Spanish F1 Grand Prix 2015

I apologise that there wasn’t a race preview this week I was absolutely sure I’d done one and as I was away at the beginning of the week and didn’t come back till the end of the week when it was a bit late to write one! Not a mistake I plan on making again!

It feels like a lifetime since the last race though!

We left off with quite a fun race in the desert of Bahrain and another win for Lewis Hamilton.

1st : Nico Rosberg
2nd : Lewis Hamilton
3rd : Sebastian Vettel

A boring race for the top three. Rosberg ran away with the win showing some much needed belief in himself. Hopefully this is the start of his fight back and we’ll get a fight on our hand.

It kind of carried on the on/off feel of the season. One race is brimming with excitement and the next one is a bit of a damp squib.

Hamilton had some pit lane dramas and their pit stops were never quite as good as they usually are.

Vettel I hardly ever heard from during the highlights! I don’t actually know what he did do!

I still think its a race too late for Rosberg but wouldn’t mind seeing him gain his confidence back.

4th : Valtteri Bottas
5th : Kimi Raikkonen
6th : Felipe Massa
7th : Daniel Ricciardo
8th : Romain Grosjean

A whole gaggle of drivers that I haven’t really honestly heard much about all race.

Bottas and Massa carried on showing that the Williams aren’t to be forgotten this year and they might not be championship contenders but they are darn close to being there or there about.

Romain had a few moments his biggest being a scary one for his front jack guy who was thrown backwards as his car refused to stop.

Overall this group must have had semi-exciting match ups but as I watched the highlights there was very little mention of them. I know there was a moment on lap 4 where Maldonado tried to overtake Grosjean and ended up being overtaken by Ricciardo instead.

So there was obviously moments but we didn’t really get to see them.

9th : Carlos Sainz Jr
10th : Daniil Kvyat
11th : Max Verstappen

Again there wasn’t much to say about them. At the closing stages of the GP Carlos Sainz made a march up from 11th with one really good overtake on Verstappen and a dodgy one that I’m surprised didn’t see him get put back behind Kvyat later on.

Good finishing positions for all.

12th : Felipe Nasr
13th : Sergio Perez
14th : Marcus Ericsson
15th : Nico Hulkenberg
16th : Jenson Button
17th : Will Stevens
18th : Roberto Merhi

Again each probably had a few moments in the race but they were never really highlighted on the highlights and therefore I can’t remember ever seeing or hearing anything they were doing.

Still sad to see there really is no improvement in the McLaren camp and a few names I wouldn’t expect to be so low.

Pastor Maldonado

I’ll give it to him his retirement was a racing accident early in the race that broke his back wing before having to retire on lap 47. It was sad actually for a change. He had some really good moments in this GP and actually was by far the driver highlighted most in the early stages.

Sometimes you just have to feel sorry for Pastor.


Fernando Alonso

Probably one of the scariest retirements that didn’t actually DO anything. He’d lost his breaks (apparently because of a visor strip) and he couldn’t stop his car in the pit lane. Disappointing weekend for Fernando.

The Race

Man how boring was the race? I only watched on highlights as I do and yet it seemed they still had to fill the whole show up with cars doing nothing.

It wasn’t a good race for the pit lane though with plenty of problems getting wheels on or whatever and plenty of mechanics being abused by the cars.

The highlight seemed to be hearing drivers getting either upset with the lack of cars getting out of their way whilst being blue flagged or Hamilton and his terrible pit stops.

There just wasn’t much going on as far as I could tell! Admittedly I did then stop thinking about the race and let my mind wander elsewhere but when I’m watching the highlights I don’t expect to be so bored.

I’m sad that McLaren haven’t even been able to get closer to the midfield. None of my drivers had a particularly good result. I usually like the Spanish GP so I’m a bit surprised that it wasn’t as good as I usually think it is.

That being said it gave Nico his first victory of the season and it was a dominant one. Hopefully this will give him the belief that he can better Lewis and gives him the motivation he needs.

Maybe that isn’t the right word. I know he’s a very motivated person but it always seems like he starts to lose his motivation when Lewis gets the upper hand. His whole team seemed to have completely given up on him so it was nice to see him prove them wrong. I’m hoping he can take advantage and start to catch up with Lewis.

As for Ferrari/Williams you know I’m not so sure its all the car anymore. With Raikkonen being sandwiched between the two Williams I’m starting to think that Williams are pretty much on the same level as Ferrari just neither Bottas or Massa are on the same level as Vettel. There is a obvious gap to Mercedes and Ferrari but I’m not too sure that there is a gap between Ferrari and Williams as such.

We’ll see though.

Random Ponderings

Why oh why TV Guys?

Why do we need to STILL to this day see the girlfriends in the garage? I don’t mind going and seeing the mechanics react to overtakes and when the title is on the line later on in the season I don’t mind seeing the reaction of family to big moments in races that could actually mean the driver wins or loses the title. As it is Kimi wasn’t even fighting for a win and yet I think I saw more of his partner (as pretty as she is) then I did of his car on track. Any time they mentioned his name it seemed it was inter cut with a visit to Ferrari and a lingering shot of her reacting to whatever it was he was doing.

To be fair I just felt bad not having anything to really ponder so that was the only thing that came to mind.

I don’t see why we have to see ANY of the family. As I said this isn’t even a championship deciding round or anything. The mechanics are different because this IS their race too obviously and its nice to see them from time to time (specially this week!) but prolonged shots of family members, girlfriends, popstars or test drivers? Really?

We have another week break before the Monaco GP but I’ll make sure I have my preview up (really sorry about that) and I’m hoping for at least a little more excitement!

See you on the 24th!

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