Owari no Serafu : The Demon in Your Heart

“Kokoro ni Sumu Oni” (心に棲むオニ)

Yuichiro was given the task to make a friend if he wanted to join the Moon Demon Company and without actually making a friend he made a friend and therefore got to join.

He continues his work to gain revenge on all vampires.

Honestly you couldn’t make a more thoroughly dislikeable character then Yuichiro. A way to give him no redeeming qualities of course is to make sure that no matter how much of a idiot he is, no matter how many times he messes up and no matter how many times he doesn’t listen he always wins in the end. Shinoa doesn’t help as she seems unable to implement the messages of team work and friendship into Yuichiro that Guren has sent her to do.

I feel like the first episode wanted you to feel sorry for Yu from the start but I never actually did. If anything it was Mika that I felt sorry for as Mika was a likeable and sensible character.

This week is another week of telling us that to advance Yu needs to have a pure heart, work as a team and rely on friends. This week is another week that showed us that actually Yu can do whatever the hell he likes and still win. So what is the point of the Moon Demon Company now that we’ve been shown that Yu is much stronger then them purely because he’s a stubborn ass?

I’m waiting for the second that he fails (again, seeing that he failed to help his family but… Being a stubborn ass) because I will then think about whether or not I could like him going forward. I want him to learn the lessons that the Moon Demon Company seem to want him to learn but it seems that every time he rejects their notions he then gets further in his path of revenge and its getting tiresome.

The big surprise I guess for this episode was probably that Mika is still alive and a vampire. Something that was kind of spoiled in the opening and ending credits anyway.

I guess going forward we’ll either see Mika have to struggle with his transformation whilst keeping his own morals in tact or else we’ll see him join with Yu on the battlefield and bring down the vampires from within. Either way his story is probably going to be the only story I like in the anime as I really don’t like Yu.

I do like Yoichi though.

The episode obviously angered me but there are still so many parts of it that I like. It is just a shame about Yu and the fact he is the main character. If he wasn’t I think this would be a great series.

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