RAW 8/6/15 Review

Extremely late I know but it is now here and ready to upset even more people.

NOTE : Thanks to misunderstandings on my Smackdown blog I have a warning. ALL opinions in this blog are mine and only mine. Feel free to comment on them and let your opinions be known but they ARE opinions and not official stands of the blog or opinions that are shared by all of us. This is NOT a professional blog and has always and will always be a fan blog with opinion pieces. I might not like your favourite wrestler but you don’t have to like mine either.

ALSO and this is very important I KNOW WRESTLING IS SCRIPTED I know that wrestlers say what they have to say and do what they have to do. I know that decisions come from higher then the wrestlers themselves and never thought otherwise (well as a kid I thought it was all real but there you go) I review what I see so if Seth Rollins comes down and bitches like a baby I comment on SETH ROLLINS bitching like a baby whilst KNOWING that it is a character, a story and not actually the wrestlers fault but the point is in the story SETH ROLLINS WILL BE BITCHING LIKE A BABY SO I WILL GODDAMN REVIEW HIS BITCHING. So calm the shit down.

I will NOT be writing this warning in front of EVERY SINGLE BLOG I have to write. This is the one time warning. If you are too precious to hear that someone doesn’t like something you like then please feel free to not read what I write. If you can not fathom the notion that people can dislike things without hating them, bad mouthing them or wanting them to disappear then please feel free to not read what I write. And if you can not tell a joke when it hits you in the face then please feel free to not read what I write. I respect all wrestlers but like everyone else in the world I have ones I support and ones I don’t support, I don’t hate any of them but I CAN dislike their wrestling or their characters or even their stories AT THIS MOMENT even better is that, like you, I am able to change that opinion with the changing of stories, characters and matches. You are free to come and give your opinion in the comments, in fact you are encouraged to do so as long as it is in a polite and friendly way knowing that 99% of what we write and say is meant in a tongue-in-cheek manner or that when we do get upset/angry about something it doesn’t come from the deluded place that we know better or that we hate everyone we don’t support but because THAT IS WWE’S JOB! To make people passionate one way or the other about things.

So in essence just fucking chill.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Kevin Owens vs Neville
Winner : Kevin Owens

Summer Rae vs Nikki Bella
Winner : Nikki Bella

Sheamus vs Randy Orton
Winner : Sheamus (DQ)

Dolph Ziggler vs Kane
Winner : Kane

Los Matadores vs Luke Harper & Erick Rowans
Winners : Luke Harper & Erick Rowans

Big E vs Titus O’Neil
Winner : Big E

Kofi Kingston vs Roman Reigns
Winner : Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins vs Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury
Winners : Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury

Kevin Owens vs Neville
Kevin Owens wins by pin fall

OK I have to say I’m really happy that the night opened with a match even if Cena comes with his own ten minute promo before every match. THIS time out (and not just because I don’t want John Cena fans to come and hate on me) he actually made much more sense. I do think its funny that Cena did his whole “you can bet on me winning” thing when no it isn’t the safe bet John because in the one match you’ve had with Owens so far he’s beaten you.

I was reading about something called the Cena Ceiling? Apparently being pitted against Cena will either make or break you. Well if that is what happens then I have to say that number one Owens is matching Cena on mic and number two he defintely already has matched him in the ring so if this thing is real then I think Owens is going to come out of this perfectly.

The promo was better then any of the Authority ones in recent months and had me either laughing, bouncing in my seat or on the edge of my seat the whole time.

The fact that they let the superstar who came down to accept the open challenge decide what title they wanted to fight for made me laugh but it was pretty perfect. It made sense for that man to be NEVILLE!!! Plus I KNEW it would be Owens fighting. Once more it makes no sense for Owens to lose the belt for two reasons. One he’s feuding with Joe on NXT and he’s already got Balor in a match so unless Neville is going back to NXT (nah) then he was always going to lose. In fact forget all that because NXT was Wednesday even if I saw it late and he still had his belt. Shut up Anna you aren’t working well today….

The match was bloody brilliant. It was a lot different from a Cena match because obviously Owens is very different. Whereas Cena spends a lot of the match being beaten up and letting the other guys hit their spots and build their momentum Owens just beat the shit out of Neville but at the same time Neville beat the shit out of Owens. It was very much a 50/50 match and really bloody good. There was no domination and to be honest it was close to being a main event worthy match. These two really are the future of the sport in general.

Cena was great on mic but he always is. Sometimes I can be very teary eyed thinking about Cena for some reason, I’m not even a fan of his but I recognise that he’s kind of the sport in general, he’s the face of it all and I love seeing him with the NXT guys.

Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns

So we get another reminder of what happened at the end of Elimination Chamber and the other week. WWE does like to remind us at length about what we’ve only just seen a few days before. You see my biggest BIGGEST problem with this all is last week on RAW Seth looked so strong walking out on his own and then on Smackdown he came out and gave us a history lesson instead of losing his shit and being super angry. Its a shame.

Triple H/Stephanie McMahon/Seth Rollins

Well these guys aren’t liking Dean’s Instagram photos, I on the other hand loved them. Seth has now completely shot himself in his foot and done a U-turn on his “I can do it on my own” stuff. Triple H and Stephanie aren’t going to be helping Seth and he’s told he has to go and do it on his own. Seth even gets to pick a opponent tonight to fight and defeat him on his own.

Nikki Bella

I like the rebuttal from Nikki. Mainly because it pointed out one thing that was making me angry about Paige’s speech which is that it made no sense! Short and sweet rebuttal with no screaming. I’m sorry Chris! The whole point of Nikki’s speech was basically the same as the point I made just better.

And yes Chris I like Nikki and Brie….

Summer Rae vs Nikki Bella
Nikki Bella wins by pin fall

I kind of dislike the fact that Michael Cole has to repeat the whole the Bella’s don’t care about wrestling thing mainly because I just don’t see that at all. Brie is probably one of my most favourite Divas in the ring and Nikki is in the top 5 right now for me and I’ve always got the feeling that they love wrestling. I don’t really follow Total Divas or anything like that so not sure what it is about them that makes them not care about wrestling.

I do love watching Nikki wrestle, Summer Rae is a little so-so in the ring but she worked really well against Nikki. There was, as always, some brilliant wrestling in there and it was a clean win for Nikki. The match only lasted for 2 minutes though which was a shame (yes Pete told me to start timing Diva matches and the offical bell to bell timing was 2:18.74) but it was a good showing for Summer Rae and a great match for Nikki.

Shame it couldn’t be longer.

Roman Reigns

We get a reminder now of all the matches that Reigns had to go through just to stay in the MitB match on Sunday. I still can’t really see anyone else but him getting the MitB match so everyone reminding us he’s won the Rumble, Main Evented Wrestlemania is just reminding us that the match might not be worth watching. Well it will but the result is pretty obvious. I’ll be totally and utterly shocked if it isn’t Reigns.

Then again quickly I have to point out that I’m a bit narfed that we got the whole Seth/Dean recap earlier then the Reigns one right now which all lasted pretty much the same length as the Divas match. Just a bit of a piss take really. I doubt we’ll get another Divas match later in the show so its not a happy thought.

Anyway Reigns tells us how much he used to hate the MitB suitcase but now he doesn’t mind it thinking about him walking out with the briefcase and Ambrose walking out with the title. He gets interrupted by the most wonderful man KANE! I love listening to Kane, I’ve kind of forgotten all about the wonders of the big red machine because I’m enjoying the ass hole corporate Kane I just kind of don’t like the fact people pick on him and he doesn’t win anything.


The rest of the segment was pretty much the same old same old other then R-Truth coming out and making the honest mistake of thinking he was in the match before scarpering out of the way. Loads of people came out to make their claim for the suitcase before Kane announced the rematch of Sheamus vs Randy Orton.

Sheamus vs Randy Orton
Sheamus wins by DQ

The match was good but you always kind of knew that it would be good. Sheamus and Orton are quite interesting in the ring together and I like seeing them just punch each other. With Sheamus and his new attitude these two could really be quite something if they got serious against each other and the two matches they’ve had recently prove that.

I mean just look at the matches themselves they aren’t exactly hardcore matches or anything, there is nothing special about them BUT at the same time they just look violent. They have great chemistry in the ring together and they just look like brutes.

It is safe to say that they are two of my favourite wrestlers. Of all time when it comes to Randy. Of course Sheamus has the greatest hair ever to be seen. Unlike Randy.

The match ended in DQ when a chair that Sheamus was GOING to use on Randy was thrown right back at Sheamus. THEN it became very violent at ring side before Randy got Sheamus back in the ring and RKO’d him.

I get goosebumps just thinking of Randy.

Seth Rollins / J&J Security

I love the whole Jay and Silent Bob feeling with these boys. Joey is too cute, I love every time little thing about Joey he’s just a cutie pie.

