Show by Rock!! : Reverse Rhapsody

“Urahara na Rhapsody” (ウラハラなRhapsody)

With Dagger from Unicorn Records doing his thing from the shadows its only a matter of time before he actually attacks Plasmagica.

Not only this but we’re gearing up for a finale which I can only presume will be exploding to us from the Grateful Rock Festival.

I said it on Twitter whilst watching this episode but for all the giggles I get from this series I have to admit that it tackles so many strange themes that I actually have a very big love for the series now.

Lets get this all right shall we? I find that the bonding of Plasmagica took too long and as I didn’t really have any feelings for any of the band members because I felt we never got a chance to see their characters I found the series hard to watch. It has kind of evolved from that and even though I don’t like Cyan much for many reasons (I think her character comes across badly to me even though I understand she’s not anything like what she gets made to look like in my head) the rest of the world and its inhabitants have a soft spot in my heart now.

This week they tackle the issue of jealousy with Chuchu but never do they make it out that Chuchu is a bad person or that jealousy is a bad thing. It isn’t really just jealousy its a mixture of that and envy. The way it is shown on screen though is easy for us the audience to understand because she isn’t a bad person, she’s been working for a long time to be noticed, to get popular and then one day her band do really well but no one is talking about her. It was her idea for her and Cyan to share lead vocals but all that did was put Cyan even further into the spot light. We know that Cyan was brought to this world because she’s so good even if she’s a little unaware of it (that is what annoys me I think, she doesn’t even understand where this kind of feeling could come from Chuchu. She’s too nice and too innocent) but all it does for someone who wants a solo career like the King is make her feel like she’s not going to be important enough to do that.

We know that Moe is there because she has to be as she’s getting intelligence on the world and we know that Retoree wants to play music with a group of friends, the same as Cyan, but Chuchu WANTS a career, she WANTS the fame and she’s being pushed into the shadows.

Dagger uses this and turns her melody stone dark. He basically brainwashes her which is sad to see.

Who is Strawberry Heart?

I really honestly just thought he would be a talking guitar but it turns out that The King (or Grateful King) possesses it and as Dagger allows him to watch as he brainwashes Chuchu he is able to stop any disasters before they happen when she returns to Plasmagica and quits the band.

I think the whole episode was handled with so much love and attention to making the characters seem so relatable and I think its one of the best episodes so far.

So much information was given to us and so much is being readied for the final chapter in the story. We’re going to the festival so we’ll have a whole load of bands that we love including Shingan Crimsonz, Tsurezurenaru and Trichronika!

I can’t wait!

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