It warmed your heart to see everyone just chilling at the beach.

I hated it because it reminded me that it was just one more thing I was deprived of as I never had any friends TO go to the beach with. Even more depressing is where I live in the UK means that there are literally millions upon millions of beaches in close proximity that I have been to with my family but never with any friends. That is the only thing I dislike about this anime is I usually end up in tears at the end because it was really sweet but also reminded me that I’d have liked to have friends like that growing up. Then again I would just love to live in Japan for any number of days, months or years because its just lovely.

There isn’t much more to say about it to be honest the episode was just wonderfully cheerful and heart warming. Yes there were tears in my eyes when Aya fell asleep on Yokos shoulder and I didn’t want the episode to end.

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