Arslan Senki : The Treasonous Hero

As the title suggests the episode is all about the traitor of Pars Kharlan.

Once more it is a interesting story being told in the episode. We all know what Kharlan did but what extremes is he willing to go to?

There was a few questions answered and the bigger picture comes to fruition. It turns out that Silvermask was the son of Andragoras’s brother whom apparently Andragoras killed for Tahamine and the kingdom. As Kharlan lay dying after a battle with Daryun he talks about the rightful king just for that sentence to be mirrored by Silvermask as he taunts Andragoras.

That is all right at the end of the episode though, the whole Silvermask reveal was actually after the end credits.

The majority of this episode centred on why Farangis is joining Arslan, Narsus outsmarting everyone and how six people took down a whole group of soldiers.

What Kharlan truly believed he was doing or why died with him unless Silvermask is willing to tell us.

I might not write much about this episode but don’t think it wasn’t a good one because I think it was one of the key moments in Arslan’s story. The way he handled himself and the group he has managed to agree to work with him seemed to even impress Kharlan. Not only that but he stood before the dead soldiers who had betrayed his father and who had led to the deaths of many of their people and he felt pity. He didn’t want Kharlan to die, he didn’t want anyone to die. He wanted to understand them and when the battle was over he offered a prayer to them from Farangis.

He grows a little every episode. In the beginning you thought he’d just be a bit of a wet blanket but as he matures on this journey he has turned into quite the hero.

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