Arslan Senki : The Royal Capital Burns, Part Two

“Ō Toenjō ~Kōhen~”(王都炎上 〜後編〜)

We ended last episode with one of the simplest tactics to overthrow Pars. The simple use of its people. We know how big Pars is on Slavery and Lusitana uses that by calling to the slaves to rise up and help them win and in doing so become free and equal men.

These two episodes viewed together is just basically one long story of how the capital fell to Lusitanian hands.

The thing is regardless of the slaves the opposing force ALREADY had inside help with the defecting Kharlan. He shows Silvermask the way into the city through underground tunnels, on their way he finds Gieve the musician (the guy who shot Shalpur in the last episode) guiding a fake Queen out of the city. The fake Queen dies and the forces of Silvermask are able to free even more slaves and let the whole of their army in. And so the Royal Capital falls.

The episode was full of action from beginning to end and it ends a period of the anime that I feel was just setting up to what Arslan is going to do to win back his country and defeat the people who have taken over.

We were introduced to the beliefs of both sides, the idea of loyalty and bravery, the notion of becoming too reliant on your own strength. Arslan’s easy nature and open mindedness was explored, Daryun’s loyalty and belief in strategy shown, Narsus’s philosophy was told and the other bit players were moved.

If anything a lot of what happened in the last few episodes would probably be the kind of thing you would usually see in a flashback at the beginning of a anime. Arslan would be going to visit Narsus or be on the road with him at the opening of the anime and things would be explained from there. I see much more coming in the future then actually happened in the first few episodes.

The fall of the capital was very well animated and told well in a different style from usual. We didn’t really have any main characters actually THERE to take part in the war so it was told in a more detached way then usual.

Arslan’s first move though, as told by Narsus, will be to defeat the traitor Kharlan. Boy can I not wait for that.

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