Money in the Bank 2015 Review

So many interesting match ups at what feels like the 100th PPV this year. I’m really excited to see whether Rollins can win a match without The Authority or whether he’ll be a weak ass champion his whole reign.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Money in the Bank Match
Sheamus vs Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton vs Neville vs Roman Reigns vs Kane vs Dolph Ziggler
Winner : Sheamus

Nikki Bella vs Paige
Winner : Nikki Bella

Big Show vs Ryback
Winner : Big Show (DQ)

Kevin Owens vs John Cena
Winner : John Cena

New Day vs Prime Time Players
Winners : Prime Time Players

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins
Winner : Seth Rollins

Dusty Rhodes 10 Bell Salute

The reason we haven’t written anything is the same why we took forever to say goodbye to Robin Williams and that is just what words could you possibly say? The American Dream has been part of my life since I was barely old enough to walk and his family have been entertaining me my whole life. I’ve been a fan of Goldust’s since before I can remember, always loved Cody (Stardust) and they’ve just all been there longer then most of my friends.

I don’t think I have any words I can say but this is a beautiful tribute to a man who has been a force in wrestling in the ring and backstage since forever.


Money in the Bank Match
Sheamus wins the briefcase

I didn’t like that match really. There was no real story so it just seemed to spend a lot of time having two guys in the ring doing nothing much. I spent the whole match thinking that Reigns would win but if I’m honest it just looked extremely boring and I’m so happy that Sheamus won.

Randy seemed to disappear for most of the match and so did Dolph which was a little upsetting seeing they were the ones I was most interesting to watch. Kane only really turned up to either empty up the ladder/ring or beat down on Reigns. The others rotated in and out of the ring emptying it at will. There was no interesting outside fights like the ladder match at Wrestlemania, there was just nothing. It was always focused on the inside of the ring and there wasn’t much going on.

If the whole point was to highlight the good points of each wrestlers then it was a long winded and boring way to go about it.

So happy Sheamus won though! I could have screamed for joy! Sheamus is going to kick some arse with his handy briefcase!


For the better of Chris and his blood pressure I’m just not going to point out the stupidity of it all. I just won’t.

Nikki Bella vs Paige
Nikki Bella wins by pin fall

For a start I’d like to say  forgot to time the match but it was a decently timed match.

I really enjoyed the match, I’m a fan of both of them in the ring but I have to say I just love how tough Nikki looks. She’s wonderful in the ring I really don’t get some fans saying she can’t wrestle I love watching her throw people around.

I kind of was waiting for twin magic to happen if I’m honest, it didn’t need to happen though because you know what she kicked out of the Ram-Paige so didn’t need to then cheat to win. Seeing Paige then sat on the floor crying about not getting the three count long enough for Nikki to slowly roll to a corner before they knocked each other out they could have had Nikki just get the rack attack in and beat Paige without Brie.

I guess they are trying to make it obvious that Nikki is now heel (well she’s always been heel but THE heel whereas Naomi was THE heel for a while) and using twin magic creates a “same old same old” vibe (which doesn’t work seeing its been like a million years since we saw Twin Magic) so the other Divas (who were all watching) will take Paige’s side.

Personally I just think the whole story needs to disappear and we start something afresh with the Divas. How about some sort of tournament that Nikki comes up with for her next opponent and having someone really left field winning it. Just something. Something different. Get more then two girls involved, get them all involved, get them into tag matches, triple threats, fatal fourway actual elimination matches, lumberjill matches… ANYTHING that gets them all involved and a steady rotation of people to face Nikki.

Of course I’m wasting my breath because no one in creative cares about the Divas Division but if they’d just start building proper characters, giving them proper motivations and sticking to characters like they do the guys the girls would get so much more back from it.

I can dream right?

Great match though.

The Miz

Man I love him. His mouth is wonderful. I don’t even need to know what he’s talking about (talking to my dog and missed something) and he still has me smiling. So happy he comes down to give commentary on the match!

