Smackdown Review 4/6/15

I do apologise that I’m so late but I haven’t had the time to watch until tonight!

Once more I have to say if you are looking for the more professional reviews of Pete then you’ll have to wait for him to come back. For now you have me. A complete Cesaro fan girl who will moan constantly about the lack of the #BTE.

Just to warn you.

Matches Quick Overlook :

The Prime Time Players vs The Ascension vs The Lucha Dragons
Winner : Prime Time Players

Ryback vs Stardust
Winner : Ryback

Kevin Owens vs Zack Ryder
Winner : Kevin Owens

Neville vs Kofi Kingston
Winner : Neville

Roman Reigns vs Sheamus
Winner : Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins

For the first time in a long LONG time Seth Rollins comes down to the ring minus a whole team of cronies but also still without his title belt.

I’m very sad that the blonde has nearly disappeared from Seth Rollins hair. Its strange seeing less and less of it every week.

Regardless of hair, which is some of the best hair in the business, I’m not sure I get why I need to hear Seth go on and on about Shield or his championship. Personally I feel like this whole Shield thing is getting boring. I mean fair enough there are still plenty of fans of them including me but when Seth basically exploded on RAW and left on Monday I was hoping for angry Seth not a Seth who will come down and repeat what we’ve basically heard him, Triple H, Stephanie and Kane all say constantly since Wrestlemania, I was not happy to get the mood lighting along with Seth and his history lesson.

The only thing I hope with all this is that for the first time since Wrestlemania Seth gets a clean win over Ambrose. I’d be extremely pissed as a fan of both wrestlers if Seth’s reign ends with him never getting a real win. Seth isn’t a bad wrestler, nowhere NEAR a bad wrestler, he doesn’t deserve to be such a weak champion.

Of course Seth going on and on means that Dean has his say where he carries on going on about who is the real world champion and so on. Seth isn’t strong enough cutting promos for me to care about their interaction, it would have been much better if at some point Reigns had turned on Ambrose because they would have had a much more dramatic exchange. As it is Seth hasn’t just been shown to be weak as a champion but weak in every other way. Hiding behind people all the time, he has the stupid thing with Kane going on. There has been no moment so far to define Seth other then weak and that is a crying shame when he’s actually extremely strong as a character.

Prime Time Players vs The Ascension vs The Lucha Dragons
Prime Time Players win by pin fall

Of course you can’t blame me for being a little upset about this match. Obviously we all know now that Tyson Kidd was injured in a dark match against Samoa Joe and I can’t help but feel like this match would have been a four way match with them in it if he hadn’t been. I love Prime Time Players so it isn’t like I’m just sulking because #BTE is out at the moment but as a fan it kind of made me sad.

The match wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t the biggest fan of The Ascension but this along with Elimination Chamber were good shows of their talent. I still don’t think they are half as good as the NXT marks make them out to be (seriously spending two seconds in NXT makes you better then anyone NOT in NXT according to them) but you can kind of see a flicker of something better then what we’d been seeing in their matches as of late. I like their double teaming in the match as well which has looked extremely sloppy at the best of times. PTP and Lucha Dragons are always fun to watch though. PTP have the same kind of team chemistry as #BTE with the big strong guy and the smaller faster guy.

I get way too excited to see Titus in the ring. Its the same reason I love Cesaro. I just love seeing them effortlessly throwing people around. I mean I struggle in my job because I have to lift sofas and stuff but I bet if they spent a day in our shop they’d be lifting everything one handed. And they are both just so charming and funny.

The Lucha Dragons are the team I don’t like much in this set up but not because of their in ring performance. There is something about the arm pumping Lucha chants that just piss me off or the fact we are constantly told that they are probably the fastest team ever when in fact they aren’t always that fast.

In the end PTP get the win which to be honest makes sense. With their promos before their return and with #BTE out (even before they went out to be honest) it just makes most sense that they’d be the team getting the push. And its earned and its going to be glorious!

New Day

There is nothing but love here for the New Day! I love their stupid little three step plan, I love their motivational skills….

And I screamed when Kane came on screen just to sass them and put Kofi in the MitB match!

