Arslan Senki : The Road to Peshawar

“Peshawaaru e no Michi” (ペシャワールへの道)

We have a clear goal ahead of us but it would be dreadfully boring if we took the straight path to it.

Everyone gets split up whilst running from Xandes the son of Kharlan who has sworn his loyalty to Silvermask (Hermes) in a bid to revenge his fathers death.

I don’t actually know where Narsus went, I must have missed what happened to him, but Daryun and Farangis are together and so are Gieve, Elam and Arslan. The two parties meet two sets of foes on the road to Peshawar.

First off Daryun comes face to face with the “giant” Xandes and beats him, but as he was unhorsed he didn’t kill him and Daryun and Farangis leave. There was nothing really that important in the fight, we found out before the fight who Xandes is when he goes to visit Silvermask whom we find out is called Hermes. Not only that his father seemed ill in bed at the time of his death at the hands of Andragoras so it just makes me dislike Andragoras even more and feel sorry for Silvermask even more.

The second battle was a interesting one. At first it looks like Gieve, Elam and Arslan have fought back enough to escape just for Elam’s horse to be shot and Arslan to run back to save him. This leads to a nice moment where Arslan names Elam his friend and explains that if he had to look at everything with ranks in the way he’d never have a friend, which is true he’s a prince and there aren’t that many of them about. After Gieve asks if Arslan grew up in the palace we find out he didn’t which just leads me to once again question his birth.

I really do think there is something interesting brewing with Arslan’s parentage, then again at the end of the day it is interesting enough just knowing that Hermes is the rightful King. Kind of. I mean to be fair whether we like him or not Andragoras did take the throne by force therefore forcefully giving his bloodline the right of the throne so Hermes really does need to get rid of Arslan to be the true ruler.

It is all a bit interesting when it comes to their stories.

By the look of the preview we aren’t even getting to Peshawar next episode. Seeing the biggest remaining force to the Pars army is there I’m kind of wondering how long it’ll take for us to finally get there and what the reaction will be when they do.

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