NXT Review 3/6/15

My second week here reviewing NXT. Well the NXT champion is making all the headlines not only winning his match at the PPV this weekend against John Cena but also announcing his own NXT Championship invitational match on Smackdown.

Today isn’t Smackdown though (well technically it is but…. yeah) its NXT.

(I also get to announce that Pete is away for the next two weeks so I’ll be taking over RAW/Smackdown and the PPV blogs. Problem is he manages to be going away just when I’m working overtime so I won’t be live for Smackdown, I will be live for RAW but again not Smackdown or even Money in the Bank. But we’ll have another blog announcing it properly later.)

***For anyone who might have clicked here because I tagged it Divas I have a rant about Divas at the bottom so if you are just interested in the rant go RIGHT to the bottom! Its a good positive rant by the by not anything nasty!****

Matches Quick Overlook :

Tyler Breeze vs Adam Rose
Winner : Tyler Breeze

Carmella vs Alexa Bliss
Winner : Alexa Bliss

The Vaudevillains vs Jason Jordan & Marcus Louis
Winners : The Vaudevillains

Rhyno vs Finn Balor
Winner : Finn Balor

Tyler Breeze vs Adam Rose
Tyler Breeze wins by pin fall

I love these two. No really. Tyler Breeze is probably one of my most favourite wrestlers in the world, I’ve kind of loved him since the second I saw him. Saying that I’ve also been a giant fan of Adam Rose for a while now. Both are great wrestlers and their gimmicks are honestly the greatest thing ever.

Can we really have a match without talking about their ring attire? I think not. If you are used to Pete’s reviews you know nothing till you see mine. Why does Adam Rose look like a pirate? He comes down looking like the wrestling version of Austin Powers then takes off his big fluffy coat to reveal pirate trousers. Trust me I’m from the West Country in England and every time we have a pirate weekend or I go to Looe or just generally see pirates around the place (it isn’t as strange in Plymouth as you’d think) they have trousers JUST LIKE THOSE… Is Adam Rose meant to be a pirate?

As for Breeze he’s gone full sexy Iron Man with the gold and red. There is not anything I don’t love about everything about Tyler Breeze. That might not make sense grammatically so I’ll put it simpler. Tyler Breeze is actually perfection.

The match itself started off pretty slowly as Adam Rose grounded Breeze in a submission move. Breeze tries to pick up the pace but after two moves Rose is out of the ring and it slows down again. The commentary team says its a nice back and forth but it really isn’t it was extremely Adam Rose heavy, though maybe we missed something during the Total Divas ad break.

Breeze got a good beating before coming out of nowhere and getting the three count. It was a good match, a nice long one too. The only problem I had was that I felt it was a bit one sided.

It was a good starting match though. I just wish we’d get to see a little more offence from Breeze who I rate extremely highly in the ring.

Eva Marie

She is invited out to talk about what she’s been up to but the fans hardly give her a chance to talk. She took it well and with a lot of grace. I have to admit that I haven’t really ever been a Divas fan, I’m a giant fan of the Knockouts but not the Divas so I don’t know much about her and I know people say that she needs to earn her respect in the ring and that regardless of how far she’s come it took her two years to bother to train and all that but damn give the girl a chance! It might be annoying for you but this wasn’t just normal booing it was drowning the whole place out and obvious unnerving her.

I mean boo yeah sure but the “you can’t wrestle” chants at least leave them for when she’s IN the ring and not when she’s just talking.

I don’t know I guess its the only time I’ve ever actually seen a crowd boo and heckle to the point where a Diva/Superstar couldn’t actually speak over it and it was really uncomfortable.

William Regal

He announces that on the July 4th live show on the WWE Network in some Japan show Finn Balor will face Kevin Owens for the championship meaning whoever faces Owens on Smackdown IF they face him at all won’t be winning the championship.

Carmella vs Alexa Bliss
Alexa Bliss wins by pin fall

I do like both these women and I love both the tag teams. All six of them are some of the most exciting people on NXT and I don’t think Carmella and Alexa get that credit sometimes with the likes of Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Emma running around the place. That isn’t bad mouthing anyone its just me saying I really love these two and I will whenever they are around talk about how great they are.

What I love about Alexa though is her attitude, I love her and Blake and Murphy coming down to the ring its one of the coolest walks down to the ring ever and in the ring she’s now just violent.

The match was completely one sided with Alexa just beating down on Carmella. In the end Carmella started to get a little bit of offence going before being pinned and Alexa holding onto the ropes to get the three count.

There is a interesting story developing between these six and I can’t wait to see it explode a little more.

Sami Zayn

We get a update on Sami. I do like that we get to see this kind of thing when the guys get injured but I’m still none the wiser on what any of them are talking about. I don’t think I WANT to have any clue on it.

The Vaudevillains vs Jason Jordan & Marcus Louis
The Vaudevillains win by pin fall

I love the Vaudevillains they are just awesome. Marcus Louis just is a little bit scary. In a way he works perfect against the Vaudevillains.

It was Jason Jordan and Marcus Louis that dominated the match though. After a brief back and forth between Marcus and the Vaudevillains Jordan got in and completely grounded English. The second that the submission move was being reversed and Jordan was backed up into the corner Louis tagged himself in.

Louis reminds me of something out of one of the Batman games, like Zsasz mixed with some of the lunatics from Ayslum. He just spent the whole time in the middle of the ring digging his fingers into and under English’s jaw before English finally broke the submission and tagged in Gotch. The whole pace changed and after a Whirling Dervish the Vaudevillains get a win.

