SmackDown 18/6/15 Review

Coming off the back of a highly uneventful RAW save the last few moments of the show we look to SmackDown this week to give us our wrestling fun times.

NOTE : I fell down the stairs today (outside stone stairs) and really hurt myself so I’m on paracetamol and Ibuprofen and very groggy due to being in immense pain so if I seem grouchier or more fan girly then usual I apologise (not that you possibly could tell if I’m grouchier) but I’m just really hurt. The proof is that instead of lying downstairs and watching SmackDown earlier (seeing its now 3pm and I fell down at 8am) I’ve been lying on the sofa doing nothing.Β 

Matches Quick Overlook :

Dean Ambrose vs Kane & Sheamus
Winner : Kane & Sheamus (DQ)

Paige vs Brie Bella
Winner : Brie Bella

Xavier Woods vs Neville
Winner : Neville

Kevin Owens vs Cesaro
Winner : Kevin Owens

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs Sheamus & Kane
Winners : Sheamus & Kane


It is always nice to have Sheamus show up for whatever reasons. He gives the big “I’m Mr Money in the Bank” speech, to brag about what he did to Randy Orton before turning to talk about The Authority, Seth Rollins and Brock Lesner.

The moment he mutters the “no one will stand in my way” you knew someone was going to come and piss on his party. That someone being Dean Ambrose. I like that Dean seems to want to get the briefcase to give it to Roman who we are reminded every time Sheamus comes to the ring could have possibly won it if it wasn’t for Bray Wyatt. I’ll talk about that at the bottom. When Dean makes his move to get the case Kane comes out to book a 2-on-1 match against Sheamus and Kane.

That match starts RIGHT NOW as the saying goes.

Dean Ambrose vs Sheamus & Kane
Sheamus & Kane win by DQ

The match hardly started before Reigns came down to save Ambrose so I’m not sure I should even add it as a match. The second Reigns appears Dean gets DQ’d obviously but it all was a bit pointless other then to crap on Sheamus’s win at MitB once more.

MitB Replay

We saw a clip show of the dying moments of the Championship match mainly to tell us that Brock is back. All a bit pointless I hate the constant replays and talking through of what happened on PPVs. I get people not watching PPVs but surely if you watch SmackDown you are going to watch RAW as well?

Dean Ambrose / Roman Reigns

A very quick piece with a very angry Reigns who tells Renee, well actually, tells Bray Wyatt that basically he isn’t scared and if he wants him come get some.

Paige vs Brie Bella
Brie Bella wins by pin fall

Now I’m happy I get to see Brie fight. Brie took the early offence before Paige tripped her up.

Again I didn’t time it mainly because I forgot but it would have been pointless because there was a advert in the middle of the match anyway so I would have been off a little bit (though I guess it would count as TV time…. Still I forgot) but the match was actually a OK length to the point that it felt like a proper match.

It was a good match and won thanks to Alicia Fox getting involved, though to be fair Alicia has had a problem since last week and it could be more interesting to see Paige have to fight someone like Alicia. The way they were celebrating on the stage though makes me feel like we’re going full out Divas war with Divas choosing either Paige’s or the Bella’s side. Alicia is Team Bella. I’m going to cry because I feel like Nattie is going Team Paige and then I’d have to cheer Team Paige….. Damit!

Kevin Owens / Cesaro (yes you read it right MY BABY IS BACK!!)

We have a load of replays of all the things that Kevin Owens has done including throwing Machine Gun Kelly off the stage on RAW and hurting Cena’s lower back.

After all the replays we have Owens talking to Renee. Now I already knew what was coming so I was kind of ignoring Owens because CESARO!!! CE-SA-RO!!!! My boy.

Here is the proof……..

My selfie for today being my t-shirt not me. Yes I’m wearing my King of Swing t-shirt.

I love him and he got a nice little cheer from the crowd and even had a funny “and so there’s not confusion” *puts his hands on Owens* “I put my hands on you first” he is perfect Cesaro is wonderful, where is Cesaro’s push? Why is he not world champion? Why is he not beating the crap out of everyone? Why can’t we replace the Kidd in #BTE with Tyler Breeze until Kidd comes back and have my dream team?


