Show by Rock!! : Grateful Rock Festival

“Gureitofuru Rokku Fesu” (グレイトフル・ロック・フェス)

All the bands we love get together for the Grateful Rock Festival, each of them knows what is going on to differing degrees and all are ready to make their fans hearts explode in happiness and excitement…

And to fight dark monsters thrown at them by Dagger.

I love seeing so many of the bands we’ve grown to love in one place. Its nice to see all of them.

The first part of the episode was just used to build up to the beginning of the big fight at the end. It felt like it was purely designed to leave off on a big cliffhanger, which to be fair it did but also meant that the whole of the episode before Dagger stole the bands kind of felt like it never happened.

Its a sad day for all Shingan Crimsonz fans.

We were told earlier either this episode or last that Dagger wants a mega band made of Darudayu, Cyan and Shu-zo and after he takes all the bands he imprisons everyone but those three forcing them to work together.

As it is Darudayu has it covered and is after the giant butterfly dark monster before them but before the end of the episode Cyan hears the scream from within and realises that it is Criticrista’s Rosia that she is hearing scream. That is the cliffhanger and damn is it a good one.

That being said there are a lot of episodes that end on cliffhangers that purely feel like they were created to end on a cliffhanger and this is one of those types of episodes. As good as it might have been there just wasn’t anything there until right at the end when they started their fight and obviously that was only started so late so that we could finish on the cliffhanger.

It was good though. I just think a lot of the episode was completely pointless.

I’d quite like for the other band mates to be freed before they defeat Dagger and they all do it together not only these three or not only Cyan but the whole bunch of them. If I’m honest if we’re meant to believe that Cyan is the greatest the people writing it, doing her voice and writing the music hasn’t exactly won me over. So for her to be the last person standing and the one to win the battle would end up being quite flat for me.

It’ll probably happen though so I will probably not like the ending of the series.

Go figure.

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