Sasha Banks

We take a look at Sasha. I’m not sure what the point of it was really, its one of those annoying promos that I get annoyed enough when they are about the men let alone the women especially because Sasha is great on the mic and they could have just had a interview with her. I didn’t need to rehear everyone telling me how wonderful she is because I already know she’s a freakin’ boss. Well. She’s THE Boss of course. I don’t know where I’m going with this.

Finn Balor

I am so conflicted about my feelings on Finn Balor. So conflicted. The whole piece though was pretty much standard. I’m not afraid of Kevin Owens, pointing out the stuff that Owens has just done recently before going on about being the Demon.

Rhyno vs Finn Balor
Finn Balor wins by pin fall

Number one is that I need to remember that Rhyno in WWE has always had a y in it. I’m not going to go and change it everywhere I’ve spelt it wrong.

I’ve been a Rhyno fan for such a long time, I supported him back in ECW all the way through to now and I have to say I’m really behind what WWE NXT are doing with him. I mean I didn’t even expect to see him on NXT when I decided to start watching it let alone see him go toe to toe with Finn Balor in pretty good form.

He dominated the match and it was quite the spectacle. He stopped Balor from being able to get any of his rhythm going and kept it to Rhyno rhythm.

In the end Finn got the roll up after a missed gore but for a lot of the match it looked like it would be a semi dominant win for the Beast. If this is the rivalry we’re going to be enjoying whilst Kevin Owens is feuding with John Cena I think we’re in for a bit of a treat even if I’m a bit disappointed that Breeze isn’t up there too.

Of course Rhyno wasn’t happy so he gored Finn on the ramp.

Happy days for a Rhyno fan.

My Thoughts :

I didn’t mind too much this week. All the matches were top quality and I enjoyed all of them a lot. My favourite was probably the tag team match though I feel like it didn’t really get going enough I just liked the people involved, I’d kind of liked to have seen more interaction between the two sides instead of them grounding the Vaudevillains until the end where they got a bit lucky for the win.

Most of the matches were extremely one sided in this episode even if the person who dominated didn’t win. I don’t agree that it was equal between Breeze and Rose because you blinked and missed whatever it was supposedly that Breeze had done. Bliss vs Carmella was all Bliss to the end. Vaudevillains vs Jordan & Louis was Jordan & Louis until the last flurry and even Balor vs Rhyno wasn’t THAT equal in terms of dominance.

The thing is at least three of those matches it was so obvious because the whole time they had someone in a submission move on the floor doing nothing. It wasn’t even pretty submission moves. Adam Rose spent most of the match looking like he was either sitting or cuddling Tyler Breeze (I really don’t blame him I’d LOVE to hug him), Bliss had this strange side headlock on Carmella and Jordan and Louis had… Well. I don’t want to remember actually.

It isn’t like a match with Kevin Owens where he just beats you to death. It isn’t even like a normal match for any of them where they’ll be relentless in their fighting. It was like a unspoken theme of the night that everyone should do the worlds most weird submission move and have it hooked in for a good 3-4 minutes.

I mean some of these submissions moves were hooked in for longer then we see the Divas on RAW and Smackdown combined.

Yet I still enjoyed it a lot.

The only bit I didn’t like much obviously was the crowd just being downright cruel to Eva Marie (as I said I don’t care about the past to be honest) and then her going on about the NXT women’s division. You see the reason I don’t like people going on about it the way they do (usually to go on about how terrible the main roster Divas are) is because IT ISN’T THE DIVAS FAULT. The NXT girls are brilliant and have wonderful matches and great story lines BECAUSE THEY ARE GIVEN THE CHANCE TOO. They have more then one women’s division story line at one time (Alexa/Carmella, Bayley/Emma and Sasha/Becky, and in all those OTHER PEOPLE get involved all the time) they get long ass matches that are either equal in length or longer then male superstar matches and they take their chance.

So whilst you praise one don’t degrade the other. Yes I’m fed up of Paige being in the title picture, I’m fed up of the Divas all being bitches instead of having faces and heels like the men have, I’m fed up of nothing making sense in their division and the fact that we’re lucky to see a 3 minute long match between the girls let alone MORE THEN ONE! Its like RAW and Smackdown could only possibly showcase Naomi, Paige and Nikki (Tamina and Brie SOMETIMES) and the others either just go back to NXT, disappear from the screens or just get on with other things (Natalya working with #BTE.)

Now if WWE just gave the Divas on the main roster the same chance I’m sure we’d have just as good matches, story lines and be even more proud of the girls.

THEY DON’T and unless its proven that there is something magical about NXT performers that they suddenly just MAKE the highers up give them this that or the other and if they were put on the main roster they’d be able to do the same then stop using one to beat the other with.

In fact with how great NXT is I just wished WWE would have a women’s only program (no not Total Divas) even if it was just once a month to showcase ALL the girls regardless of whether they are in NXT or the main roster and whether they are being used. That is something I ALWAYS love about TNA is that every now and again you’ll get a Knockouts night that really highlights the girls.

If I’m honest I would just like for one night whether its for a hour like NXT or longer just for WWE to give the girls their own time ALL the girls and have some great matches. I mean you could have Nikki Bella vs Sasha Banks as the main event and have all kinds of awesome matches the rest of the night. Why can’t that happen? I mean we had King of the Ring not that long back and Elimination Chamber was a Network Only PPV so why not a Night with the Divas?

Come on WWE make that happen.

I’ve lost whatever it was I was talking about, I’ve even forgotten it was a NXT blog. Sorry……

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