Smackdown Review 5/14/15

The last Smackdown before Payback, the last chance for everyone to have their say.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Dean Ambrose vs Sheamus
Winner : Dean Ambrose

Seth Rollins vs Ryback
Winner : Seth Rollins

Kofi Kingston vs Tyson Kidd
Winner : Tyson Kidd

Bo Dallas vs Neville
Winner : Neville

Kane vs Roman Reigns
Winner : Roman Reigns

Bray Wyatt

I feel bad just coming along and bad mouthing Bray Wyatt every week but I really have had enough of him going on and on about whatever it is he’s going on about. I feel we need to seriously have a translator to his stupid inane talking.

I didn’t actually understand anything he said other then he has a match against Ryback at Payback.

Dean Ambrose / Roman Reigns / Kane

I feel like we’re building up for a few different things. Kane leaving the Authority? The final nail in the coffin of the Shield? A complete surprise and a lunatic with the title?

Whatever it is it seems WWE have finally realized just how strong Ambrose is not only in the ring but on the mic. It was a much better segment then some in the lead up to Payback because it was led by Ambrose.

There wasn’t much being said in it though. Ambrose isn’t sorry for what he did on Monday and Reigns doesn’t blame him. Kane sets up a match for right NOW. That would be Ambrose vs Sheamus.

Dean Ambrose vs Sheamus
Dean Ambrose wins by pin fall

You know what? I would love to see Ambrose vs Sheamus more often. I like everything about both of them and would love to see them square off more often. There is something about Sheamus, especially now as a heel, that I just enjoy.

Sheamus was never going to lose to Ambrose so close to Payback. Ambrose has been slowly gaining momentum and is obviously right now THE man of the moment. Sheamus has been on a bit of a losing streak which wasn’t going to change and if it is going to change will be changing in a match against Ziggler not anyone else.

Thing is I kind of liked just seeing Ambrose stroll in, get his shot at the title and niggle from the sides. There is something about tonight though that kind of makes me feel like he’s getting pushed into a more mouthy position then before.

Regardless if Ambrose wins or loses this weekend I kind of hope in the near future we’ll have a Ambrose/Sheamus feud.

Kane / Seth Rollins

The usual back and forth between Rollins and Kane that only really led up to learning who Rollins is facing tonight, that would be Ryback.

I do enjoy their interactions together but at the same time it has gotten rather pointless recently.

Still the look on Rollins face when he learnt he was facing Ryback was priceless.

Rusev / Lana

I really do feel like there is no need for us to once more have Rusev stand in the ring and go on about John Cena. I don’t see why John Cena has to go on so much before his matches. With this segment though we’ve got the whole Rusev forcing Lana to apologize for her transgressions last week and I feel them two separating quite soon, or at least their story taking over from the Rusev/Cena feud.

He didn’t even have a bloody match he just wasted time going on about John Cena. Why couldn’t that have happened with Renee backstage after he attacked Cena on Monday?


Ryback is no dummy. I do like Ryback. Just the whole hungry thing makes me laugh because I just imagine him imagining his opponents as hamburgers.

Seth Rollins vs Ryback
Seth Rollins wins by pin fall

Well we got to listen to Seth go on about how he will win at Payback before Bray Wyatt attacked Ryback “knocking him out”.

If I’m honest it was the most moronic thing I’ve seen. Why? Because Wyatt just basically knocked into Ryback and Ryback fell to his knees but apparently was knocked senseless.

When the match actually got going I have to say it was a good match but by the time it got going I’d lost a bit of interest. Having slow motion replays of a already slow “sneak attack” and having Ryback lie on the floor for way too long didn’t help it.

It was a good match though.

Naomi / Tamina

So backstage and Naomi and Tamina talk to Renee about their tag team match at Payback against the Bellas. Some good time on the mic for the two of them finally getting some story injected into the feud.

