One Piece : Lucy!!

Chapter 789

We are down to the closing seconds and I mean seconds of this war between Luffy (Lucy as we chant today) and Doffy.

We must all pray to the brilliance of Zoro that the birdcage holds out.

It does. Of course it does! If it didn’t then Luffy, Zoro, Robin, Franky as well as Law, Cabbage and Bartolomeo would all be dead.

Gatz gets over the loud speaker and tells the whole of Dressrosa that the warrior Lucy will be coming back, he’s Luffy the Straw Hat and he’ll knock Doffy out in one blow.

I can kind of believe that though I still think that Doffy should be a lot stronger then he’s currently looking, and with Luffy down and out for 10 minutes it seems that instead of doing anything at all Doffy just kind of stood around the place looking menacing and then spent forever controlling Viola to kill Rebecca, something that should have taken seconds and instead took long enough that Luffy can save the day.

And just in time because the birdcage is becoming too much for everyone to hold back.

There isn’t much wrong with how the arc has gone but I’m starting to think this whole battle with Doffy could have been better. And I mean the final battle. It doesn’t feel very well thought out in my opinion and the birdcage whilst being effective to create drama should have been secondary to the fight against Luffy and Doffy. I can’t really explain what I mean but basically I would never have had Luffy go down like he did after Gear Fourth. I would probably have had him beaten badly until he had to use Gear Fourth and then win or when he DID go down really swerve the shit out of how manga’s usually go and have King Riku or Rebecca, shit actually no just freakin’ Rebecca, knock out Doffy. With him down after the big hit from Luffy it would have been easy to believe that he’s weak enough that someone who isn’t mega-powered could over power him. Shit what about instead of people cheering on Lucy and the people holding back the birdcage they use their new strength from the tearadills to work as a country to bring down their oppressor?

Now I’m not saying I don’t like the way the story is going I’ve just found the last two chapters quite boring and I didn’t really need a giant speech from Gatz this chapter.

As much as I liked seeing how clever Zoro actually is, I always love seeing him being clever, at the same time I think it could easily have been a page here and there over the course of a battle.

Now that I’ve come up with the idea of the people defeating Doflamingo I love that concept even more. I mean the biggest cheer I’ve given recently is to Viola for standing up to Doflamingo and it would have been nice if instead of standing there crying Rebecca had ran in to help.. Again it wouldn’t be hard to believe that after his fight with Luffy that Doffy would be weaker, his power could possibly have been a little less under his control because he’s in pain.

That being said I’m kind of hoping the battle doesn’t go on too long now.

MORE importantly I hope it ends in the next couple chapters and after that I really hope Luffy and the others remember that Sanji and the rest will probably need them. Even though I only caught up with the manga around Christmas time its been too long since we’ve seen Sanji and the others and I need to know what happened to them!

Personally I felt this chapter was all over the place. It didn’t drum up emotions like Riku’s speech did, it didn’t really feel that tense or dramatic. I think they’ve overdone the drama recently that to be honest I was kind of hoping that something dramatic WOULD happen instead of building up that Viola or Rebecca are going to get hurt just for Luffy to save the day.

Doffy was such a interesting character but he just seems to be the background monster now. When I say interesting I mean he’s a great villain by the way, I like how cocky he is and his whole royal me stuff. To be left as a boogeyman for so many chapters is a bit boring.

This whole arc though still reminds me of the Laxus arc in Fairy Tail and I feel that was better done in the end even if the threat wasn’t AS great. Laxus is a much better villain too even though he isn’t always a villain (and it freakin’ sucked in the last chapter of Fairy Tail that Laxus didn’t show up at the end to stop the fight and therefore become the next master of the guild) but they have some real similar traits (and bad clothing choices) but Laxus never really stopped running his gob up until he’d lost and had a complete and utter change in character.

I honestly feel like Doffy could have been Β handled a lot better.

Then again that is in comparison to one of my all time favourite story arcs.

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