Smackdown Review 4/30/15

Another chapter in the Seth Rollins vs Kane inter house Authority fight rolls onto Smackdown.

Matches quick overlook :

Roman Reigns vs Kane
Winner : Roman Reigns

Damien Sandow vs Curtis Axel
Winner : Damien Sandow

Ryback vs Luke Harper
Winner : Ryback

New Day vs Cesaro & Tyson Kidd
Winners : Cesaro & Tyson Kidd (DQ)

Cameron vs Nikki Bella
Winner : Nikki Bella

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins
Winner : Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins/Kane

Rollins isn’t even going to pretend he cares a little about Kane now. He walks in to find Kane backstage and berates him for what HE did on RAW before getting upset that Kane has put him in a match tonight against Dean Ambrose.

This is all so far really good because its given people outside of the championship picture a chance to match up against the champion. Ziggler and now Ambrose would be great up in the championship picture but right now we don’t get that so we’ll just have to wait.

Roman Reigns

Now get me right on this I like Roman Reigns and I think he’ll make a great champion but I’m getting extremely bored of him. Its probably the fault of the Show/Reigns thing going into Extreme Rules but I don’t find him half as interesting as Rollins or Ambrose on the mic and all he seems to do week in week out is talk to us. He gets some good matches like on RAW but they recently have been far and few between. Swing that to Ambrose and he’s had very little mic time unless you have the WWE App to hear him on yet he’s had a match nearly every single week and each show is better off for it.

I do like the fact they haven’t whitewashed the “brotherhood” between the boys though. Roman gives a shout out to Dean before calling Seth their “Little Brother.”

Thankfully he talked only for a short period of time before Stripper Kane once more appeared to fight Reigns.

Roman Reigns vs Kane
Roman Reigns wins by count out

I kind of expected the match to be over in seconds with Roman getting a Superman punch before Kane even got into the ring properly. It wasn’t like that though.

It took a minute but Kane got the upper hand and started to beat up Reigns, the whole audience was behind Reigns which is really what he needs. I might not like the whole Kane is useless stuff going on at the moment but I have to say I’m in awe at how he comes out every week to make these guys look good either in promos or in matches. Its fun watching him up against Rollins and whenever he has a match, win or lose, he’s just great.

For the opening match of the night it was a good one. A real good one. I actually feel like it was a shame that Kane walked away from the match and we saw Rollins in the back looking equally as confused and Reigns looking just a little pissed that he won by count out. It was a bit of a strange ending to a brilliant match.

Seth Rollins

Renee goes to interview Mr I-Never-Walk-Away-From-A-Fight talking a load of crap about things he’s never actually done. And this is why I love Seth Rollins because he makes me laugh. He’s such a spoilt brat and he does it so well.

Damien Sandow vs Curtis Axel (#AXELMANIA)
Damien Sandow wins by pin fall

I love him even more now that he’s copying everyone else. He does that so well!  “He is the village idiot of Minnasota”, “Curtis the pigeon toed disappointment” I love #AxelMania but I love Sandow and this could be the greatest rivalry of all time. I love both of them and their craziness.

Thing is beforehand the whole copying of Miz thing was only so-so funny. It could grate at times because you knew that Sandow is great in the ring. So the difference now? The difference is that now even with the copying, like sitting next to Axel after he launched him out of the ring, there is a damn brilliant wrestler being shown off.

Not only that but Sandow and Axel’s entrance music are awesome.

Sandow wins but I don’t see that making Axel happy so I’m kind of hoping that we get some more from these two in the coming weeks. I love how fun they both are, how great their characters are and just how well they work in the ring together.

Lets see more of them!


Backstage and Renee asks Ryback if he thinks why he’s being targeted by Bray Wyatt.

This segment kind of shows how boring Wyatt/Ryback is going to be. Seriously I could write you a great story involving Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt and I’ll do it for free if you really want. It could even INCLUDE Ryback but it would be more interesting.