The only person it seems that Seth can show his attitude off against seems to be J&J Security. I love listening to Jamie talk shit to Seth. It became obvious very fast that Seth was going to pick a two on one handicap match against the J&J Security team.


Dolph Ziggler vs Kane
Kane wins by pin fall

I liked Michael Cole trying to dance around the point that Dolph called Kane a tool. But a tool Kane did indeed call Kane.

Lana was at ring side, or on the ramp at least, looking beautiful in a pink outfit.

The match was really good and I loved seeing Ziggler against Kane, their styles are so different it was fun to see them go at it. I do like watching faster guys up against Kane because even now he’s able to keep up with them pretty well. All the time I was waiting for Rusev to show up and when he did Lana kind of twisted her ankle whilst trying to get away from him which distracted Ziggler enough that Kane managed to get a very rare win for him.

I’m actually a bit upset that the whole Rusev/Ziggler thing had to go down the road of having Rusev be menacing whilst wobbling around the place because a real feud between the two of them would have been cool. I wonder how long Ziggler is going to be out for. When the match ended Ziggler went to Lana’s rescue.

J&J Security

Joey really does sound like a mother hen whilst talking whereas Jamie is like a little boy. I love them two!


Well at least today Miz seems to have been dressed like a normal human being. We get to relive the Big Show KO punch from last week. Let me tell you looking at it in slow motion in GIFs on Tumblr just makes me laugh, I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to get the thought of how well Miz sold it out of my head. I mean Big Show didn’t even touch him his fist never went close to his head and yet Miz with a giant smile on his face jumped into the air and it was the greatest thing ever.

Ryback comes down as his first guest. Out of everything you COULD do with Ryback and the Intercontinental Championship him vs Big Show is not the right path to be choosing. Just the brief part of their conversation before Big Show came out made me believe that Ryback vs Miz would be much more interesting as a feud then anything with Big Show. Them two are so funny together.

What I don’t get is they really had one of these puny chairs for Big Show AND IT DIDN’T BREAK?! I’m amazed! I take back what I just said. Big Show is still pretty funny. OK why can’t we have all three of them against each other.

Los Matadores vs Luke Harper & Erick Rowan
Luke Harper & Erick Rowan win by pin fall 

So I’m a bit sad that Harper and Rowan won’t get to fight against #BTE. I miss the #BTE already and they’ve only been gone a week a bit. It is strange having these two together just beating up people, now they’ve officially kind of joined the Tag division but its hard to see what they are going to do with them. I mean them vs New Day could be interesting but both are heel teams (regardless of how loved Harper/Rowan are) so maybe PTP?

The tag teams are in a bit of a mess right now, not in a terrible bad way but because it seems they might have had plans here, there and everywhere just to have key players injured and two of the teams that at the beginning of the year looked like they were going to dominate the stories between them for a good while being gone due to injury (Uso’s / #BTE) so now they just look extremely lost.

The match was slightly longer then the usual Harper/Rowan matches, Harper shows that they really don’t need someone like Bray Wyatt to talk for them the two of them look and sound terrible together (terrible as in run for your life because they are going to kill us not bad I think they are awesome) and in the ring they back up the evil deadly mic skills. I’m not sure if I’m more scared of them or my not having a crush on Luke Harper but I love that they are a team together and that they are really looking like modern day monsters.

Kane / Seth Rollins

I like cocky Kane, now that Seth doesn’t have everyone behind him Kane can be as cocky as he wants to be and Seth doesn’t have much of a comeback.  I like happy Kane. I kind of love abandoned puppy Seth.

Ted 2 Promo

I do love the Ted and can not wait for Ted 2. I’m not sure why we had to get a advert in the middle of RAW for it but I loved it!

Big E vs Titus O’Neil
Big E wins by pin fall

So what is not to love about this?

Titus is amazing in the ring and I love watching him. Big E is great and I love his character. Xavier managed to completely confuse the hell out of the commentators with his screaming but he never stopped which I love.

This probably was the greatest match in my life.

How could anyone dislike New Day they are just so funny I love listening to them. They are some of the greatest athletes in the ring too. I don’t get the “their gimmick is annoying” thing because I just think its nice to see some cheerful guys being crazy.

Titus on the other hand is just…. I don’t even have words to explain. Just watching him pick up and throw Big E around like he was a plastic bag makes me go funny inside.

The match was dominanted mainly by Big E before a small amount of momentum from Titus where he just beat up Big E a lot before getting distracted by New Day. That is the only problem with New Day, you never fight one of them but all three of them. Great match.