Now with a eye to recent events I’m a bit annoyed that Kofi is in the MitB match now and Cesaro isn’t. I kind of want to see Cesaro put in there purely BECAUSE he has nothing to do now whereas Kofi does. We all know that MitB is going to Roman Reigns but what if it didn’t? What if Cesaro got his hands on it? A fan can but dream. At this moment though Roman really doesn’t need to become MitB as he’s building up steam himself. No one else in the match screams winner though so I’m pretty darn sure its going to be Reigns.

Sonic Ad Promo

This was probably my favourite thing on RAW and it continues to be awesome just not as awesome as the Mega-Powers and their heavy breathing! Still Big Show still drinking them. Prime Time Players “rounding up”. Love ’em.

Ryback vs Stardust
Ryback wins by pin fall

As long as he isn’t wrestling against R-Truth NEVER take your eyes off of Stardust. For some reason his matches against Truth were so boring but the second he’s up against anyone else and he’s dynamite in the ring.

He works surprisingly well with Ryback if I’m honest. Now I’m neither a fan or not a fan of Ryback. I have this strange thing with him. I kind of think I find him boring but in actual fact I think I think he’s a genius.

The match was pretty short and dominated by Stardust offence which was kind of then ignored with a very short burst of energy from Ryback who gets the three count. Bit of a shame and a shame in general that Stardust isn’t doing anything more serious… In the way that Stardust can be serious.


Well she comes down and shows the world that creative have now given her Naomi’s gimmick.

You see what made me spit coke out of my nose whilst listening to her condesending speech about the Bellas was her “same old same old” comment. Well either that or her “I’m different” vibe.

1. The same old same old is Paige being in the title picture. Paige does not need to be in the title picture. Paige does not need to be the voice of the other Divas. Paige should be on the back burners somewhere right now whilst the steam that Naomi had got when Paige was gone was utalized. So when Paige returns, gets thrown into a championship match and then takes over all the time the Divas have on a show DO NOT TREAT ME LIKE A FUCKING MORON WWE CREATIVE TEAM! Give her something that actually says something about the way you book her and the others. Because not even the Bellas got as much TV time as Paige does now she’s back when she was gone. Do not act like I can’t remember just over a month ago.

2. THERE IS NOTHING DIFFERENT ABOUT PAIGE! Jesus. When I hear all this shit about alternative Divas just to see that what they mean is that they are still dressed the same, still act the same, still sound the same but OMG she likes punk music and anime and is a gamer or she wears black and has dark hair and piercings I roll my eyes. So your telling me the only thing to make a Diva “alternative” compared to the others is by making them a cookie cutter Diva but adding on top one very thin layer of nothing? Paige is nothing but a weak imitation of women wrestlers like Roxxi, Victoria and Daffney.

Paige and the creative decision that she’s so important to the company is baffling and annoying. I’m all for #GiveDivasAChance but you do know there is more then the Bella Twins and Paige right? Naomi only got slotted in to take Paige’s place when she was out and has disappeared since then. Man if Paige meant what she said you’d see her come out with someone different next week to challenge Nikki and would stop Brie interferring.

And if she screams its her house one more time I might have to become a professional wrestler just so I could meet her one day and scream in her face for half a hour ridiculous crap. MAN SHE IS SO ANNOYING!

Luke Harper & Erick Rowan

I was so angry I missed what the cutie pies were talking about but Luke Harper (who I DO NOT have any kind of crush on AT ALL) was apparently being creepy. Good on him!

Kevin Owens vs Zack Ryder
Kevin Owens wins by pin fall

Well to be honest I wasn’t expecting Ryder to come out but at the same time he’s been on a bit of a roll as of late. He might not have won his matches but he’s back in the spotlight and fans are loving that. I’m loving it.

It was a extremely short match. Nothing like the Cena invitationals that have a nice length to them but then again for a start Owens is just brutal anyway so it was never going to go any way but down the Owens flooring Ryder path and secondly it is after all Smackdown.

After the match Owens carries on the beat down to Ryder before leaving the ring. The King gives us a rant about how Cena is a real inspiration to kids and Owens isn’t.


Oh I love Sheamus and I love listening to him asking Renee if she wasn’t entertained seeing him fighting Roman Reigns. There is nothing about Sheamus that doesn’t entertain me. And he joins Seth Rollins in the best hair category.