Kofi Kingston vs Tyson Kidd
Tyson Kidd wins by submission

New Day are brilliant. I really enjoy listening to them. I don’t even know why people dislike them because they are so entertaining. I get excited just hearing them coming to the ring.

Kofi was fighting against Tyson this time out and it was a great match. They have a two out of three falls match on Sunday and the two matches (Cesaro/Big E on RAW and now Kingston/Kidd) has made the whole event seem even more exciting. Given something to do has really upped Kidd and Cesaro in my opinion, before Extreme Rules they just didn’t do anything and it was seriously boring thinking that they’d go into the PPV against New Day. Their actual feud with New Day has been hilarious and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Daniel Bryan

We have Daniel Bryans big announcement replayed. They managed to make it even more heartbreaking then hearing him say it originally.

Bo Dallas vs Neville
Neville wins by pin fall

Bo comes down to help us with the five stages of grieving over Daniel Bryan leaving. We should all be happy he’s here to help us. Actually even though I think he’s a moron he’s probably one of the best guys they’ve got on the mic right now and he really needs to be doing something more  then he is. Still think they are missing out not having him with Bray Wyatt and re-making the Family with Bo and Wyatt together.

Bo against Neville though?

It was a great match, made even better having Barrett at ringside commentating. Much better having Barrett and King at ringside together because last week it got pathetic with King going over the top at Barrett but they were fine together.

The match was great if a bit short but it gave Neville the momentum going into his match against Barrett. I can’t see Neville losing if I’m honest.

Adam Rose

Well it was nice to see him and Rosita.

The poor Hotdog though. I’m hoping this is leading to something soon because I like seeing Adam Rose so would love to see him actually do something soon.

Kane vs Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns wins by pin fall

It tried so hard to be such a good match. It was a good match. It just gets a bit boring at times seeing Kane get the short end of the stick. I know they wouldn’t want Ambrose or Reigns going into Payback with a defeat but at the same time Reigns could have used losing here.

Now that ain’t anti-Reigns but I don’t buy his whole “payback” agenda. Him going into the match angry because he lost to Kane would have worked.

Mainly though I just want Kane to win something sometime. I’m a big Kane fan and its about time he got a win.

Honestly though I predicted the result before the match, I even had the quick overlook written before both competitors were in the ring. It would have been better earlier in the night.

Seth Rollins / Dean Ambrose / Roman Reigns

We needed to hear from him again tonight. Saying the same as the last two times tonight that he spouted off. Why we needed Ambrose to throw cookies at people I don’t know. It was all just too much to end the program.

We end the show this week with Dean Ambrose breathing extremely heavily at Roman Reigns. His girlfriend is only off to one side so he might want to be careful just how long he breaths so heavily at his boyfriend because he might make her jealous.

Could have happened earlier in the night, probably better off if it didn’t happen at all.

My Thoughts :

It was much better then last week but there was still something that really bugged me and I can’t really tell you what it is.

A lot of the promos actually had no meaning behind them, there was also no personality behind a lot of it. Ambrose was fine and Bo Dallas might not have had much of a point other then to piss people off but he was great. Seth Rollins? The three segments he got to tell us how he’s going to win and how upset he is just didn’t need to be there. Bray Wyatt still making no sense and the whole mess before Rybacks match with him? Pointless.

In fact if you scaled back on the same old same old (Rusev for example, did we need the exact same promo from last week this week? Nothing new whatsoever in what he said) you could have got a good little match with Adam Rose instead of having his only contribution being snogging Rosita backstage.

I’m happy that there was a attempt to inject story into the Diva story we’ll see if they actually do anything with that.

The main event was no where near as good as the first match. Its becoming a bit of a habit for the best match to be the first match and usually for it to feature Dean Ambrose.

Hopefully I’ll have two blogs out before Payback, a look at the build up of Payback and my predictions for Payback but I’ll be here on the night on twitter (@Shelley_is_god) along with Anna (@Awerka)

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