F1 : Monaco 2015 GP Preview

Race Day : 24th May

Nothing could have made the last GP in Spain exciting. It marks the start of Rosbergs fight back as he wins his first GP of 2015 but the circus rolls (or rolled) into Monaco this week and he needs to keep up his momentum.

Drivers Championship Standings Top 5

1 : Lewis HAMILTON
2 : Nico ROSBERG
3 :  Sebastian VETTEL
5 : Valtteri BOTTAS

The single biggest race of the year. Glamorous, historic and in its 73rd year of being held.

Last year it is safe to say that Nico Rosberg had it mainly his own way. Some dirt in the eye of Hamilton stopped him from being able to keep up with his team mate and nearly put him at risk of Daniel Ricciardo (remember last year when Ricciardo was the man on fire? What a difference a year makes!)

There is a lot to be said for Monaco though. It brings back good memories and bad memories. Its the track that loved Ayrton Senna, a track where McLaren have won 15 times, a track that is so different from any in the sport with some of the biggest and most famous corners and the most beautiful back drop for a race.

Memorable moments for me (with the short memory) include the year Kimi retired and went back to his yacht instead of the garages, Schumi stopping after his qualifying lap stopping anyone else from being able to go faster, there have been some spectacular spins and collisions as well as me getting very excited for a race that actually doesn’t have THAT much going on.

For all the close racing that might have gone on here a lot of the time now the cars just can’t pass each other. There have been some decent and surprisingly exciting overtakes but it is hardly a race that sets the world on edge.

But its Monaco and just the fact its Monaco makes up for that. Held on the streets of Monaco and always jam packed with celebrities its a track that can sometimes surprise you with the results. A track where being the best driver on the day can sometimes, not always, beat out being the fastest. A track where every lap you are holding your breath as drivers like Hamilton try their luck against the railing and get as close as they can without causing accident.

I remember once in GP2 I think Giorgio Pantano caused a traffic jam after a accident. I know it was a race that Bruno Senna won.

There is a reason its the crowning jewel of Formula One.

Sometimes I feel like now its more to do with remembering the past over what happens on track. That is just my personal feeling on that one.

This weekend though it is most important for Nico Rosberg to keep the momentum going, he needs to catch up on lost ground and put some space between him and Vettel. This is the crucial point in the season for Rosberg after failing to impress in most of the opening grand prix’s.

We’ll see how he goes.

3 thoughts on “F1 : Monaco 2015 GP Preview”

  1. Don’t forget the GPDA Survey going on 😉 .


    I felt a little sad that I had to name my FAVOURITE driver and three other drivers I support! I didn’t know who to choose… So panicked and picked Alonso then though OH NOES WHAT IF JENSON DOESN’T GET ANY LOVE….

    Then reminded myself that it doesn’t matter I love them all 😛 specially team Macca!

    1. Every statement is like a knife in the heart. We can only hope and pray one day for a miracle for the whole family.


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