Neville vs Kofi Kingston
Neville wins by pin fall

A interesting match up if I’m honest. I remember when Kofi first appeared in WWE they had the same kind of reaction to his moves as Nevilles. I’ll admit to being a big fan of Nevilles but I don’t get the love for him. He does a lot of flippy floppy things but he is by no means unique in anyway whatsoever. You’d think the commentary teams had never seen someone walk faster then Big Show and Undertaker the way they always go on about Neville. Especially in recent weeks since he picked up his injury he’s never been THAT fast. I mean Kofi is only one example of people who came in with that amount of energy just to have his moves seen as boring a year after. Jeff Hardy at times is another.

Anyway the match was good but as always when New Day are around you are never just fighting one or two of them. It is always all three of them. And the commentators are always in a match up to be heard over Xavier Woods. I remember Xavier from TNA and I HATED him. He was in a team with Jay Lethal and I just wanted to see people beat the crap out of him. I could never imagine a world where I’d be supporting Woods but I’ve loved him from the word go with New Day.

The end of the match was a little scruffy with Kofi going for roll ups just for Neville to reverse them.

Unless they’ve dropped the Bo Dallas angle with Neville going into MitB then they missed a chance to have Bo attack Neville at the top of the ramp which is sad. I was hoping to see Dallas.

Miz TV with Lana (Special Guest Rusev)

Now I’ve always had a soft spot for The Miz. I don’t think anyone couldn’t! He’s so much fun and I love him to piece.

But please who is dressing him? He needs a new stylist.

Lana on the other hand is just beautiful. Beautiful doesn’t even describe her properly. Lana is a blessing to the world.

Miz TV is a blessing to our world and I love how Miz was so on Rusev’s side. I’m fully behind Lana and its lovely to see the WWE showing kids that people need to be respected be them male or female and. Not only do they need to be respected but they need to be, deserve to be and should just BE respected at all times. I also love the fact that Lana stuck to her guns and even threatened to slap Miz which as much as I love him I love seeing happen to him.

Of course Rusev was always going to be the surprise guest. I really do love the break up story as I feel it gives Rusev a good chance to be seen more then a monster and gives both him and Lana a chance to win over the crowd post-Cena feud. The perfect people to be entangled in this (even if one of them is a one night only thing) is Ziggler and Miz because they have tons of personality and both are complete opposites of Rusev.

I personally believe that Rusev was being honest and sincere on RAW just he’s a idiot. To be honest that is the struggle with people in real life like Rusev because some sexist pigs like him really just don’t know better and the only way is to be forceful with them like Lana is. I just like it all a lot.

Just when we think its going well for Rusev he opens his mouth and OMG DOLPH CAME DOWN IN A CESARO & KIDD T-SHIRT!!! ZIGGLER WAS WEARING A #BTE T-SHIRT!!! I LOVE HIM EVEN MORE!!! I’M SO OVER EXCITED!!! I LOVE IT!!! (If you don’t follow me on Twitter I’m completely convinced that me and Dolph would be best friends if we ever met. I’m also determined to get a hug from Cesaro and Bo Dallas at the same time. You should all follow me @Awerka on Twitter.)

Roman Reigns vs Sheamus
Roman Reigns wins by DQ

You know I’m not a fool. I know that all three ex-Shield dudes are on fire right now, well they always have been but they are extra on fire now. So I always knew that Reigns was going to win so I didn’t even bother to wait to the end of the match to write in the results.

Added to that Sheamus along with Barrett seem to be on losing streaks. Even when they are winning they seem to be coming out the losers of things. Sheamus came back with such a strong heel turn and he sends freaking shivers down my spine every time he comes to the ring. The guy is amazing. Yet the Ziggler feud got dumped just as it was boiling to the end point and since then he’s just been a comedy heel if anything. Sheamus doesn’t need to look stupid because Sheamus can do deadly.

The match was actually really good up until the point that Reigns was going for the Superman punch and Kane came down to the ring with J&J to distract Reigns. For a second my “Roman Reigns will defo win” rant looked to be too soon but in the end he got the win by DQ when Kane ran into the ring. Sheamus then Brogue Kicked Reigns before Kane chokeslammed Sheamus. Why? Well Kane is joining the Money in the Bank match.

