RAW Review 5/4/15

Only two weeks to Payback and still the ongoing fight against Kane’s Authority (and deserved respect) and Seth Rollins ego rages on.

Will Seth finally learn to shut his mouth?

Matches quick overlook :

Roman Reigns & Randy Orton vs New Day
Winner : New Day

Cesaro & Tyson Kidd vs The Ascension
Winner : Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins
Winner : Dean Ambrose

Fandango vs Rusev
Winner : Rusev

R-Truth vs Stardust
Winner : Stardust

John Cena vs Sami Zayn
Winner : John Cena

Nikki Bella vs Naomi

King Barrett & Sheamus vs Neville & Dolph Ziggler
Winners : King Barrett & Sheamus

Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton

Randy Orton/Roman Reigns/New Day

Tonight saw the run up to Payback really kick off with what has to be one of the strangest in ring segments I’ve seen for a while.

Whilst Randy coming down and giving the big speech about not even Roman Reigns is going to stop Randy getting his payback at Payback cue Reigns emerging from the fans to tell Randy HE’S the one that will get his payback at Payback is all very much the norm in any given week the addition of New Day of all people really made it strange.

First off its nice to see Roman actually interacting with a human being and not just a face on the screen for a change, there is a lot of potential there in Roman even on the mic but he was going no where with his back and forth with Show.

But I think the thing I liked most of all was that it gave New Day quite a big platform and quite a nice chunk of time to talk. They are probably the best heels the company have at the moment as without any kind of real menace behind them no one cheers for them. Well I do. They are fun though and you need to have fun bad guys as well as the kick ass bad guys. New Day do that really well.

So it might have been the strangest of openings but it was also kind of one of the most genius openings.

Randy Orton & Roman Reigns vs New Day
New Day win by pin fall

I have to say even though the outcome when it happened was obvious from the beginning it also WASN’T. I didn’t think New Day would win but they actually dominated the match pretty well and used the differing speed levels and one man extra to their advantage.

It was a main event worthy match with a lot of excitment being built on during the match. Whether you clap with them or not New Day are a great team and wonderful to watch in the ring together and to be fair most of the match Randy and Roman worked pretty well together too.

The match ended with a accidental spear from Roman to Randy and New Day picking up the victory. Of course Kane comes to ring side and says what we’re all thinking. There is just enough chemistry boiling below the surface of Randy/Roman that Kane wanted to poke it with a stick and made Randy vs Roman the main event for the night.

It was a good opening match and also set up Randy and Roman against each other as well as New Day in general.

Kane/Seth Rollins

So we learnt that baby Kane used to sit in fireplaces waiting for Santa to roast his chestnuts. If anything that is the greatest part of the backstage bit with Rollins other then him making a match for Seth (really Seth shut your face and Kane might not get pissed off) against Dean Ambrose and banning J&J Security from being at ring side.


Two things I’m not happy about. Renee Young in the ring to do a interview and Ryback being her guest. I’m actually a fan of Renee but not long winded stuff, as much as I like her on the PPV pre-shows most of the time I can’t usually stand more then a few moments from her. LET ALONE Ryback. Again I like Ryback but he very rarely adds much when he has a mic in his hands and I really don’t want to hear him shouting feed me more much more.

He’s hungry. Someone get him a burger.

Thing is he was meant to probably be talking about Bray Wyatt but it felt more like he was talking about how he doesn’t eat enough. Maybe Renee should take him to get something to eat instead of stand in the ring and talk about how hungry he is.

As for Wyatt I didn’t think he knew what he was talking about before tonight well now I’m pretty damn sure that they just randomly generate his speeches sentence by sentence. He talks a load of shit.

Cesaro & Tyson Kidd vs The Ascension
Cesaro & Tyson Kidd win by pin fall

I don’t get the love that The Ascension get I really don’t. I find their promos boring and their wrestling clunky.

In recent weeks I’ve really been enjoying watching Kidd and Cesaro as a team, I feel like they’ve found a great flow. They never got into that flow this week and that is because the Ascension just seem to be a wall in the way.

The match bored me if I’m honest and I don’t like to say it. When the commentators got all hyped up about something Cesaro was doing I looked up just to see him running from corner to corner with one of the Ascension guys and looked away two seconds later. I mean he did it what about 10 times? It didn’t look impressive and it didn’t sound impressive.

