Owari no Serafu : First Extermination

“Senmetsu no Hajimari” (殲滅のハジマリ)

Finally in the field and still Yu just doesn’t get it. He doesn’t get that actually you need to work as a team because Vampires aren’t idiots that will stand still and let you slash away at them. His vengeance which has been pointed out to him time and time again will get him killed is what he goes towards. Even when he’s doing it for the right reasons all I want is for him to lose a arm or leg to learn a lesson.

We met Mitsuba whose story of her own selfishness proves to the viewers that what Yu is doing is dangerous and yet here we are. He’s still standing tall on his moral high ground and still not actually hurt himself or anyone else.

My anger towards Yu is only matched to his anger at the Vampires.

This episode is possible the last straw. I will give the next episode a watch but if within the time frame it took me to get angry in this episode I get angry once more I’ll give up with the series for good.

They couldn’t have made a more annoying lead character but the worst part is that its very obvious that what he’s being told is true. It IS dangerous, he DOES need his team mates to help. Even when he’s hurt he still comes out in the end being the right one, the moral one, the one that talks sense. You saw them getting injured and not one of them looked injured afterwards because of course that would prove Mr Perfect wrong. He has to have the perfect reflexes, the perfect speech, the heroic moment. He makes everything everyone else says wrong.

I do not get at all why anyone would find any kind of interest in his character as he’s so egotistical yet at no point will he ever be shown to be wrong.

The horrid thing is after the extermination and at points when he was at school he showed promise at being a interesting character. His excitement over riding in a car was funny.

The thing is that the Vampires are really cool and I honestly can’t wait to see Yu come face to face with Mika even if we have the problem that they won’t fight and we’ll have a Vampire helping Yu be even more of a pain in the ass. Though there is whispers about the humans doing something to Yu as well so maybe Mika will just want to run away altogether or get angry that Yu has a new family.

I can’t watch it anymore though if I’m not enjoying it and a good half of the episode I wasn’t enjoying because the character we are meant to be behind was so far from what I’d want to watch that it hurt.

He learnt a lesson at the end did he? It didn’t look that way. It looked like the moment he thinks once more that he’s stronger he’ll run headlong into a fight and not care.

Crowley on the other hand looked awesome so I kind of hope I don’t get pissed off next episode because I’d kind of like to see hum again. I have a horrible feeling he might die which is a shame but I’d like to see him fight at least.

One thought on “Owari no Serafu : First Extermination”

  1. you must be as fed up as me of having to listen to that moron giving us a moral speech whilst completely ignoring his own word of wisdom.

    “I’m so happy to hear you consider retreat” well that’ll be the only time.

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