Arslan Senki : The Lord and Master of Kashan Fortress

“Kashaan Jousai no Omo” (カシャーン城塞の主)

After all the roads that Arslan has so far taken his next is meant to be one of hope as he goes searching for anyone who would march into battle with him.

His battle takes him to Lord Hodir at Kashan Fortress. The man is everything that Arslan isn’t. He’s ambitious, trying to marry off his daughter to Arslan nearly the second he walks through the door, and he’s reliant on slaves.

Once more the intelligence of Narsus and the bravery of Daryun are on show from start to end, Daryun’s protectiveness of Arslan is not only complete and unmoving but we also see a brief moment of thought over the words his uncle left him with. “No matter what be loyal to Prince Arslan” at the time it must have seemed so silly to Daryun but with the words of Kharlan ringing in his ears and everything that has come to pass even Daryun seems uneasy about what is actually happening. It doesn’t waver his loyalty to Arslan but it does make him wonder of the bigger picture.

The whole episode was one of a sneaky game by Hodir. He isolates Arslan from his group, attempts to put them all to sleep so that he can murder Narsus and Daryun and be the only person in the ear of the prince, unfortunately for him the loyalty of Daryun and Narsus is shared with Arslan to them. There is no way that someone as kind as Arslan would ever turn his back on the handful of people who got him to where he is.

In the end Hodir meets the same ending as Kharlan. Death by the hands of Daryun, OK so not really the same as Daryun only battled Kharlan and he accidentally died. Still lit was Daryun that was fighting at the time so I’ll just say it is two traitors down for Daryun.

Along with the pondering on Arslan and his possibly lineage, which is obviously going to come up at some point seeing that they are on their way to Peshawar and we had a clip from Peshawar showing that there is something brewing, this episode also showed that freeing slaves isn’t the be all and end all of nice things.

After the death of Hodir Arslan goes to free his slaves and finds that they are less then happy to be saved. Narsus after they escape tell him that the same happened to him when he freed his slaves. The story and moral of the story all pointed to there never being one right thing in the world (the metaphor with the sun and stars was very interesting) but that you can only follow your own path and do what you feel is right.

They have a point. Like in Pars right now freeing slaves isn’t exactly the end of the problems. For slavery to exist there needs to be a prejudice of some sort, these people are slaves and aren’t worthy of being classed the same as humans, therefore when they are free they are being freed with nothing and it doesn’t mean the prejudice goes away. People that live next to them still know they WERE slaves and unless there is a system to help them live a life they will just turn back to wanting to be slaves as at least then they are fed and clothed and have  home to go to. Even the worst masters are better then starving to death on the streets. Just saving people and making them free isn’t going to make them love you. It is a interesting plot in the background of the story.

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