How could it? Cesaro is perfection.

Dolph Ziggler vs Bo Dallas
Dolph Ziggler wins by pin fall

Nice to see Bo for the first time in a while. OK maybe less then a week but I miss him. I really wish they’d just put him into a ACTUAL storyline, I really REALLY think its best if he goes with either the newly reformed Harper/Rowan or else feud with Wyatt. He needs something better then he’s getting.

The match was pretty short, Bo had the majority of the offence but he turned his back on Ziggler which led to him getting pinned. Feel bad for my hero but he also kinda deserved it for insulting my best friend.

Xavier Woods vs Neville
Neville wins by pin fall

Its interesting since I started watching WWE again properly I don’t think I’ve seen Xavier Woods wrestle on his own. I don’t watch Superstars or Main Event or any of those but its usually either two in a tag match or the other two fighting.

The match wasn’t that great if I’m honest and much more fun because the Prime Time Players came down to help Neville and we saw everyone take each other out. Before that there wasn’t much going on and after that we got a Red Arrow and a win for Neville.

For me a little of the magic with Neville is rubbing off and like Dallas, Cesaro and a few others he NEEDS a proper storyline to get his teeth into because its getting tiring having the commentator teams tell us all the time how wonderful he is but not actually see anything more for him. I like Neville by the by I just want him to have a story.

Seth Rollins

Of course no show is done without EVEN MORE REPLAYS of RAW and now we’re going to deal with the elephant in the room (not Paul, Paul is a star, he’s wonderful, he’s lovely, I L-O-V-E Paul Heyman!) and that is the return of Paul Heyman Brock Lesner.

Again Rollins whole promo tends to be a recap in itself (so you don’t need replays) just added his opinion of what happened. He was shocked, now he understands.

It was pointless and better served in a interview with Renee backstage. Honestly it was pretty pointless no one even came down to the ring to shut him up or anything he just mouthed off and told the world he’ll beat Brock Lesner then left!

Bray Wyatt / Roman Reigns

So we got a replay of Wyatt from RAW before going backstage to Roman and Dean in the locker room with Dean babbling about Sheamus before realising that Roman had blanked out and warning him not to let Wyatt get into his head.

Kevin Owens vs Cesaro
Kevin Owens wins by pin fall

So this is going to be match of the night right purely because my CESARO is back!!! I’ve missed him so much I love watching him in the ring but he’s come so far on the mic too so I really want to see him get into a feud so that I can hear him talking more. I just want WWE to do something with him because I miss him so much!!!

The match was good. I’m probably biased but I loved it. Cesaro just kicked fucking ass honestly he did, Owens got the win in the end but it was a damned battle and a damned good one at that. Cesaro was just perfect and I miss him, the music hit and I was in tears and jumping around the place and so happy. SO SO HAPPY.

He was just really good and Owens was great and it was just wonderful and I feel like crying I can’t review the match I’m high on painkillers and crying I can’t do it.

Miz at the Movies

He previews Vendetta by bitching about Big Show (who is in the movie) and then turning it into a rant about how he deserves the Intercontinental Championship. It was funny and sweet and unlike the stupid promos etc it made sense for the feud. It was funny. Miz is hilarious.

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs Sheamus & Kane
Sheamus & Kane win by pin fall

The fight was just a fight. Sheamus and Kane just wanted to beat up on Ambrose and Reigns and Ambrose and Reigns just wanted to fight Sheamus and Kane. Both sides got good screen time, both sides had good offence, they both even had good team work at times.

The match was good and one of the stronger main events in recent history for both SmackDown and RAW. Dean spent most of the time in the ring either being beaten up or beating people up and you just know the second that Reigns gets in then Wyatt was going to show up and he did, on the screen, singing I’m a little teapot.

Sheamus gets the Brogue kick to win with a three count in what was a great match. After the match Wyatt tells Reigns to run, the lights go off and when they come back on Reigns is sitting next to the picture of him and his little girl.

I still think the whole thing is rather boring but at least Reigns is doing his best with it, he’s making it bearable and I wanted to hug him when he looked so lost at the photo he’d just picked up. Poor Roman.

