Smackdown Review 5/7/15

The contract signing for Paybacks PPV Main Event goes down on Smackdown.

Quick Matches Overlook :

King Barrett vs Dolph Ziggler
Winner : Dolph Ziggler

King Barrett & Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler & Neville
Winners : Dolph Ziggler & Neville

Luke Harper vs Fandango
Winner : Luke Harper

New Day vs Cesaro & Tyson Kidd & Ryback
Winners : New Day

Emma vs Naomi
Winner : Naomi

Los Matadors vs Lucha Dragons
Winners :  Lucha Dragons

Jerry Lawler / Bad News Barrett / Dolph Ziggler

A strange way to start off Smackdown and obviously a way to really bring Barrett (and probably Neville) into the Ziggler/Sheamus feud. I mean it isn’t like Barrett doesn’t talk constantly anyway. If I was Barrett I’d be annoyed hearing King for the millionth time in his career saying “It takes a king to know a king” which is really starting to wind me up. I’m not sure why we should feel sorry for Lawler either, it was cheap getting him to insult Jerry when obviously people love him but then him sitting back at the comm table to commentate on the match and pretend like he isn’t a ass to Barrett every week.

I know at least one fan who is grovelling at Barrett’s feet.

King Barrett vs Dolph Ziggler
Dolph Ziggler by DQ

As confusing as I found the whole point of the first segment with Barrett I have to say the match was well worth it.

These two are great in the ring and I’m happy that it seems to be a little more official that it is now more of a four way feud. I liked seeing the difference in the matches with Barrett taking on Ziggler but the match was pretty short before being ended by Sheamus who teamed up with Barrett to beat down on Ziggler before Neville came for the save.


King Barrett/Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler/Neville
Dolph Ziggler/Neville win by pin fall

You know… I like that these four get time in the ring. I like that they have two teams and have a common purpose in those teams. I like the feud that is bubbling within this group. I really do love watching all four up against each other. What I DON’T personally care for is yet ANOTHER tag team match up against these four. Why couldn’t Ziggler/Barrett have been a longer match EVEN IF it needed to end in DQ before having Sheamus and Neville later on? Why do we need the 100th version of their match? And why do we have to have the same result?

Not only that but it seemed to mean we had a longer time of hearing King moan and bitch about Barrett. In the beginning it was kind of interesting it ended up winding me the hell up.

Dean Ambrose

Ambrose tells it like it is. Talking about chaos which is kind of the only word to describe his move set right now. I’m extremely happy to see him added to the main event of Payback as he’s going to make it much more interesting.

Luke Harper vs Fandango
Luke Harper wins by pin fall

So Luke Harper gets to be all scary and creepy and beat down on Fandango. We even got a Fandango-ing Luke Harper… Kind of.

I feel like WWE need to be doing something with Harper because he’s too good to be just left to do nothing. He DESTROYED Fandango without even breaking a sweat… Actually I lie the guy sweats all the time so its hard to tell the difference.

If anything there seems to be a story brewing with Erick Rowan who we haven’t really seen recently have we? I can’t remember the last time we saw him anyway. Actual emotions on Luke Harpers face with his crazy eyes. Wondering if the Wyatt family will get back together and if they do then it’ll probably just be because they need to do something with Rowan and Harper which wouldn’t be a bad thing either. Both do the creepy angel well and it doesn’t pay to have a shit ton of creeps at the same time.

Harper is brutal though.

Rusev / Lana

You see this feud between Rusev and Cena has gone one match too long. I can’t see any kind of ending that is going to feel like its deserved or makes sense. If Cena wins then he can carry on doing his weekly fight for the championship but right now I can’t see him getting into a long feud with anyone. If Rusev wins then I don’t see the point in the last few months PERIOD.

I know there is going to be a Rusev/Lana fallout after the PPV but I’m pretty much sure this is all pointless.

Roman Reigns

We learn nothing new from Roman. He thinks of Dean as a brother and hates the other two in his match and wants to win the championship. Pointless interview seeing that they have the contract signing later on.

New Day vs Cesaro & Tyson Kidd & Ryback
New Day wins by pin fall

Well obviously somehow they had to get the Tag Teams AND Ryback/Bray Wyatt into Smackdown and they are already nearing the half way point in the night so why not stick him in the tag team match?

I like Ryback, I don’t find him interesting but I do like him regardless of me finding him boring. He worked so well with Kidd and Cesaro though. It was one of the most fun matches ever.

There were so many different styles of wrestling in the match that there was never a dull moment. I liked how the teams contrasted, New Day have the one big guy and the two high flyers whereas the others had to big guys and one high flyer. That isn’t to say that Cesaro can’t do just about anything because DAMN can he do whatever the hell he likes.