I really hope we get better with them.

Seth Rollins

So Renee corners Seth to ask him about his match. Seth doesn’t keep his mouth shut and instead calls Kane a moron

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins
Dean Ambrose wins by pin fall

Could this match be more fun?


Not only are these guys so freakin’ amazing together in the ring but Kane comes out and says if Ambrose wins then he gets to join the main event at Payback and make the main event a four way match. The screams of Anna could be heard two galaxies over…

The match as always was great. Any time they fight is great, they know each others moves and they understand each other really well so they just work ridiculously well together.

I don’t like how after any big move by Ambrose someone has to say “that’s why they call him the Lunatic” because him wrestling ISN’T quite why they call him a lunatic. Like the crazy little dances he does in between moves when his opponent is down and the crazy eyes. Why does doing a actual wrestling move, a legitimate move that many people do, make him a lunatic?

The match was good enough to main event Payback itself.

Ending of the match was a bit cluttered with J&J showing up just to make no impression whatsoever and Ambrose getting a roll up of all things on Rollins to get added to the main event at Payback.

Seth Rollins/Kane

Lets face it the angrier Seth gets with Kane the more Kane is punishing him so what does Seth do? Piss Kane off more. It seems that Seth really isn’t the brains of anything really more like the hot head.


So Lana gets to have her voice heard for a second before Fandango comes to give her pointers and gets her in trouble with Rusev. Such a strange group of people.

Fandango vs Rusev
Rusev wins by submission

I will clap with New Day and I will Fandango with Fandango. I feel sorry for Fandango going into this match because its obvious that they just want to have Rusev rip some people apart before his “I Quit” match at Payback. Opposite kind of from what they did with him before Extreme Rules though it seems that its really lining up a story with Rusev and Lana (maybe Lana leaving him at Payback?) with her Fandango-ing with Fandango and putting off Rusev though it all just makes him angrier and Rusev ends up winning.

I don’t like obvious matches like that if I’m honest. Rusev is a good wrestler but it isn’t like Cena who has a good match regardless if you know he’s going to win. Rusev gets put in basic squash matches that don’t let the other guy do anything.

I’m more interested in the Lana/Rusev story then the next chapter in Cena/Rusev.

R-Truth vs Stardust
Stardust wins by pin fall

Now THIS is going to be a good match.

I say this then I remember last week where Stardust grounded the match and it wasn’t interesting at all. The big question this week was “what’s in the bag” the bag being a bag that Stardust of all people brought to the ring.

I’m really quite annoyed that in two matches with two great wrestlers we’ve gotten two quite grounded and slow matches.

The best part of the match was probably R-Truth opening Stardust’s bag to find plastic spiders inside and getting freaked out. “A Grown man running away from plastic spiders” is the best line Michael Cole will ever utter.

HOW do these two have two duff matches in a row? HOW?

John Cena vs Sami Zayn
John Cena wins by pin fall

See this is what I’m talking about when I was talking about Rusev. Cena doesn’t need to dominate the match because he bores us all to death before the match telling us he’s going to win. He doesn’t need to dominate the match because him putting the title on the line on RAW means we know he ain’t going to lose so we don’t need to see him beat down on people.

Thing is he talks a load of shit so he doesn’t NEED to talk at all because nothing he says is of any importance whatsoever. Can’t he just shut up?

If Cena bored me then I at least got to be excited about seeing Bret Hart come down to the ring, no not to fight Cena but to introduce NXT competitor Sami Zayn. Not before Heath Slater made his next announcement that he’s going to take on Cena before…. Not.

For me I feel like the match started off really slowly but picked up pace the longer it went on. It felt like it was purely there to show of Sami and his skills which is what I was talking about before and its a GOOD thing because if he had been up against Rusev (and no it isn’t Rusev’s fault) he wouldn’t have been able to show us what he could do. Sami was injured quite early in the match and still managed to put on one of the best shows of the night.

I can’t wait to see him more often on the main roster, I like NXT but always forget to watch it for many reasons so I probably need to catch up with that more often. Sami is great though and he really did deserve the chance to shine and I’m happy people got to see him shine.

New Day/Cesaro & Tyson Kidd & Natalya

So backstage and New Day are still celebrating and even hijack a interview with Sami Zayn before it even got a chance by showing up to talk with Renee when she was waiting for Sami.

