Show by Rock!! : Maze of DESTINY


It seems like a age ago that I watched this. It was! I’m like four episodes behind so prepare for a day of MUSIC!

Tsurezurenaru are under attack by dark monsters! Oh no!

Have I mentioned how much I hate the animation recently? Because I really do. If they had any more bubbles drawn on them they’d just be a big bubble! Just leave it out guys.

This episode was surprisingly emotional and for the first time really I found myself actually connect to Plasmagica… For no reason at all! I don’t like Cyan much and the story is obviously a bit strange and extremely weak but that didn’t stop me from feeling so bad for Plasmagica, especially Retoree when they found out the truth about Cyan.

There is a great moment at the beginning of the episode where we see Retoree reach out to befriend Cyan which was a lot of fun, the rest of the show was mainly about Cyan and her mission. Chuchu overhears her talking to Strawberry Heart, I say talk I mean more like getting berated by Strawberry Heart. Chuchu is smart enough to join the dots she just needs a few more things explained to her.

Unfortunately Cyan is forced to leave a indy concert that they are apart of to go fight a monster…. That had left by the time she showed up anyway.

The heart breaking thing is that Retoree isn’t even that upset by her leaving the concert or anything like that. We’ve seen what Retoree is about and her biggest thing is she wants to make friends so she can be in a band and share her passions with people she cares about and she cares so much for Cyan not being trusted off the off must have hurt her. I like that she didn’t just accept the apology instead pointing out that after all this time finding out her friend was going to leave was heartbreaking enough let alone have them apologise for it. I can see where she is coming from getting to know and care for someone, something you’ve treasured all your life, just for them to say one day they’ll definitely be leaving, not just to a different city but a whole different WORLD, and then be apologised too for it.

I really think Retoree and Chuchu came to the fore in the episode.

The episode was made though by Shingan Crimsonz who are still completely crazy. I’ve decided that Crow is now my favourite member of the band, the silly monkey!

I can’t really remember how I felt last episode but I have feelings that I was bemoaning not liking the band much and how I disliked the characters. Taking some time and coming back to it I found myself so happy to see them again so maybe it was a good thing I took some time off?

I think so far its been one of my favourite episodes!

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