Oh shock horror Kane will be in the MitB match.

After announcing himself as a competitor in the MitB match he chokeslams Reigns.

Well at least for a change Kane is the last man standing.

My Thoughts :

It was OK. I’m fed up of the Rollins/Ambrose feud purely because they seem to not be able to find a niche for Rollins to play from at the moment. He did the whiney brat and now he’s going for more serious but it isn’t really working.

It didn’t need such a long promo time at the beginning of Smackdown basically.

The matches were good quality. I loved the Tag Team match as I always tend to being a giant Tag Team fan. My favourite match was probably Kofi vs Neville but they were all good.

Still extremely happy to see so much TV time for Kevin Owens but part of me wanted a NXT guy to come down and challenge him. I like seeing the guys in NXT come down on the main programs even if I’m not all “NXT ARE BETTER THEN EVERYONE”.

I do think at the moment the creative team are burning through feuds and stories like there ain’t no tomorrow. With Ziggler/Sheamus now officially over and Sheamus not even talking about the smaller wrestlers any more its nice that Ziggler is a bit player in the break up of Rusev and Lana (would have been more interesting I guess if Rusev hadn’t got injured) but Sheamus has been left dangling.

Good results across the board.

Only thing I didn’t like was Paige. The speech she gave should have gone to Naomi, her TV time should have been Naomi and Nikki’s TV time when she wasn’t around. There is so much wrong with WWE Creative at all times, because they aren’t always going to get it right, but the guys booking the Divas should be ashamed. Naomi deserved her push and deserved the respect they give Paige. Nikki deserves better as champion. It doesn’t even make sense to have Paige go on about “Day one” for the Bellas when Paige won the title on “Day one” herself and has not been out of the title picture since.

I don’t know why they threw Naomi to the side. I don’t know why instead Paige they couldn’t have had anyone else. I don’t even know why when the men have both the champion and the guy gunning for his title do promos at the beginning of the show they can’t do the same for the Divas.

If I’m honest I don’t even care if people like what I say about Paige because I know she’s very popular but I don’t like the way the Divas division is and when they hardly get TV time at the best of time it hurts to see the same old faces in the title picture.

What hurts even more and is like a bitch slap to all fans who care about women wrestlers is when one of the people who are ALWAYS in the title picture shows up complaining about the other person being the problem with the division. Everything Paige said I would have agreed with IF it had came from Naomi, someone who looks like she HAS been overlooked, someone who IS being EVERYTHING Paige is saying that she and the others are. Paige isn’t. Paige is never overlooked. Paige is never given no time on the mic. Naomi never got a proper story, she never got her REAL chance. Every week they had her cut a promo saying something similar but different to what she’d said the week before, they gave her new ring attire and new music and she brought a new attitude but then Paige came back and she was dumped.

Why is it after Payback Roman Reigns and Randy Orton got dumped to the back of the queue for a title match. After Elimination Chamber NAOMI has been dropped to the back of the queue for a title match. But not Paige.

It made all the sense in the world why not Dean Ambrose. But Paige? Paige hasn’t threatened anyone the Authority cares about to get her match she’s just said she should and therefore she’s in the title picture.

Come up with something original with the Divas and I might give a toss creative.

I won’t be around for RAW, in fact it might take until Thursday night to watch it now that I’m working all week. Sorry the next few weeks are going to be all up in the air! Hope to have it all sorted soon!

10 thoughts on “Smackdown Review 4/6/15”

    1. Thanks for your contribution oh wise one. And what may I ask makes you better informed then anyone else?

      It has never been put forward that our blogs are anything less then blogs written by fans so what is your point? Instead of pointlessly commenting on us why not actually start a conversation based on why you disagree with me? Or is that too hard?

      Still well done for coming and telling everyone (as if they didn’t know) that this is indeed a blog ran by fans with “shitty” opinions (though nowhere are my opinions stated as fact they are always stated as opinions. Or are fans now not allowed their own opinions? Which surely means you are not allowed an opinion therefore not allowed a opinion on my opinion? And it would help if I knew which of my opinions you dislike because if it’s to do with Sheamus’s hair then I don’t know what else to say really…)

      1. Well specifically the Paige stuff is over the top and absurd. You had not 1 but 2 rants in there that basically amount to… “I hate Paige so WWE shouldn’t put Paige on TV. They’re stupid to put Paige on TV because I don’t like her.”

