Show by Rock!! : Yokai Street

“Yōkai Sutorīto” (妖怪ストリート)

The training sessions seem to have worked on bringing both of the bands together some more. We even get a new song from Shingan Crimsonz!

I’m very happy to see a Shingan Crimsonz episode. This time the morons go to Yokai street to perform at the hottest spot. The hottest spot just so happens to be made the hottest spot because it is where Unicorn Virtual is planning on kidnapping people.

It just so happens that on the bequeath of another band Plasmagica are at Yokai street looking for a lost band member.

Shingan Crimsonz get terrified beyond their wits before having to face a dark monster and defeating it as we all knew they would seeing they are the best band in Midi City.

I liked how we got to see the guys defeat one of the monsters and I can’t help but feel that these guys plus Plasmagica could end up working together to save Midi City. I kind of hope so because these numb skulls are by far my favourites.

The episode was much more a fun episode then something to really think about. We got to hear Shingan singing, we got to see them running around scared of the little guys that live in Yokai street, we got to see them battle we even got to see them being brainless after the fact and not noticing that they WERE fighting a dark monster!

You have to love them, if you don’t then I’m not sure what is exactly wrong with you!

We leave the whole episode with two things to think about.

First up is a worry about Aion. The blob that seemed to be what made the dark monster is now attached to Aion. I’m guessing this isn’t going to end well for him.

Secondly is Mr Berry’s pondering on whether or not a dark heart and being turned into a dark monster are connected in anyway.

I’m sure both questions will be answered soon.

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