Monaco F1 Grand Prix 2015

Spain proved to be a extremely boring race but one that brought along a result that COULD potentially change the season.



1st : Nico Rosberg
2nd : Sebastian Vettel
3rd : Lewis Hamilton

Now you might think that SOMETHING had to have happened to have the shuffling of the top three from Qualifying.

Well it did but it wasn’t THAT interesting. It has sparked up a tiny bit of debate which we’ll talk about later but that is about it.

There was a slightly interesting opening corner with these three, the Ferrari nearly slotting itself inbetween the team mates but that didn’t happen and the three of them spent a rather quiet race in position. Lewis had a 20+ gap to Nico and it look inevitable that he’d win only his second Monaco GP.

But THEN when the Virtual Safety Car came out followed by the ACTUAL Safety Car Lewis Hamilton inexplicably pitted and came out behind both Rosberg and Vettel.

As I said in race this wasn’t exactly exciting. It was confusing and mixed up the result from what it probably SHOULD have been but it might have also made Monaco sound more interesting then it was because people have since been talking non-stop about it.

This means that Nico is now only 10 points behind Hamilton and it’ll either make him more confident or he’d actually look at losing 20 seconds to his team mate and make him realise he is still way too far behind.

4th : Daniil Kvyat
5th : Daniel Ricciardo
6th : Kimi Raikkonen

Daniil managed to overtake Daniel on the first lap and kept in front of him most of the race. these were great in the highlights for different reasons.

First off was probably Kimi and his radio messages. He has always been a driver worth listening to when he starts on the radio. He wasn’t happy with the blue flagged drivers at one point and his message after Daniel Ricciardo overtook him was priceless. “It wasn’t very nice.”

The commentators got over excited for Raikkonen in his first pit stop because his lap was so good going in they thought he might overtake Ricciardo, which he did do, and it kind of sums up Monaco at the best of times. Nearer the end of the race Ricciardo took his place back with the “not very nice” maneuver which basically saw Ricciardo force himself up the inside of Kimi who then touched the Red Bull. Both cars were perfectly fine.

It just wasn’t very nice.

The other moment was Kvyat being told to give the place to Ricciardo. We never heard the call but we did get the second call. It was basically about Ricciardo’s tyres. He had more of a chance to overtake Hamilton in third then Kvyat. Waht we DID hear was the command on the closing lap that if Ricciardo CAN’T get the job done he had to give the place back to Kvyat, which he did.

If I’m honest I think that is the perfect use of team orders. You give the order for the better result of the team BUT if it doesn’t work out you give the place back. That seems all fair to me!

They brought the entertainment….

7th : Sergio Perez
8th : Jenson Button
9th : Felipe Nasr
10th : Carlos Sainz Jr

I honestly don’t think I heard anything about these guys the whole race. It was lovely to see Jenson Button get a point for McLaren, we’ll see where they really are in the next race, and its nice to see Perez, Nasr and Sainz Jr all doing well.

Quiet races are good races as long as they end in the points.

11th : Nico Hulkenberg

He was in a accident with Alonso on lap one that meant he had to change his front nose and that was basically the most interesting part of his race.

12th : Romain Grosjean

Grosjean had quite a quiet race too. Unfortunately not the kind of quiet race that he wanted. The biggest moment for him in the race was a come together with Verstappen which I’ll talk about later.

13th : Marcus Ericsson
14th : Valtteri Bottas
15th : Felipe Massa
16th : Roberto Merhi
17th : Will Stevens

More of nothing much with these guys.

I never heard Ericsson’s name mentioned once. Bottas had a problem at some point I believe (I can’t remember what happened if I’m honest! I think it was a bad pit stop) and Massa had a accident on lap one and never really recovered. It doesn’t surprise anyone that the Manor boys are at the back still.

Max Verstappen

Max was by far the most entertaining driver of the race. He had a good move on Maldonado just before Pastor retired from braking problems. It was a lovely move against a driver who couldn’t really slow down.