        I mean it’s not even about you not liking her, that’s your prerogative. (Although the apparently level of seething hatred is disconcerting). What’s odd is you actually seem to think that it would be smart business for WWE to not showcase their most popular female performer. I mean sure you may not like her but you’re in the minority. Of course the WWE will go with what’s hot.

        If it’s about other women not getting TV time then complain about the company only putting 1 women’s match on RAW. That’s the only way the girls with less of a following will get time to shine. And these types of decisions are in the hands of creative, not Paige, who you seem to be blaming for it.

        And Naomi did have an opportunity to shine, but most people simply didn’t care. If (and this is a big IF) WWE might actually be planning to change the way the division is presented, of course they’ll make the most over girl the face of it as opposed to someone who really isn’t over at all.

        1. Well thank you for at least responding on my opinion instead of me this time.

          I agree I’m probably over the top but that is my posting style. I find Paige’s character (or the character of Paige annoying) not so much her talent which I didn’t get a chance to comment on as she didn’t have a match. I say a few times (and I apologise if I didn’t make it clear) that my problem is with creatives decisions not so much Paige. My main problem was with the speech itself. The speech was talking about the Divas division being same old same old but it was given to a Diva who is hardly out of the title picture. Now sure it’s good business to have her in the title picture but at the same time surely you can see where fustration will appear when a speech like that is given to a Diva who always gets good matches, title shots and mic time? I mean what was said is what everyone is saying but personally I would have liked to have heard it from the mouth of someone who IS being held back by the Divas Division being blocked out by Nikki and Paige. That is just my personal opinion.

          Where it comes to Naomi we’ll have to agree to disagree. I think her initial heel turn and the run up to her first title match against Nikki was well received by fans. It was after that again that CREATIVE dropped the ball by either not giving the Divas any screen time to talk or wrestle. Because they focus on such a small pool of people in the Divas division matches when they did happen became samey after the first title battle and of course fans then switched off. So maybe it’s not even disagree too much on that point because by the end most fans were hoping for something to happen.

          This is the first time I’ve actually reviewed either RAW or Smackdown on here and I’m sure by the end of the month when I hand the reviews back I’ll have touched upon the lack of matches in the Divas division, lack of TV time, lack of depth.

          I’ll admit to seeing red whilst listening to the speech on Smackdown so maybe I was over the top. My main problem with the Divas isn’t Paige herself (or any of the girls) it’s the fact that one of the reasons Paige is so over with the crowd is she’s given time to be over with the crowd. She’s usually given the storylines that make sense and is portrayed as face as you can get in the Divas division. If the powers that be ran a secondary Divas storyline to build up characters, stories and actually divide Divas into actual heels and faces instead of having them all in a similar model of not really one or the other then maybe some of the other girls would become more popular. Stick them in jobbing hell with no real character, motives or screen time isn’t going to help FIND anyone who could replace either Paige or Nikki at the top of the tree.

          So I guess what I mean is I do state a few times in my review that it is a problem with creative and their perceived lack of interest in the Divas. I’m no fan of the character of Paige (though I am a fan of her wrestling talent) but I do try and separate the fact that I find Paige annoying with the fact that the speech would have been creatives idea as will the story behind Paige and Nikkis feud. I don’t blame Paige at all for it. If that hasn’t come across I apologise. I guess two points got mixed into one. Those being how much I hated the speech (again the speech itself not Paige herself but the fact the speech about same old same old being given to someone who IS the same old same old) and how much I hate what creative are doing. Unfortunately when talking about a event as it happens you talk about the person in it (I have a similar opinion on Seth Rollins and his weak title run which is worded similar and could come across as me blaming Seth or even Dean Ambrose for that if you choose to read into it like that) and sometimes even when you point out that it’s a creative decision you hate because it’s the name of the wrestler you see being used it’ll come across as blaming them. In no way do I think Paige is in control of anything I’ve been a fan of wrestling long enough to know how it works. If it came across that I blamed Paige for the woes of the Divas I do apologise and will look to word it better in the future.