FINALLY we get to see some personality from Kidd and Cesaro backstage.  I want more of that I really do.

Nikki Bella vs Naomi
Match didn’t start or end or anything

So before the match started Naomi and Tamina Snuka show up to beat down on the Bella’s. A new look for Naomi and some personality finally injected into the story. Still… A match that was meant to happen DIDN’T. I’m not sure if that is really a good thing. I mean they could have brought back Tamina DURING the match.

So my Diva match timing for this week? 0 minutes.

King Barrett & Sheamus vs Neville & Dolph Ziggler
King Barrett & Sheamus win by pin fall

OK so lets face it Barrett is probably the best person they have on the mic and his whole #AllHailKingBarrett stuff is just great. That is why I kept saying he NEEDS to be King of the Ring.

And then Dolph and his King Barrett and Court Jester Sheamus stuff. These four could have a great rivalry.

The match was all sorts of crazy as you’d expect. All of the guys were great, Barrett once more was hit in the back of the head by Neville a million and one times before getting a Royal Bull Hammer on a flying Neville and proving to everyone that you should all just #AllHailKingBarrett.

A great match by four of the most impressive and fun wrestlers at the moment. There isn’t too much story going on for them at times, well there is a obvious story yeah sure but they just tend to wrestle every week which is all we need from these lot. Its much more interesting then anything else.

Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton

Number one thought is that Jamie Noble NEEDS to be on the mic more often. His introduction of what the Authority members were doing was brilliant and Coles “Thank you mayor of munchkin city” topped his R-Truth spider comment.

The match wasn’t too bad if I’m honest. It always felt like you were holding your breath waiting for the Authority to show up and yeah when that happened they brought down Ambrose to help clear the ring and corner Rollins.

Dean is the last man standing and that is the end of RAW.

My Thoughts :

You know what I’m going to say it. I love JBL as the Heel commentator. I agree with most of what he’s saying sometimes but he always makes me laugh and when things start getting quiet he speaks up and adds so much. I really love him.

So the most important thing of the week is that Ambrose has been added to the main event at the PPV. Now I like this, I like this more then I liked any decision about Payback so far. I think Ambrose deserves the shot, I think more then people think Ambrose is going to be the future of WWE and to be honest he’s probably going to be the fan favorite on the night.

And this is the thing. I think its obvious that Roman has a lot of support and I can see the appeal, I think Rollins has been given his push (deservedly) and can see him staying at the top for a long time.

I don’t see the same for Ambrose.

Personally I think Ambrose is the best out of the three. He’s a all rounder. Good on the mic, good in the ring, over with the fans… But he doesn’t have the look like Roman has and he doesn’t have that something that Rollins has. That isn’t a personal opinion that is just how it is. I would love to see Ambrose walk out of Payback with the championship belt leading to Rollins/Kane and Orton/Reigns and then bring in someone else for Ambrose to fight for a month or so when the other grudges play out. I’d LOVE that.

Can you see it happening because I can’t.

I see Ambrose being the guy pinned though. I can’t tell who I think is going to win at this moment.

I’ve already had my say on Cena and Rusev and why I prefer seeing Cena compete then Rusev.

The Divas though. I mean man why can’t they give them a break?! Naomi has a cool new look, cool new music and now Tamina is back and in her corner and the best way to showcase this is having Naomi and Tamina beat down on the Bella’s and NOT have a match? Like Naomi, Tamina OR the Bella’s really would prefer the whole of a minute of RAW being about them and no platform to perform on?

I don’t know why I bothered to get my stop watch out this week for the Diva’s.

Sami Zayn was great.

Match of the night though probably went to King Barrett & Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler & Neville. I enjoy seeing all four compete and to be fair that would be a great main story for them. I would like to  see a formal grouping of Barrett and Sheamus but at the same time I don’t want them to become a permanent tag team (not that they will.) I like their story against the smaller guys but I just kind of wish that they’d actually get to have more interaction other then a few bits here and there.

Barretts Kingly speech was brilliant but at the same time give him something to actually talk about and not just throw in something random so everyone can listen to him.

And PLEASE get him better fitting trunks or just get rid of them altogether and get him in trousers of some sort. I think Anna died at that point.

It was a good RAW. Not quite as good as some would have you believe but I enjoyed it a lot.

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