My Thoughts :

WAY too many RAW or MitB replays that just weren’t needed. Everything could have just been said without wasting time showing us what happened.

Still SmackDown was much better then RAW this week.

Well I guess I have to talk about Sheamus right?

I just don’t like the way it is going. Every time Sheamus comes down the first thing out of the commentators mouths are “Roman Reigns very nearly won it” followed by a long explanation of why he didn’t. Now Dean is starting with the “rightful owner” crap and even if it doesn’t go down the horrible route of Sheamus losing the briefcase at some point to Reigns its enough to really just piss me off. Reigns didn’t win full stop. Lets get over this already and focus on making Sheamus look strong PLEASE?

Course not.

I mean he did get the pin in the match against Dean and Roman but if we’re going to play Sheamus isn’t the real winner because of Bray Wyatt all day long then people are going to forget that IT DOESN’T Β MATTER… This wasn’t Sheamus getting a friend to hold him down in a one on one match and I know Sheamus getting the briefcase means we were going down that road because he’s heel but it is annoying because I reallly feel Sheamus needs something to make him look more… I don’t know what word to use. Scary? Dominant? Angry? A mixture of all those?

Moving on….

Please, please, PLEASE tell me that a Divas war is on the cards? Please? I think Nattie would defo be on Paige’s side because before Kidd got injured #BTE were kind of face and to be honest it suits them more (they are funny and Cesaro, as much as I love him, smiles too much to be taken seriously as a bad guy…. I don’t want him to change that though because he has a lovely smile. Guys don’t mention his name when I’m on painkillers he is the only painkiller I need!)

Anyway I would LOVE a Divas war. If we are getting it though PLEASE creative make sure ALL the girls get a chance and they aren’t just being brought in to stand in corners. Make it a proper war. PLEASE?!

Best match of the night was Owens vs Cesaro. Always was going to be, always will be. Saying that there were some really good matches, Brie and Paige had a good one and the main event was pretty good. Ziggler/Dallas could have been longer though.

We still have this big problem of no real stories going on. The only one we really have right now is Roman/Bray which I’m iffy with at the moment and half the reason I’m just not going to get into it is that Bray and his feuds have felt samey for the last three feuds because THEY’VE ALL ENDED AFTER LIKE A MONTH OR LESS! Therefore we never get to the end of his “motives” which means I just can’t get excited for him.

The Rusev/Ziggler thing man could it be good when Rusev is back in the ring but right now its a waiting game and I’m not patient. It also means that Ziggler is in a lot of random matches purely so we can see Rusev lose his shit every time Lana and Dolph kiss.

Could be worse I guess, Ziggler could just not be on the TV then I’d be complaining about not seeing him so I’ll shut up on that one (I’m not upset over it I’m just impatiently begging Rusev’s injury to sod off so I can see them beat the crap out of each other!)

It was SOOO good to see Cesaro back and I really think he showed that he’s worth keeping on the TV. I know I’m biased as he’s my favourite wrestler (man he’s like already number 7 or something in my all time top 10!) but I just think you get him into something small and funny, heck maybe with Dallas seeing he isn’t up to something and Dallas is great on the mic so it will be a learning curve for Cesaro’s promo abilities which is apparently the only thing he lacks (I don’t think he lacks fuck all he’s perfect) just because it’ll keep the steam him and Kidd built up as a tag team going. Who knows he could surprise even McMahon with a good little feud now. Just don’t wait another month or so for me to see him again (OK it hasn’t been that long but it has felt that long) because I miss him. I really do.

Better then RAW. There are some interesting things that look like they are about to happen so can’t wait to see where that goes.

2 thoughts on “SmackDown 18/6/15 Review”

    1. That is my hope! It’ll be one of the best things that could come out of it.

      Who do you think is going to side with Paige first? As I said I can see Nattie siding with Paige and in the end I can see Naomi and Tamina siding with Paige but I can’t see either being the first to come to her aid. In fact I could see a few more people joining the Bellas first before anyone comes to help Paige. There is also a rumour that NXT Divas might be coming up so it COULD (hopefully) be a very interesting time for the Divas.

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