Unfortunately his pit stop took a good 30 seconds and you had to feel that points were off the table for Max but he cunningly used Vettel and the blue flags for the Ferrari to get up behind Romain Grosjean in the Lotus. By the time they caught Grosjean Lotus would have told him that Max was using the Ferrari as a shield to overtake and Grosjean was able to defend against him.

On lap 64 though Grosjean hit the breaks too early into one turn and caught Max out who was right behind him sending Verstappen running into the barriers with the whole front of his car smashed up. Thankfully Max got out of the car OK, not so great was a 5 place penalty for Canada and two points on his super license.

Fernando Alonso

Like Jenson he was up in the points. His accident with Hulkenberg got him a five second penalty but unfortunately a gearbox problem left him turned off in the run off.

Pastor Maldonado

His bad season is getting worse. His inability to finish Monaco continues. I now feel sorry for Pastor Maldonado.


Well the race was a normal Monaco race.

There wasn’t really much going on the whole race long. It was not the most fun you’d ever have. There was some good results in there and the top ten is a pretty decent bunch of drivers. I would have liked to see what Alonso would have done if he had stayed on the grid, I don’t think he’d have done much better then Jenson but it would have been amazing if McLaren had gotten double points! I’m hoping that we’re on the verge of seeing a real breakthrough with the team.

Usually you look to the midfield and hope for fun but that isn’t really happening this year even with the highlights instead of the live races.

As for the Hamilton incident of course it was a profoundly dumb decision. Hamilton should never have been pitted no matter what.

I think its completely childish and over the top for fans to be demanding people to resign or be fired and to come up with over the top conspiracy theories and branding every individual that either laughed at the accident, don’t like Lewis so was happy with the results, just don’t fall in line with the fire them or conspiracy theories etc etc as racist.

For a start Mercedes have always been weak with strategy. The only race so far this year a Merc hasn’t won was truly LOST by Merc and their calls. This is something they need to work on and they had the perfect person in Ross Brawn TO do that. Now they’ve lost him they need to replace him with someone at least a little decent in that area.

Secondly can’t someone just calm Niki Lauda down? He has always come across as not thinking much about Nico and praising the ground that Lewis walks on but in times like this making such a big deal about it when you KNOW if it happened to Nico he would just shrug and say that’s sport has given fuel to Mercedes enemies that they aren’t working as a team. I’m not saying he shouldn’t speak but sometimes he needs to think about what he announces to the world and what should stay behind locked doors.

Thirdly you really think Mercedes sign a very big three year deal with Hamilton just to mess him around? You don’t think everyone might just feel a bit bad about what happened? It is all a conspiracy whether it makes sense or not?

And lastly not liking Lewis doesn’t equate to disliking him because of the colour of his skin. For all the Lewis fans calling others racist who in the same breath talk smack about Nico what is your excuse? Because according to your own logic you can’t just dislike a driver there has to be ulterior motive for it all. Maybe its because he’s blonde? Or good looking?

I think the nastiness between fans of Lewis and Nico can sometimes get over the top. At the end of the day there will always be races where you “lucked” in to the win at the expense of someone who might have been much better then you on the day or in general. There will always be races that you lose for reasons out of your control. It could have easily been another car crashing into you whilst letting you by under blue flags, or a engine problem or a tyre problem. There are so many different ways you could luck in or out of a win. To be so vile to someone for inheriting a win and being happy that he won is silly. Lewis will no doubt win many more races that might have been inherited to him by someone else’s mistake, is he meant to think about those people when HE inherits a win and sit on the podium sadly shaking his head?

For all you know Rosberg might not have had a clue what had happened to Lewis and thought he’d retired for some reason, fans belief that drivers should have a mental link to their team mates and competitors and be all knowing is ridiculous.

I just think the whole hullabaloo after the race was unneeded and if tides were turned I really don’t think there would be so much nashing of teeth. I don’t believe there would be because there is a lack of respect for Rosberg which he might or might not deserve but it blinds people to him.

And that was the most “exciting” moment of the whole race.

Can’t wait for Canada!

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