Big Show vs Ryback
Big Show wins by DQ

The match wasn’t half as bad as I was expecting. Big Show had no chemistry with Roman Reigns and then having to see them constantly at war just wares you down. Ryback he has a little spark with and its fun to see them in the ring together.

Show doesn’t look too bad up against Ryback but it was really a match to show off Rybacks strength.

Miz was brought to the ring before returning to end the match via DQ and I can see a interesting story coming up with these three if WWE decides to keep it going. Ryback looked pissed that his first PPV defence of his title ended in DQ and I don’t blame him, he seems like such a down to earth guy and there just isn’t much character there at times, or at least you feel like there isn’t. Behind the “Big Guy” talk and all that he just looks like a wrestling geek that is extremely excited to be living his dream and his dream was ruined by Miz tonight.

I’m cautiously interested.

Kevin Owens vs John Cena
John Cena wins by pin fall

I’m sorry but the most exciting part of that match was seeing the end with Kevin Owens and his stupid throwing of Cena onto the ring apron.

I don’t know, the match was pretty even and Kevin was left to do his heel thing and Cena didn’t really need to do his Superman thing and both looked really good.

It just felt like it was a little unfinished.

Never did I think that Cena would go 2-0 to Owens but I kind of hoped he would because it would have been interesting. If I’m honest I kind of switched off before the halfway point of the match.

First time I’ve done that to a Cena match since his last match against Rusev.

The ending cemented how “evil” Owens in and even though I personally thought it looked stupid it did point out that he’s not just out to hurt you he’s out to cripple you. Sooo I’ll give him that.

The match just didn’t interest me much.

Dean Ambrose

Well he just kind of went on and on but I love listening to him so it was fun.

Dusty Rhodes

It was nice to go to the commentators to talk about Dusty and then we got a promo.

There was just tears. Gross tears. I have no words to describe how upset I am.

New Day vs Prime Time Players
Prime Time Players win by pin fall

Now I love the results LOVE the results. I love New Day I love Prime Time Players but I’m so happy that PTP are champions. I LOVE IT!

The match? Not so much.

It was strange. It is like if the Divas get a good match the Tag Teams must suffer and if the Tag Teams have had a good match the Divas must suffer. I know Xavier Woods is a great competitor from when he wrestled in TNA so it isn’t just the change up in the teams. The match was short, New Day got the upper hand and beat the shit out of Darren Young and then Titus finally got the tag and you blink and missed the rest of the match. I was just getting excited for Titus throwing Xavier around (its a strange thing to be so excited about) and then it was over.

I keep saying it and will continue to say it till I hand the blog back to Pete but it seems that the Tag Division has had “big plans” a few times just for the “big players” in those plans to get injured.

Hoping for something better now the PTP are champs. Too many of the recent Championship reigns have been too short.

I mean I don’t see why it would be so hard just to keep some coherency in the stories. I know its hard if someone gets injured but it was hardly like there wasn’t a story brewing before Kidd got hurt and they just completely gave up with #BTE’s momentum when the Uso’s got injured. There are so many good tag teams at the moment and yet they’ve just brought Rowan/Harper into the tag team Division officially and the number one thing that is going to do is give yet another headache in booking them.

People are genuinely excited about the tag teams ALL OF THEM so like the Divas give them all some proper stories. With two shows a week you’d think they’d be able to have more then one story running in each Division…. Actually I take this back seeing in recent months they haven’t been able to keep one story running smoothly without having some really silly twist or it just ending completely!

Seth Rollins

Seth gets told to go out and do the business by Triple H.

Has anyone ever noticed how much like the Undertaker Kane can sound like at times? I mean I’ve supported both since I was a little kid and yet I’ve only just noticed.

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins wins by grabbing the belt

The match was quite cool. Its always really fun to see Ambrose and Rollins fight each other. This is the kind of Rollins I couldn’t wait to see as well. He didn’t look weak at all during the whole match, he was bloody brutal.

