Arslan Senki : Beneath the Mask

Narsus proved his skills as a master strategist in the last episode defeating Kharlan and his fleet with only their handful of allies.

This week powerful men with nothing better to do with their time who want to control other people’s lives in the name of their god do the one thing that is sure to make them happy.

Book burning.

This week was the week of bumping into each other. Whilst Daryun and Narsus go into the capital to find out where the King is and end up in a sword fight with Silvermask, Arslan ends up meeting Etoile who is still completely in the dark on who Arslan is and proceeds to gloat about the Lusitanian’s victory before being forced to leave when Elam shows up.

This was the one anime I was watching that I wasn’t too sure of when I started to watch it but as it goes on I’m enjoying it the most out of everything I’m watching. The development of Arslan is such a important part of the story with characters like Narsus ready to walk away if he thinks that Arslan won’t be a better king then the ones that come before him. Or at least a more humane king. He’s constantly being tested either by his companions of the situations he finds himself in and each passing test he manages to grow even more.

He’s left with the book of the Lusitanian’s religion to ponder on whether Etoile is right or not.

I loved that he was the first character to point out the hypocrisy of their religion. The way they hated Pars for taking people prisoner but how under their religion they treat people just as badly. It is nice that Arslan is the one that points this out because it’ll be Arslan that has to either bring the two concepts of Lusitania and Pars together or else expose the troubles in both.

Not only that but it was just about time someone said something about it.

As for Daryun and Narsus them together in the Capital showed both how intelligent they both are as well as how good they are in a battle.

So its extremely unsettling that Silvermask had the best of them in a 2-on-1 situation.

It can’t just be me that thinks that Silvermask is the spitting image of Daryun though just with burns and less eyebrows. I was not expecting him to look quite as similar as Daryun thinking he might look a little like Arslan seeing that they should be related by blood.

If I’m honest I don’t believe Arslan to be the kings son anyway he looks too much like Narsus. Then again that might just be a fault in the animation seeing that people say he looks like the Queen which I also don’t see.

For a episode that had just as much action as there ever is this episode felt quite grounded though and it was nice to see some of the humourous side of things come about. Narsus getting angry at being called an inept painter and Daryuns face when he tries not to comment as well as Etoile going on about Arslan having horns and tails in front of Arslan (because of course he doesn’t know he’s stood in front of Arslan) and the confused and horrified look on Arslan’s face.

I feel like when the penny finally drops it might be one of the most dramatic moments of any of the anime’s I’ve watched in recent years.

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