Kofi Kingston vs Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns wins by pin fall

The match wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Reigns is just the guy on fire right now, he’s the big name and he’s in this story where he has to be this unstoppable force that just has bad luck whenever he’s in hands reach of the title so I thought that he’d come down and beat the crap out of all three.

He didn’t have it all his own way though and Kofi got a good bit of momentum going. It was actually a really well played out match and for the first time in a while I felt like they used Kofi to close to his full potential because on his day Kofi is just as good as Roman Reigns.

After quite a great match Reigns hits a Superman punch and gets the win whilst New Day kind of cry at ring side. Xaviers face is sweet, someone hug the little munckhin please? He doesn’t deserve to have been punched or made sad by Kofi losing.

Seth Rollins vs Joey Mercury & Jamie Noble
Joey Mercury & Jamie Noble win by pin fall

Right after his match Roman welcomes Dean Ambrose to ringside and we go backstage to see Steph and Trips ask Seth if there is something he wants to ask of them. He leaves without speaking.

The match itself was pretty boring and nowhere near as interesting as all the rest of the matches the rest of the night. Seth still looks pretty weak and he spends most of the match underestimating Joey and Jamie and getting his ass handed to him before turning the tables and beating the shit out of them.

I would have probably chosen a different route to go to be honest but it is what it is and it was pretty underwhelming to end the show on.

Saying that we at least got to see Joey and Jamie win! Though it still plays into the weak champion thing with Seth and I’m sad about that because I like Seth a lot.

We’ll see what happens next.

My Thoughts :

Really? Nikki Bella the CHAMPION only gets a 2 minute match? But a recap on what happened two weeks ago gets nearly the same amount as does a segment which included a joke by R-Truth about MitB? Please change that, its embarrassing WWE. Plus all those moments that they spent showing us Instagram photos of Dean. I mean its all good for the show but give the Divas a few more minutes work.

Am I the only person that is very happy to see just how happy Roman Reigns is? He just has this big smile on his face all the time recently and looks like he is really enjoying himself. I like that.

I don’t know I love the Ambreigns bromance as much as the next person but at the same time I kind of want it to break up and everything to blow up in flames. I really kind of do. I don’t know why.

The night was good, the opening match was much better then the main event but never mind. There were a good few brilliant matches in there and a lot less talking then we’ve been used to in recent weeks.

My biggest problem is Rollins though.

His blow up last week should have lead to a stronger character not the weak willed Seth we saw this week. He tried his best to worm back into mummy and daddys good books but he seems to have forgotten that Steph and Trips are not the kind of people to be ignored and shouted over. He then spent the night glued to his phone dripping about Ambrose before being in a weak match that he lost.

This all adds to my feeling that if Rollins loses at MitB it won’t be fair on him. He should have been a much stronger character then he’s been and he deserves at least one clean win over Ambrose.

I just don’t get the point in giving Seth the title just to make him look so weak all the time, he deserves to be given some time to grow into a stronger character and he at least deserves one or two really clean one on one matches. The thing is unlike others who used outside help to win he’s never looked that strong on his own. He can, this isn’t saying that Rollins is weak, but he hasn’t. Everyone has always been sat there waiting for J&J or Kane to show up because we know he WON’T win it just on his own steam. Others like Triple H who might have had a group behind him at times (DX) always looked like he could rip you to bits without any help whatsoever. Ambrose and Reigns look like they’ll rip you to bits without the other interfering. Seth can look like that but he just doesn’t.

Even going back and thinking of people like Angle who played the whiny bitchy little brat when they got into the ring that didn’t matter. Seth steps in the ring and you just don’t get the same feel. That I do think is down to how he’s been booked since winning the title.

If Ambrose wins the title at MitB whilst I’ll be happy because I’m a Ambrose fan too I’ll be upset and a little angry that Seth never got the chance to live up to the Authority hype even once. It would be nice if he did.

Because of toilet breaks etc I’ve been writing this blog since about 10am it is now 1:30pm so as you can guess I’m not that motivated to do Smackdown when I still have Amanda waiting for me to watch the Canadian GP highlights. I will do Smackdown next but it might take a while to post because it might be written much later.

3 thoughts on “RAW 8/6/15 Review”

  1. Counterpoint. Also tongue in cheek and “in character” related.

    It didn’t make sense for the Bellas to tweet about not caring about the red carpet and magazine covers… while their Twitter avatar was a magazine cover.

    1. Its more irony then anything else I guess. I had to go check their twitter pic as I don’t follow them on there (saw the quotes elsewhere printed) but good point that man!

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