    2. Well as someone who works on this blog I feel the need after seeing your original comment in our notifications to comment myself.

      First off no opinion is a “shitty” opinion. Especially that of a fan. It might not be a popular opinion and it might not be a opinion you agree with but a opinion it is. You never answered Anna’s question of what your credentials are that makes you more qualified to comment on any subject then Anna does. In fact nothing you have raised needs qualifications to comment on.

      I would like to ask you to refrain from insulting our bloggers. This is indeed a fan opinion blog where a group of people share their opinions on things. You are welcome to challenge opinions in a respectable way but not insult or talk about our bloggers unless its with the intent to get to know them. You have made a giant leap in logic as you do not even know if Anna has or has not got experience in wrestling. She hasn’t but neither has she commented on whether she has or hasn’t so the first thing you have done is come in here insulting someone you know nothing about. Anna has taken over the RAW and Smackdown blogs whilst the regular blogger is away and even states that her reviews are going to be different from his. She writes with a much more passionate and emotive language then the other bloggers here that is not a bad thing it just makes her different.

      There is no need at all to come onto any of these posts and call our opinions “shitty”. For your calls of Anna’s opinion being shitty as well as over the top and absurd it is hardly like you came here doing anything less. In fact you are the only person throwing insults around. Your original comment and reply to Anna’s reply are both over the top and instead of being a constructive conversation on a difference of opinion is full of petty insults, you reading meanings into things she has written and accusing her of doing things she did not.

      She has NEVER stated ANY of the above as a fact. Point to one example of it being portrayed as fact.

      She has never said she hated Paige. Point to where she said she hated Paige.

      She has never said she doesn’t want Paige on TV please once more point out where she said she doesn’t want her on TV.

      Now the problem lies with you not being able to understand the difference of reviewing a story and criticism at a higher level. Anna’s job for the next two weeks starts and ends with reviewing a entertainment program. As such she will review what happens on the shows as they happen. Paige is a character who on Smackdown came out and gave a interview. In the story the words being spoken are those of Paige and as a reviewer Anna has every right to talk about what was said in context of a story involving Paige. Just like when I review TV shows I hardly sit there and say “I dislike this character because they are shallow” and need someone to come and tell me “it isn’t the actors fault its the people writing/directing it.” You know why? Because unlike what you have done people are able to read between the lines. Anna had a problem with the CHARACTER of Paige on Smackdown and what that CHARACTER said. Anna never insulted her or said she hated her. Anna has not commented on the actual wrestler Saraya-Jade Bevis. Anna is a adult who understands perfectly the difference between characters, stories and creative decisions and real life people.

      You have based your opinion of what has been said on a fallacy. Finding a character annoying is different from hating them as characters change all the time. If you can not post with respect to someone who has spent time to write a review then please do not comment. If you do not like how Anna reviews Smackdown you do not have to read the blog, you only have one warning and if we see you insulting any bloggers or commentators again we will just start deleting your comments.

      If you have any other problems with the views then be sure to state them in a reasonable manner. Until you answer the questions in this post where you have accused Anna of things she has not done then the topic of Paige is over.


      1. Well yeah I admit my first post was out of line. But it was after I read not only this review but a few previous ones. ALL of which contained liberal amounts Paige bashing. I realize those were written by a different person, but that just make it seem to be the official position of this blog.

        My opinion is of no more value. Very true. But as a fan it just was irritating to see that all the reviews seemed to lack any sort of objectivity when it came to her.

        1. You see this is where you’ll have to wait and see with me as I really do think Paige is in the top three best Divas in WWE at the moment in the ring. I just dislike (not hate) her character, I know Pete thinks differently (he just dislikes her on a whole) but then that’s the thing about opinions! We all have one! Pete is a lot meaner and a lot harsher on Bray Wyatt who he can’t stand gimmick wise and don’t take anything I say in the comments too seriously as they are meant to be jokey! I get Paige is your favourite but we have never tried to pretend that our blogs aren’t biased to our opinion. Heck “Unpopular opinions are encouraged because you should always be yourself and not bow to the popular opinion.” is there right in our About page! Unfortunately me and Pete are very close in our likes and dislikes in general (a point we found out about 4 years ago) but we have no official stand on anything on the blog (as if you searched all our comments you’ll find us all bickering with each other when we disagree with each other!) Everything is just opinion and unfortunately there isn’t much difference in mine and Pete’s.

