NXT Review 10/6/14

I’m sorry the blog is even later then usual and the fact I haven’t gotten around to RAW or Smackdown this week (even though I said I’d do one live) mainly I’ve been at work for four days on the trot and the lack of stimulation for the brain (we’ve been dead so not much to do) has meant that I’m completely and utterly knackered 99% of the time.

So sorry for it being late and sorry if half of it makes no sense whatsoever!

Matches Quick Overlook :

Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley vs Elias Sampson & Mike Rallis
Winners : Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley

Emma vs Blue Pants
Winner : Emma

Tyler Breeze vs Bull Dempsey
Winner : Tyler Breeze

Jessie McKay vs Becky Lynch
Winner : Becky Lynch

Angelo Dawkins vs Baron Corbin
Winner : Baron Corbin

Scott Dawson vs Samoa Joe
Winner : Samoa Joe

Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley vs Elias Sampson & Mike Rallis
Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley win by pin fall

I have to say that I found this match extremely fun to watch. There is something just stupidly funny about Mojo and I liked the partnership between him and Zack Ryder.

The match was extremely one sided in my opinion, the other guys I must have missed if they were even named by anyone during the duration of the match.

Mojo and Zack worked really well as a team and I do think that they could be a interesting partnership if they carry on with it for a little while. I do kind of want Mojo to just calm down a little, I’m not sure what they were going for but the effect reminded me of skin heads in Plymouth having a “lauff” usually after a football match and being too loud and too in your face to people who don’t want you near them. It just was all a bit crazy!

Good match though, nice way to start off the show.

Finn Balor

The promo for Finn and his match was really good. Then again its always interesting to see some of the things he does away from the ring with the whole demon thing going on.

Dana Brooke

I think I prefer the shorter type of promo like the Finn one to a long winded one where the message of the promo was repeated again. I’m lost at how many times I heard the sentence “Dana Brooke the Real Total Diva” though I did love seeing all her acrobatics, she’s pretty darn cool at times.

Emma vs Blue Pants
Emma wins by submission

I really do like Emma and her new attitude.

The match was pretty one sided and Emma played the annoyed heel pretty well. Her reaction to Blue Pants was brilliant but it helped get Blue Pants over that little bit more. One day she’ll beat someone big and people will go crazy for it.

In the last quarter of the short match Blue Pants built a little bit of momentum before being made to tap to Emma. Poor Blue Pants.

Tyler Breeze vs Bull Dempsey
Tyler Breeze wins by pin fall

Probably the funniest match I’ve witnessed in months! I loved how Tyler just kind of rolled out the ring after a minute or so and started running around it and Bull lost his breath.

The match only lasted about 3 to 4 minutes but it was so funny. Every second is worth it to see Tyler do anything and I love Bull Dempsey in the ring. Tylers cheeky little grin after the match made me want to pull him out of my TV and squish him to pieces.

It was fun. I loved it.

Becky Lynch vs Jessie McKay
Becky Lynch wins by submission

Another good match. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jessie wrestle and to be honest you aren’t going to gain much of a opinion on her from this match alone.

Becky is looking as wonderful as ever with the Steam Punk stuff and that lovely hair. I wish I could colour mine the same way.

Again it was pretty one sided for the majority of the match but Jessie told her part of the story well and it was a enjoyable match. It was nice seeing Becky back since Unstoppable and I can’t wait to see what they do next with her.

William Regal / Bull Dempsey

After Regal announces that Joe will be wrestling tonight we get a funny little piece with a crisps munching Dempsey trying to make a excuse for why he became tired in his match against Prince Pretty. Regal tells him to get his act together and takes his crisps away but it only means that Dempsey removes a chocolate bar from his wrestling gear.

Man I love Dempsey.

Baron Corbin vs Angelo Dawkins
Baron Corbin wins by pin fall

Typical Baron Corbin match. It didn’t last his 15 seconds though, Dawkins didn’t lie down quite so easily to the big man but it was still one sided and still very short.

Dawkins did get a few hits in here and there and made a good show of it. Everyone crumbles to Corbin though.

Samoa Joe vs Scott Dawson
Samoa Joe wins by pin fall

Recent experience has taught me to be really careful how I word things so people don’t jump to conclusions so here is what I have to say.

I didn’t like the match.

Or let me re-word that.

I was more interested in the commentary, which was hilarious, by Kevin Owens then I was seeing the match. In fact I don’t remember a great deal of the match because I spent the time on the floor in tears listening to Owens.

No I’m not going to blame the commentary for that because at first I was excited to see WHAT Joe would come down to fight. If you’ve supported Joe in any way for a long period of time you know he’s a bit of a Kimi Raikkonen of wrestling. Sometimes you get pumped up Killer Joe and others you get a Joe that comes down with a penis drawn on his face who doesn’t impress you at all. (That is a joke by the way about the face paint Joe used to wear and a lot of people thought it looked like a penis…)

Unfortunately he had the wrong opponent.

Or the right one in the wrong type of match.

This is Joe you are talking about. I’m not one of these people that think he’s the greatest wrestler in the world, in fact I don’t really think he’s WWE Championship material (NXT maybe, TNA sure but not the big BIG stage Champion) but he’s mighty bloody impressive in the ring…. When he wants to be.

With Joe though you had to go one of two ways to introduce him to people who really would never have seen him before. You either give him someone like Dawson and have a Squash match that lasts for the whole of a minute AT THE MAXIMUM or you have him in a match against a Tyler Breeze, Adam Rose, Finn Balor type (even bloody Rhyno) which would last a good 5 minutes, show Joe’s strengths off, have a good story and still end with Joe on top.

We got neither. We got a 5 minute long Squash match which got bettered by the commentary.

See this week should have been a short squash match and NEXT week up against Owens we can see what Joe has got. You don’t need to rush it. Show that Joe can be as deadly as Owens in a short match then pitch him up against Owens the next week.

You might be thinking I’m no fan of Joe’s. You would be DEADLY wrong. I have been a fan of his since I first saw him wrestle. Even as a TNA fan I know that TNA and WWE are two completely different things and whilst Joe’s character suits TNA more in my opinion therefore he was a great face for the company I don’t think he’ll fit in so much with the image of WWE and therefore (and this is just my opinion on it and I’ll be so glad when Joe proves me wrong) don’t see him fitting in with the top of WWE.

I just felt they wasted his debut a little.

My Thoughts :


I enjoyed the episode well enough but I feel it was a little underwhelming. A lot of matches where it was too one sided. Corbin and Joe should have had easier wins or at least more engaging wins. The women were amazing as they always tend to be but even their matches felt a little uninspired.

I don’t feel that it showcased all the talent they have very well but at the same time it did a good job of entertaining.

My biggest problem as I said was the Joe match but not because of anything particularly negative just I felt they missed a beat in gaining interested in Joe. Joe comes with this big expectation of being awesome but if I’m honest if I watched that match and had never seen Joe before I might have been underwhelmed and therefore a bit miffed that he’s in a story with Owens right now.

My favourite match has to be Tyler Breeze and Bull Dempsey. They had the comedy going from start to finish and it was a good little match. I’m a bit worried that they seem to not know what to do with Breeze now that Finn is the number one contender, last weeks match was a bit meh and this weeks match was funny but not exactly highlighting the talent they have in the match. I kind of wouldn’t mind if he got into a little story with Bull because they have great chemistry but at the same time I just want to see something being done with Tyler.

Overall a OK episode. Can’t wait for Joe vs Owens next week.

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