Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic : A Special Day

“Totteoki no Ichinichi”(とっておきの一日)

Summer vacation has started WOOHOO!

We aren’t going to the beach this week but we get a nice calm episode from all involved.

Like hell we do, there is heavy breathing, tennis matches and fantasies all rolled into one.

The first half of the episode focuses on Aya and Yoko (a dream come true for me!) whilst the second half has Karen, Alice, Shino and Honoka.

I love that Honoka has become like main cast character out of nowhere. I like her relationship with Karen and just how nice she is and she’s the more calm version of Shino. As much as I love Shino sometimes I wish she had more of a character and I guess looking at Honoka I’m seeing what Shino could be with a little more put into her. Not that I really want to change Shino for the world!

I kind of hope that Honoka ends up hanging out with the girls more, its a shame that she had a tennis match on the day of the beach because I would have loved to see her go to the beach with the girls.

Of course my favourite part of the whole thing was the first half with Aya being a creepy perv down the phone, OK she phoned breathed heavily got embarrassed and hung up not the end of the world. For Aya it was. I love Aya for many reasons and her love of Yoko is sweet. I kind of always want something to happen there, not anything big just you know for once Aya being able to tell Yoko how she feels.

I always got the impression that Aya and Yoko were best friends, kind of like how Alice and Karen are but it seems that actually Aya and Yoko aren’t quite as close as Alice and Karen or even Alice and Shino or themselves and Shino. Maybe its just down to how nervous Aya is at the moment, she seems to jump at every action when she wasn’t half as bad in the first series, or maybe I just didn’t notice before.

It was nice to see Yoko’s siblings again, I loved that they walked in after Aya and Yoko had been changing clothes and the embarrassment that went with it. It was cute!

All in all it was a lovely episode. I think the second half wasn’t as interesting as the first but then again nothing was going to beat seeing Aya and Yoko together anyway as they are my favourites. I can’t wait to see them all going to the beach in the next episode that should be a lot of fun.

The summer vacation episodes were my favourite in the first series and I feel like they might be my favourites in the second too!

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