          I have now re-read what I wrote and to be fair I do think you’ve taken it completely the wrong way. My main complaint (and I have made it clear in the blog) is that they’ve given a story to Paige that makes no sense for her history and her character. Being a Diva that gets a lot of attention (and I’m not saying that is a bad thing or Paiges fault) it makes no sense for her character to talk about that. I made it clear by stating repeatedly that it is Creative and not Paige, I never said (because I don’t want) her off screen. The only negative thing I mentioned about Paige the character is her screaming this is my house which is actually the number one thing I dislike about her (yes a irrational dislike but none of us are perfect!) everything else might use her name but that is because its her character that creative are using. So I do think you’ve just seen that I haven’t gushed over Paige and decided I did the opposite (which is want to send her to hell) when in actual fact I hated the promo and commented on length about it because the Divas Division is something that is important to me.

          Personally if Paige never spoke only wrestled I’d love her 😛 😀 and I’m sure there are one or two wrestlers that if you were being truthful you feel the same way about (either you’d like to see them wrestle but not speak or like to hear them speak but not wrestle) as this isn’t a professional blog and will continue to do what it just says on the tin unfortunately not much is going to change, well unless our opinions change. Of course you are encouraged to come and challenge our opinions but the question is if John Cena had been on and I had spent the same time moaning about how he has to waffle on before every single match about a load of crap and creative could give the time to the Divas instead would you still have come on to get angry? End of the day we can agree to disagree and we can discuss our difference of opinion every week but lets be nice to each other and remember we can’t all like the same people. I know I’m in a minority but to be honest I’m used to it, I have a strange way of always supporting wrestlers/racing drivers/footballers/rugby players/snooker players/bands/actors(resses) etc etc that no one else likes and not liking the most popular of popular (I think Jason Statham is boring and every movie he is in could be much better without him!) Thing is here you are free to just state how you feel so you know if you want to come back at me and tell me how terrible Cesaro is in ring I’d be happy to cry at you 😛 . (If you can’t tell that was all tongue-in-cheek 😉 ) We might have a difference of opinion but we can still be friend 🙂 😀 .

  1. Wow, did you not read this blog, or did you read it and go “she doesn’t like Paige. She is evil!! Die Anna die”?!?!

    Because as far as I can see, Anna didn’t say she “hates Paige” just that she doesn’t like the amount of attention Paige receives…

    Time to crawl back under your rock Chris, and don’t worry you can take Paige with you 🙂

    1. It is extremely obvious he hasn’t read it because Anna writes this.

      “DO NOT TREAT ME LIKE A FUCKING MORON WWE CREATIVE TEAM! Give her something that actually says something about the way you book her and the others. ”


      “There is so much wrong with WWE Creative at all times, because they aren’t always going to get it right, but the guys booking the Divas should be ashamed.”


      “Come up with something original with the Divas and I might give a toss creative.”

      The first blaming CREATIVE for treating viewers like idiots and asking to have Paige come out and say something truthful to her character instead of pretending that she herself is overlooked at the expense of the Bella’s who Anna points out don’t even get that much TV time themselves.

      The second completely puts the blame not on Paige but CREATIVE.

      The third is asking CREATIVE to do something original with the Divas.

      At no point does Anna actually say that it is Paige’s fault and the first one completely contradicts what he said Anna’s attitude is.

      ““I hate Paige so WWE shouldn’t put Paige on TV.”

      As she never said for Paige NOT to be on TV but instead to be given something true to her character if she HAS to be on TV. Or at least be put on the back burners which could have meant anything from working a story to try and help get another Diva over and into the main event or indeed just about anything else!

      Sorry to jump onto your post too but you make a good point about him not reading the blog. He either hasn’t read it or he has willfully misinterpreted everything Anna has said in it. In fact reading what she wrote for the third time it isn’t even that emotive and talks a lot about the Divas division and their lack of TV time. She writes a lot more about the things he accuses her of not doing then she does of the things he accuses her OF doing. And he never actually gave us a reason why his opinion is somewhat more important then hers either!

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