One thing I did notice was that one thing I loved which is Seth’s scouting of Dean’s close line after popping back up off the second rope was played up too much. He threw the ladder in Dean’s way once which was fine. Later on Dean tried it again to be kicked in the head just to fall BACK on the rope and pop up and hit him anyway. I kind of feel like it was completely wasted.

Then again it wasn’t as bad as when Seth stood there and stared at Dean running at him and doesn’t move.

Of course I’m just picking faults now in what was one of the best main events of recent memory.

I’ve read a lot of times that Seth and Dean are like wrestling soul mates and I believe that 110% (even if 110% isn’t a real thing) because they just work perfectly against each other. Even though by half way through the match both of them spent more time panting and crawling then they did fighting you were on the edge of your seat cheering for whomever you were cheering for…. Or if like me you were conflicted pulling out your hair and just screaming for one of them to win before they killed each other (joke people. Joke.)

I do love ladder matches though. I might have said it in the MITB match or else I said it on Twitter but watching people forget how to climb a ladder or after energetically putting the ladder into place just to slowly do nothing for a while until the guy you are fighting comes back is just funny.

My moment of the match goes to the Spanish commentator who jumped over the railings and joined the fans when Rollins and Ambrose rolled over their table and put his headset back on and carried on his commentary. GREAT athleticism by him and he just causally leaned against the barrier and carried on! Trooper!

Personally I felt it was one “try” too many. After the Pedigree I think the match should have ended (or at least after Seth kicked Dean away, I mean he was holding onto the belt the whole time) it just felt then like it got violent for no good reason, it had already been a great match but then we had to see Seth throwing Dean about outside the ring followed up by a running powerbomb on a chair covered ladder which left the commentators so speechless whilst we got three replays. Then the “symbolic” burying of Ambrose under the mighty weight of two chairs and a ladder. This then followed with the most stupid ending to a ladder match in a while which pissed me off a little because why?

I mean keep Ambrose buried under those chairs and he’s still leaving the building fan favourite and everyone wants to see him get another match because they are freakin’ awesome in the ring together. This way we’ll have to hear all the time that Seth didn’t really win or whatever else they’ll think about.

Dean in the ring after the match made me cry. Let us not talk about Dean after losing.

My Thoughts : 

It was a really good PPV.

First off credit to all involved as it must have been so hard after the news of Dusty dying on Thursday. I believe the company said goodbye to him in a fitting fashion and it hurt to see us having to say goodbye so soon to him.

My favourite match? Hard to say. I loved the Divas match, the Championship match and the Intercontinental match. You might have guessed I didn’t see the pre-show so need to catch up with my Kings match.

Best result for me was Sheamus, I really REALLY didn’t think that anyone other then Reigns would walk out with the briefcase.

I said it above and I’ll say it again for some reason when WWE does one thing GREAT they seem to leave no love for something else. I was so happy with the Divas match and so disappointed with the Tag Team match. Honestly Women’s wrestling and Tag Team wrestling are by far my favourite divisions and that is why I go on about them all the time. Its sad that WWE only seem able to be half hearted when it comes to both and only one at a time can shine.

I have to be honest with you all and tell you that I’m kind of crushing on Tyler Breeze at the moment so the whole time I was sitting there saying “it would be better if Tyler was on the main roster” so obviously I’m still sulking that Cesaro isn’t doing anything now that Kidd is injured. I cry because I miss him so much and Breeze is becoming my replacement for my love till he comes back to do something (anything…)

I really enjoyed it.

I will be up for RAW. For people who don’t know that I’m in England… Well I’m English unlike Pete who lives in Canada. So right now its 11pm and since I got home I’ve been watching MitB to catch up before RAW and I DID IT! Woo go me. So there will be a blog at the end of RAW. Lucky, lucky you!

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