Show by Rock!! : Crimson Quartet

“Crimson Quartet -Shinkuki Shijūsō-“ (Crimson quartet -深紅き四重奏-)

In the last episode Shingan Crimsonz had to save themselves from a dark monster… Not that they KNEW they were fighting one because of course they are morons.

With Crimson in the title of the episode I can’t help but HOPE this episode is also about the best band EVER!

A bad day for Aion means that the black blob that is latching onto him makes him quit the band. I don’t blame him to be honest even without the black blob it isn’t easy to deal with Crow all the time I’d guess. I mean he found every possibly reason to make fun of Aion the second he walked through the door. I know they are all really aggressive run around shouting kind of guys but it got to the point where you really felt sorry for Aion and wouldn’t have blamed him for leaving the band regardless.

Off everyone goes to find what happened to Aion after Cyan reminds them that the darkness latches on to the darkness in peoples hearts.

I have to say I’m really interested in the story between Rom and Shu (Syu?) from Trichronika. It sounds like such a sad story.

As it is this isn’t a sad story in fact its the usual Shingan Crimsonz shouting and screaming and being posers and totally adorable. There is actually a lot we seem not to know about them, I guess it is only to be expected seeing the girls are the main characters, but Aion seems like such a nice character that it would be nice to get something more on him in the future. I like their dynamic and I liked that Crow realised that he had to do something for his friend and showed up when needed. Their music is always great and they are always full of beans.

As for Plasmagica well they are having another battle of the bands against Criticrista and they might want to worry because Cri-Cri are out to flatten them this time. Of course you’d have to think that this time Plasmagica is going to win against the odds. I’d kind of like them to lose again but it wouldn’t make sense to have them lose then go onto a big festival. I think its more obvious that they’ll win and carry on the momentum to the festival.

I’m only kind of looking forward to that if I’m honest.

It was a great episode mainly because again it focused on the boys and they really are where the fun lies. They have serious stories as well as this episode proved but they do it with their own style and you can really see the love for each other that they have whilst they are screaming at each other.

I nearly cried when Crow told Aion his guitar had been crying for him. It really made me well up that did!

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