Show by Rock!! : Falling Star Dreamline

“Ryūsei Dorīmurain”(流星ドリームライン)

Because we want to be in a festival Plasmagica needs to once again face Criticrista in a battle of the bands to join in.

Its a shame that the attention of the whole anime hasn’t just switched to Shingan Crimsonz but never mind.

To be fair the small amount of work they did to make me like the girls goes out the window this week with the moral of the story basically being leave everything to Cyan and it’ll be fine.

Or at least that is how I feel.

I know she’s been chosen to come here for many reasons and Strawberry Heart intercepted her so that she can fight evil but wouldn’t it be nice, now that we’ve seen Shingan Crimsonz face a dark monster, if the whole band became strong enough to fight together? Wouldn’t it be nice if the band won the battle of the bands without it coming down to giving Cyan the majority of the lyrics?

I can see why slowly it looks like Chuchu might be giving into jealousy. I know that Criticrista know what they are up against in Cyan but it is hardly like anyone is ever really bigging up Chuchu or in fact the others. Thing is she was the lead vocalist in the band so being shoved aside for Cyan even though it was her idea and being blanked by competition over Cyan must hurt.

I much prefer the style and group of Shingan Crimsonz.

Have I mentioned they are my favourite band?

This week Plasmagica beat Criticrista with a weaker song then the one they originally went with and to be honest it was meant to be the power of their smiles that won…. Or some boring thing like that.

The interesting thing is that Dagger isn’t taking any shit any more and after their loss to Plasmagica he shows up and darkens Critiscrista’s melodisian stones and then fires them. He’s creepy, what he did was spooky, what will happen to the girls I don’t know but its sad.

Its especially sad because I really dislike Cyan and seeing people being pushed that far to beat her and then being punished when they don’t is sad.

I’m sorry but there is nothing special about anything she does and the songs she makes up are all boring.

Give me Shingan Crimsonz any day.

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