Week 18

4th May – 10th May

Week 8 Question?
Something you’re currently worrying about?

My weight and the fear nothing I will ever do will ever make me lose any. Seeing I’m wasting money on eating as healthy as possible, tried so many work outs and am more active then ever (AND drinking plenty of water) yet I’ve put on weight I’m starting to think I will always be fat.

MONDAY 4th May

Woke up : 10am

So I had to work the last two bank holidays not this one. Not that we did much. It was my mums birthday so me and Catherine spent the day with her, we were going to go on a picnic but it didn’t work out quite like that seeing that the weather was awful so my sister ended up sleeping most of the day and only waking up when me and my mum were going to take my niece to McDonald’s for dinner.

There is something about bank holidays and Sunday’s that just seem to fly by and before you know it its all over and you are going to bed again. I don’t know why they feel like they go by much faster but I’m sure they do, in fact I’m sure there has never been a 24 hour bank holiday in my life! Maybe it is just a hangover from school because it was that one extra day of freedom that was always over too fast. It has to be a mental thing. Surely?


Woke up : 7am

Here was me thinking work would be hell of a boring and there not being anything to tell you this week.

My bus had every bus like problem it could possibly have on its way into town. It was on its last legs so had problems going up the hills in Eggbuckland, we had people who weren’t sure where they were going and fussing about money, kids pressing the bell every single stop, a old man fell over outside the bus and the driver and another passenger had to go and help (I’m not complaining about that it was just one of the long list of things that happened!) every set of lights we got to were red…. I ended up late even though I had gotten the earlier bus!

Thing is it didn’t stop there.

For a start the boys were pretty sure we have a rat in the pipe in the celling but I’m not too certain, it looks like the pipe is falling to pieces that doesn’t really mean there has to be a rat in there. After that it seemed that I just couldn’t get a break. I started one job just to be given three or four other jobs. The phones never EVER stopped and I ended up spending half the day sorting out a load of model airplanes to put onto eBay.

Just one of those days.

These days take everything out of you though. By the end of the day I was completely out of it and knackered and my concentration levels were at 0 because I just couldn’t care less. Too much panic that I’d done things wrong… In the end my head just wasn’t there.

I can’t even write about it without making no sense because I was just so tired.


Woke up : 7am

Today I kind of realised how funny it is just how much customers change over time.

I mean five years ago we seemed to get so many people coming in asking about the building or telling us the history of it. We had loads of people come in and tell us all these crazy stories about things they’ve earned in their lives or just their lives in general.

Now it seems just like any other shop, people come in and buy things and no one wants to talk.

Then again we always seemed to be much busier back then too.


Woke up : 7:50am

And that was by pure coincidence! My bad week got worse as I rushed, didn’t have time to make anything for dinner, got angry and tired before going to work.

Work wasn’t too bad I guess!

When I got home I decided to buy Minecraft on the PS4 as well as Mortal Kombat X. Of course I’ll have blogs about both at some point!

Today though was election day. For you inside the UK you know this already, for those not you might have missed it.

This might surprise you BUT I am a Conservative voter.

FRIDAY 8th May

Woke up : 6am

Nothing like a little bit of politics to get your blood pumping in the morning.

It was more like a test of patience really, all day I was checking on threads and twitter seeing the discussion waiting for some sensible posts to discuss the future of the country and what happens next but like the run up to the election itself I felt like there was just no point to it all.

Last general election which was the first one I voted in I felt like I knew everything there was about each and every party. It was all laid out in front of my nicely and I was able to make a firm decision after hearing them talking about important economic points and so on. This year all I’ve heard is about the Nasty SNP’s who are out to get us…. Or how anyone who votes Tory has the blood of the poor and disabled on their hands…. Or how funny Ed Milliband looks eating a sandwich (or David Cameron eats hotdogs with a knife and fork!)

It surprises me how there are so many people ready to talk a load of bullshit hyperbole and insult each other (on all freakin’ sides) instead of talking about what is going to happen next.

And you know what?

If only the politicians who are paid to think actually thought and all sat down at the LAST general election and went “you know what guys? Our great country is in trouble how ’bout we all band together and listen to the people and do our best to save our asses” we wouldn’t be in this predicament.

If only they cared enough to actually do the job they are MEANT to do not the job they WANT to do it wouldn’t matter WHO we picked because RIGHT NOW there is one goal and they should ALL be working TOGETHER to make sure the WHOLE of the UNITED KINGDOM survives (SURVIVES?)

I don’t want Scotland to leave, I don’t want Wales or Northern Ireland to want to leave. Hell do I understand why they do! But I don’t want them too (and before I get the “you’re English you WOULD say that I come from the West-Country, we might have all voted Conservatives by the look of the maps bar one or two places but we are far from being the “enemy”) I want us to be a United Kingdom. I want us to work together and I want each part of the UK to be able to do what is best for the people they are looking after. What works in London isn’t going to work everywhere and someone at some point in my lifetime will hopefully figure out a way to take that to Westminster and do something with it.

I doubt it but they should.

But it isn’t the parties and their lack of priorities that annoy me. It isn’t the stupidity of the fact that most of our politicians earn more then most of the population do or the fact that most of them are just living a totally different world to us yet are somehow REPRESENTING us.

What really annoys me is people die for the freedom to vote. I’m not even talking about wars. All down our history people have died for the simple right to have their voices heard. From women to black people and so many others.


So just because someone voted for a party that you disagree with does not mean they deserve to be called uneducated, stupid, gullible, mentally retarded or murderers.

I’m poor AND disabled so when you keep telling me that I can get a nice warm glowing feeling when I walk over the bodies of dead poor/disabled people YOU ARE TALKING TO ONE AND I STILL FUCKING VOTED CONSERVATIVE AS IS MY DAMN RIGHT TO DO SO!

If Labour had gotten to power I wouldn’t have sat there insulting your right to vote.

Only in England (and I say that because I haven’t seen many Scottish, Welsh or Irish posters be quite so vicious) can people DEMAND democracy BUT on the basis that only THEIR voices should be heard.

Maybe instead of feeling sorry for me (and hating me at the same time…. Go figure!) you should ask why someone at the bottom of the rung decided that the Labour party who are MEANT to be FOR the working person didn’t get their vote? Where did it all go wrong? Why would they go with a party that wants them dead?

I will talk about my political views with people but I won’t be insulted for them. They are mine to hold and its my vote to do with as I please.



I apologise that it is missing two days.

I’m sorry that its two weeks late.

I’ve not been feeling too well mentally and been obsessing over things and ignoring the things I’m meant to be doing. Heck I haven’t even watched Kiniro Mosaic yet and I love that.

I don’t know really when it started as I was OK up until the end of this week. As in the week this blog is set in. I’ll try and write a rough blog about how I felt last week but it won’t be a proper blog really. I should be fine doing a blog this week but I say that a lot.

I just felt like what I’d written for week 18 didn’t deserve to be deleted just because I was too ill to finish it in time.

I’m hoping to get a few blogs out in the next few days including once more getting up to date with anime blogs.

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