NXT Review 27/5/15

So with Pete doing the RAW and SmackDown reviews I’ve decided to do the NXT reviews as he doesn’t feel like he has the time to do NXT as well.

Well he is a busy man.

So first up is the NXT after Takeover Unstoppable.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Bayley vs Emma
Winner : Emma

Sampson & Mike Rawlis vs Blake & Murphy
Winners : Blake & Murphy

Tye Dillinger vs Finn Balor
Winner : Finn Balor

Solomon Crowe vs Kevin Owens
Winner : Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens / William Regal / Solomon Crowe

Carrying on his great times as a heel Owens comes down to the ring not only wearing John Cena’s t-shirt but to Sami Zayns music. He basically come down to run a promo on John Cena and delivered one of the best lines of “you know I hear you chant that but I never heard you chant Sami Zayn sucks and he does too” which is great. The talk went back between John Cena, Sami Zayn and Samoa Joe.

After he’d finished his bit William Regal came down to the ring to give Owens his telling off before Solomon Crowe joined the fray not happy with the excuses that Owens was coming up with.

You know I have to give it to Crow because I don’t think John Cena doing the open challenge shows he’s insecure. Lets face it he goes out with the knowledge (character wise) that he’s going to win because he’s big headed. Saying you won’t come out and defend it every night kind of begs whether or not Owens character really believes he can keep it. I’ll give it up to Crowe for pointing this out.

All this did was basically make the main event Owens vs Crowe.

Hideo Itami

We get a update on his injury and get to hear from him. Kind of sad he got injured as I really love watching him wrestle. Hopefully he’ll be back soon.

Bayley vs Emma
Emma wins by submission

I have to admit when I first started watching NXT I didn’t like Bayley much but it has gotten to the point where I’m kind of unsure how I could ever not like her. She’s just so cheerful and her music makes me happy and I just want to hug everyone (just like Pete I’m a clapper… as wrong as that sounds… for New Day of course… I’ll shut up) and be cheerful.

There is no denying that these girls on NXT are given much more of a chance to shine then the Divas on the main show and they do the company proud every match they have because they prove that the girls are much more then pretty faces. WWE really need a Network exclusive PPV just for the girls on the main roster AND NXT. Can you think of it? Champ vs Champ? Not only would it once again show how good ALL the female wrestlers are but more importantly it would give the main roster Divas a chance to show what they can do.

The match was really exciting. I love watching these two up against each other. I have to say I possibly like Emma in the ring more then Bayley but not by much. The match was a lovely length and gave both girls a decent amount of time to do their thing. It was won by Emma showing off her new attitude and winning with quite a nice looking submission move.

After the match Dana and Emma give a knock out slap to Bayley before Charlotte comes down to attempt to save Bayley and ends up getting a slap herself.

Very good match we need this amount of exposure on the main shows for the Divas. They are brilliant though.

Becky Lynch

We get a nice look at Becky and where she came from all the way up to now and her match for the championship. It was just nice to see them give them the same amount of time to talk once more.

Sampson & Mike Rawlis vs Blake & Murphy
Blake & Murphy win by pin fall

In the early stages of the match Murphy completely grounded the competition. The tag team champions were completely and utterly dominant and the other team had no real chance at all. Even though it was pretty much a one sided fare it was still extremely cool to see. I loved seeing Alexa Bliss getting involved in the beat down at the end. The Sparkle Splash to… Whoever it was I missed who she did it to.

Course it isn’t as good as the match before but it was still good.

Backstage and it wasn’t the tag team champions being interviewed but Alexa Bliss.

Tye Dillinger vs Finn Balor
Finn Balor wins by pin fall

I’m going to become super unpopular right from the first review.

I do not get the big deal about Finn Balor, his crawling on the floor, his entrance music and the musicality of how he poses during it or his paint job when he has it.

I don’t even think he’s THAT good in the ring. I much prefer Tyler Breeze………..

Don’t kill me. Please.

The match was good. It was a bit short to really do much with, Dillinger got the upper hand quite fast but then spent a good minute or so with Balor in a submission move. The second they got back to their feet Balor had a few explosive moves before getting the three count. It was a good match but a bit of nothing really.

Kevin Owens vs Solomon Crowe
Kevin Owens wins by pin fall

Of course the match was kind of dominated by Kevin Owens. I say kind of I mean pretty much completely dominated by Owens.

I mean it was kind of cool to see Crowe stick up for himself and for others in the back but at the same time it was pretty boring to see Owens just beat the crap out of him. It was a bit of a flat ending to a decent show. Of course also at the same time that the main event was going on the next chapter of One Piece came out so the match basically couldn’t keep my attention.

After the match Samoa Joe comes down. My goodness his music sucks! It starts out the same way all Joe’s entrance musics have from what I can remember and then turns into some kind of disco pop fiasco. He needs much cooler music as Joe is a killer wrestler.

I can’t wait to see Joe up against Owens.

My Thoughts

If I’m honest it was one of the weakest shows in the last month or so which is a shame seeing it was the first one I reviewed. I’m not one of those people who bang on about it being better then the main shows because I don’t really feel that way if I’m honest (which probably makes me the wrong kind of person to review it) the only section I think they do over 100 times better then the main show is actually the women’s wrestling. That is about it. I’m no big Finn Balor fan and if he keeps that crawling on the floor gimmick if and when he goes to the main roster man will I give up the will to live before he gets to the ring.

The best match by far was the Bayley/Emma match and the rest were either too short or else too dominated.

As I said though this is the first time I actively got bored and went looking for something to do since I started watching NXT. Its usually a lot more exciting then what I felt it was tonight.

Can’t wait to see Owens at Elimination Chamber on Sunday.

I guess half the problem is I was sulking because I missed Tyler Breeze. Man is he my favourite.


As you can tell I have pretty much kept with the format Pete has done his reviews in and I’ll stick to this format unless I can think of a better way of doing it. Hopefully I’ll have blogs up Thursday mornings in the UK to review it, I don’t work many Thursday’s but at the same time I’m probably not going to stay up late to see it either.

Until next week…

2 thoughts on “NXT Review 27/5/15”

    1. You know you don’t have to like something to review it right? I don’t hate it, I’m not going to come on here every single week and run it down. I’m not a super fan of NXT and I don’t get the big deal about it if I’m honest but I love some of their wrestlers and I think they do a wonderful job with the women’s division. Surely that is good enough yes?

      (Plus if this doesn’t come up as a reply I apologise for some reason it doesn’t seem to be working properly!)

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