The ONLY thing I don’t like is his running from one corner of the ring to the other. Thankfully it didn’t go on forever and a (new) day like it did on Monday but it did happen.

It was only a matter of time though before we got the black out and everyone was waiting for Bray Wyatt but it gave New Day the distraction they needed to get a roll up on Kidd and win.

The ending made sense but was also a bit of a let down.

Best match so far of the night though.

Randy Orton

More pointless sounding off of someone that is in the PPV of Payback. I’m guessing they have to get Renee on the TV as much as possible.

Emma vs Naomi
Naomi win by pin fall

I’ve now gone off the Naomi Heel turn. I’ve gone off everything about it.


Because I liked the Naomi turning because she didn’t feel like she was being given the chances she deserved.


God knows.

The biggest problem with the Diva’s is that there is no consistency in the diversion. No one seems to care about giving them stories. Naomi is great but the second Tamina started to talk in the promo I kind of felt like really? There is a much better way of doing this so why are they messing it up so badly?

Honestly the match was pointless as well because it was just a beat down on Emma to prove once more how powerful Naomi is.

3 minutes and Naomi wins just for Tamina to get in the ring and beat up Emma. I wouldn’t mind so much if it didn’t feel like a cheap way to carry on telling us that Naomi and Tamina are evil.

Never mind. Another wasted Diva’s segment.

Seth Rollins

Ya you guessed it. Another pointless “how do you feel” from Renee followed by the same speech by Rollins that has come before him.

Los Matadors vs Lucha Dragons
Lucha Dragons win by pin fall

More tag team action. When have the Matadors last been on Smackdown or RAW? I’ve missed them. I HAVEN’T missed the Lucha Dragons though.

It was extremely fast and the Lucha Dragons walked out with the win but I’m not sure whether I cared much. I found it extremely boring. Usually I quite like fast wrestling but I have no real love for the Lucha Dragons. Look more like green cats with their outfits then Dragons.

At the end of the match and it looks like Los Matadors are having problems with each other but that isn’t really important because stories aren’t important if it isn’t about Ambrose/Orton/Reigns/Rollins tonight it seems.

Still grumpy about Divas. Just don’t let me start talking about it as I will never stop talking.

Kane / Dean Ambrose / Randy Orton / Roman Reigns / Seth Rollins

So we finally get to the contract signing which we’ve had to listen about all night and see Renee ask each of the competitors how they feel about  the match. The whole night really HAS been leading up to this “historic” waste or time.

No doubt it’ll be fun though right?

It wasn’t too bad but it felt like they kind of forgot to have a decent show because we’d all be so interested in four men standing around a table mouthing off at each other.

It was half worth it just to see Dean Ambrose throwing desk chairs out the ring which is just weird to see. I’d kind of like to see a Rollins/Ambrose feud again as I really like them two together. I DON’T want to see Reigns/Ambrose.

It was a shame no one went through the table.

I’m finding it hard to guess where they will go with the match at Payback but whatever way it goes it’ll be pretty fun.

My Thoughts

I said it above.

It felt like they didn’t bother to put thought into the episode because they had the contract signing.

We had four very boring interviews that might have only been a few seconds long but in reality were unneeded. It clogged up the show by going backstage to talk to them and stopped other people from getting time backstage.

I keep saying it and will say it till I’m blue in the face but as much as I like them turning Naomi heel they aren’t doing a good enough job of giving her a consistent story line to go with it. I like that she’s now got Tamina with her but why? To even the numbers? She shouldn’t HAVE to even them because the Bella’s are meant to be the faces of the feud. And that is where it goes wrong! Now Naomi is going on about people forgetting what she can do? I get why Tamina might say it but Naomi turning heel was because she wasn’t getting respect not because people didn’t know what she could do! And then Tamina just repeating basically word for word what Naomi said a split second before? The menacing Tamina at ring side? All of that was just boring. They were on to a good thing, ruined it at the last PPV and now have completely lost the point of the whole thing.

Some matches were great, some weren’t so great and others were unwanted. I don’t know why we once more had to have Barrett/Sheamus vs Neville/Ziggler can’t they do something else with these guys? We also REALLY didn’t need the Lawler segment before hand which felt way out of place even with Barrett. That whole thing went from strange to alright to terrible.

I mean just a simple thing like Renee trying to get a word out of Harper after his match or even another speech from Bray Wyatt would have probably stopped the whole night feeling a bit of a let down.

A contract signing is not that interesting. If its the only thing you have going for you on the night then at least MAKE IT interesting.

For me it was a big fail for Smackdown this week.

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