Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic : My Dear Hero

“Mai Dia Hīrō” (マイ・ディア・ヒーロー)

You never know what you’ll get every week with Kiniro Mosaic. Anything could happen depending on what is going on in the lives of the girls. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to start every episode having no clue what will come next?

This episode centres around the two blondies.

First off we see just how spoiled Karen really is. She gets into a argument with her father because he said he’d brought something that he hadn’t brought just to keep her happy. Naturally because she’s a bit of a brat she ran away from home and ended up on Shino’s floor with Alice.

The reasoning behind her falling out with her father was a bit over the top but it was nice to see a different side to Karen. Not only by her being a little calmer but with her hair down she doesn’t half look like a different character!

I like Karen so I don’t mean to be mean to her but it is honestly true what I say because her father made her happy again by getting the necklace. I kind of feel like there could be a better moral to this story.

The second half gives us a deeper look into Alice and Karen’s relationship in England. Again I think the ending of the story didn’t really play out how it possibly should.

The story went that Alice was always so preoccupied with learning Japanese so she could go to Japan and see Shino that she kind of ignored her friends in England. What this meant was that one day when Karen got bored and went to go get a Japanese game to play and fell off a bridge (magically only spraining her ankle) she could have been left there the whole night if it wasn’t for the fact that Alice went to look for her. Its odd that the story kind of seemed like it had a happy ending but really in the end Karen was second best to Shino when Shino wasn’t there, Alice isn’t sorry that she ignored Karen to learn Japanese and eventually move to Japan without even telling Karen and just because Karen in the present then sprained her ankle in PE so Alice walks her home doesn’t stop Alice from being quite shallow at times.

I can not believe I just wrote that paragraph.

A anime about cute little girls doing cute things has actually made me angry! Who would have thought.

I still love all the characters but this one time it kind of stuck in the throat how selfish both Alice and Karen actually are.

Alice really only wanted Karen to talk to her father so she didn’t have to share Shino with her or HER experience in Shino’s house. She did everything to point score against Karen when Karen was there even though Karen was just being polite. She then got Karen to talk to her father which is nice but we’re talking about Alice’s ACTUAL best friend. Karen not only was her best friend BEFORE Shino when she got back from a trip to find out Alice had gone to Japan she moved there too just to be with her and yet Alice is always so cold to her because she feels the need to compete.

Whilst Karen really is just spoilt. Everything she wants including moving to Japan just because Alice is there and the damned necklace is just handed to her. Her mother is apparently a monster but what her mother did was just eat a piece of cake in front of her for punishment! My mum would have grounded my sorry ass and stopped me from watching TV, reading or playing video games for weeks.

Normally these small little details I forget because the bigger picture is that these are a couple of cute little girls doing cute things.

It just seemed odd to glorify their selfishness all of a sudden.

And here was me originally saying that I liked that we got to see more of them. I would have liked if it actually felt like Alice realised just how much she means to Karen and didn’t just walk off with Karen at the end because why not.

Don’t worry I still love them!

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