Show by Rock!! : Ba-Dump!? It’s a Beach Training Camp ♡ Full of Swimsuits ♪

“DOKI!? Mizugi Darake no Umi Gasshuku ♡ Desuzo♪” (DOKIィッ!?水着だらけの海合宿♡ですぞ♪)

After such a sweet little episode last time out the thought of…. Swimsuits? Jesus I’m not exactly looking forward to this based on its name!

I’m sure the wording is a bit off in the translation because a alien would be from another world so both Moa and Cyan would be aliens as it is Cyan is from another universe by the looks of it. Regardless they should both be classed as aliens not just Moa.

We see how the girls are kind of forcibly brought back together by Maple who knew about everything from the beginning. He sends the boys to the mountains to train and the girls to the beach where Cyan tries her hardest to tell Retoree how she feels. Of course the only way they manage to do that is by singing.

The thing that struck me about the episode is how dismissive they are when Moa tells them that she’s a alien. It kind of made me wonder if Cyan had bothered to tell them the truth from the beginning whether or not anyone would have believed her. Plus it made me laugh that none of them thought if they were laughing at Moa telling them she’s a alien would they have laughed at Cyan?

I didn’t like the episode as much as the last but it had its charm. It was nice seeing the main characters bonding though I still find it bizarre that it is taking them four so long to gel for me personally when people who hardly have screen time bond straight away in my opinion. If anything I have found the girls to be much more normal in the these two episodes and much more relateable.

I think a lot of that itself is down to Retoree who actually is surprisingly one of the best characters. Her sadness at knowing a friend would someday leave and go back to their world was touching, her inability to talk to Cyan was understandable yet she wasn’t horrible. Just sad. She reverted back to her isolated nature and instead of pushing Cyan away  let her have her say and when the words still didn’t stop the hurting she left without saying anything herself.

Chuchu once more is the voice of reason being able to understand Retoree’s feelings pretty well.

It is this kind of bonding that will make me enjoy spending time with the in the end.

Unfortunately they are still miles away from having the same kind of chemistry that I felt that Shingan Crimsonz have had from the very start. Those guys are just great fun to be around though I’d like to see a much more serious angle with them at some point.

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