Arslan Senki : The Beauties and the Beasts

“Bijo-tachi to Yajuu-tachi” (美女たちと野獣たち)

The Capital city of Pars fell in a battle of wits more then a battle of brawn. The battle was won after the King of Pars ignored wise council. The city was left defenceless and then when they thought they might just win the Lusitanian army called out to the slaves of Pars to help bring the city down from within.

Two extremely vibrant and thought provoking episodes.

Well all I can say is Pars should at some point be proud that they at least had a King that would fight for them. Innocentis VII the monarch of the Kingdom of Lusitania on the other hand looks like he’s never lifted a finger in his lifetime.

This episode kind of opened up a comedy angle as well as being as dramatic as ever.

For a start Innocentis is very comical in both the way he talks and the way he is animated. Like a fat cat he sits on his perch doing nothing. His brother, who is the warrior, even with his more serious side his interactions with his brother were completely humorous. We then go on to Gieve meeting Farangis, a priestess who is on her way to find Arslan. They could put a bit more clothing on Farangis if I’m honest but her interactions with Gieve, complete with stars sparkling in the sky and falling when his poetry is questioned, were played for comedy as well as getting across her purpose to the story.

This is by no means a bad thing, inserting a little comedy after two very heavy episodes was a very good idea, just like the episode introducing Narsus was perfectly timed after the hardships of the battle.

Just because a few moments were light hearted didn’t mean that there wasn’t enough drama in there.

Narsus gives Arslan a test, by telling Arslan that Kharlan will go and burn down villages killing people till he finds Arslan he gave Arslan two options. Go save people or stand by and let it happen. Because Arslan chose o go help people Narsus stays.

Tahamine becomes the object of Innocentis’s affection and we learn all about her past as her striking beauty has led men to do crazy things for her in the past.

Etoile is also back and looking for the soldiers who were captured with him three years prior. His search doesn’t get him any answers but we DO learn that as I said the slaves who were promised money and land if they turned their backs on their masters have been left to look after themselves. As the people that brought the downfall of Pars it doesn’t look like they are better off, in fact it looks like they are worse off.

I knew that was coming, the way that the Lusitanian’s acted before all this didn’t exactly paint them in the light of benevolent saviours.

All in all the episode did a lo to pave the way to learning just wahy it is that Arslan is up against and why it’ll be just as important for him to win the decisive battle.

After all there might have been flaws in Pars and their way of living but those flaws are still apparent with the new rulers.

I am so happy I carried on watching this series as it has been a hidden gem.

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