Arslan Senki : The Royal Capital Burns, Part One

“Ō Toenjō ~Zenpen~”(王都炎上 〜前編〜)

Arslan now has a Knight and a strategist but the title of the episode looks like we won’t see much of Arslan at all this episode.

The episode starts with a bit of a laugh though as Elam makes his pleas to stay with the party and not be left behind. We see the adults realising that they’d lose the meals he’s been preparing and agreeing for him to come with them. If anything he actually looks like he’s capable of doing much more then all of them put together.

Narsus continues to bring both laughs and sense to the proceedings as he pretty much articulates what I have said in my reviews in a better way then I could explaining to Arslan where his father had gone wrong in his battle.

We then return to the capital where Lusitsnia have surrounded the walls and proceed to torture Lord Shapur in front of the armies.

What I don’t really get is one of the reasons for this war between them is that the Parsians see them as savages following a savage god. How is this meant to prove to them he isn’t? Its one thing I never get with holy wars they tend to prove the other side right at every moment.

It gets all a bit war like after that with the normal pre-gun powder affair of bows and arrows, ladders, catapults and battering rams. The city literally burnt as the Queen tried to reward the man who shot Shapur between the eyes and stopped his suffering.

The episode was one long learning curve for Arslan as even though we are watching what is happening Narsus is trying to get Arslan to see what would be happening. Already it looks like Arslan is going to be a great strategist in the future as he is already able to think out what the armies might be doing at the capital.

The way the walls of Pars were breached was actually quite emotional and carried on with my above point. Lusitania uses their benevolent god to convince the slaves to join them and open the gates, the only problem is their promises are probably more then empty and they’ve already shown that they have a nasty side with their Inquisition. It is the smartest thing to do though.

It all looks extremely bad for Pars. I doubt there is much they can do to stop the army invading now that the slaves are on their side. I’m kind of taken aback by how little the Queen seems to care in general about what is happening. I understand her wanting to reward the man who put Shapur out of his misery but instead of it ending there and her trying to work out what is going to happen next seeing that there is a whole load of army guys ready to take over her city she wants to hear the man play a song instead.

Well that is up to the Queen but I would like to see her actually care that her city is about to be taken over.

I like the series a lot more now then I did at the beginning and I can’t see any good times coming for the Pars people for a while. We shall see what is going to come there way in the next episode, though the Lusitanian’s seem happy to just burn Pars to the ground.

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