As it is he’s up against Luke Harper which kind of makes me hope the Family are getting together again.

Ryback vs Luke Harper
Ryback wins by pin fall

Why isn’t Luke Harper doing something bigger then this? I mean Luke Harper is the creepiest dude in the whole of the WWE. No kidding. The whole staring stuff and eyes in his entrance video and the bald spot…. Just the fact he never cleaned his clothes in his life is scary enough.

“Secret recipe of Doom”? Honestly? Bray Wyatt just talks a load of crap and I’m sure that he has no idea what he’s talking about.

Thing is I still don’t understand how the messages have anything to do with Ryback and it honestly sounds like no one else does so why not just have Wyatt show up all the time in Bo Dallas matches and you know WORK WITH BO DALLAS!

That has nothing to do with this match I know I apologize. The match was a hell of a fight. I don’t think Harper works as well against Ryback as he did in his fights against Ambrose. Harper can actually be a bit of anything, you can see him do things you’d not really think would suit him in the ring. With Ryback he was grounded and to be honest a lot of the match was dominated by the much slower Ryback.

It was still a good match but it felt a bit slow.

After the match and Wyatt appeared once more to beat up on Ryback.

New Day vs Cesaro & Tyson Kidd
Cesaro & Kidd win by DQ


Time for my favourite team to come clapping to the ring and defend their well earned titles.

I will give Cesaro and Kidd their dues they LOOK fucking deadly together. I still just want to see more of them because I like them but the whole tag division recently has been about EVERY other tag team with them looking on backstage. THAT is boring. Them in the ring ISN’T. They work so well together in the ring and both have great ring presence singularly so its a bit sad at times when we don’t get to see them much.

I’m a huge fan of Cesaro though.

New Day spent a large part of the beginning of the match grounded with Kofi in the ring, there was a bit less of New Days great team work and much MUCH more of Cesaro/Kidd. Why I liked that? Because it made both look great, I loved the match which had more ups and downs then any match tonight. It ended with a DQ after the first really bad thing that New Day have done with Woods actually getting caught out jumping in the ring.

OK now I’d be more then happy for New Day to carry on against Cesaro and Kidd.

Cameron vs Nikki Bella
Nikki Bella wins by pin fall

I really feel like I need to actually really talk about why I dislike the Diva’s treatment at some point because I don’t feel there can be enough people saying the same thing. I’m a bit pissed at everything Diva related at times. Number one thing I really want now though is someone to mute King every Divas match.

As it was there was a actual good match in there. Cameron is great in the ring and Nikki was once more impressive. My problem is that Nikki and Brie are made to look like “good guys” by having them lose to Naomi or people like Cameron and make them look weak but then when Nikki faces someone for the championship if it goes wrong for her Brie is there to put it right which we’re still meant to see as them being good guys.

I say this but happily Nikki shut Cameron up but this is a whole different thing.

Plus I am now timing all Divas matches and this match lasted 4 minutes which feels like 4 more then the battle royal the other week was. One of the best matches of the show as well so why aren’t the girls treated better?

Prime Time Players

I’m so happy that they are still getting their weekly crazy time because they are great. I don’t know why they bother with wrestling they are brilliant actors. They need to get some time in the ring. Lets have a three way fight for the titles. Please do something great with the Prime Time Players I miss them.

Seth Rollins / Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose gets to talk and already the world is a happier place. Rollins messes up his promos all the time yet he’s amazingly able to keep his calm when faced with Ambrose crazy stare down.

Dean doesn’t lose a beat though and even though it was short it was hell of a funny. I can’t wait for the match.

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins wins by pin fall

After we get a reminder of King of the Ring we then go onto our main event.

Is it me or does Dean Ambrose look smaller and smaller every time he wrestles? It isn’t important but its starting to bug me not being able to figure out whether he is or not.

If I’ve said it once I’ll say it again and again till I’m blue in the face.

Dean Ambrose is possibly one of the best guys in the business right now BECAUSE he’s so unpredictable. Not because he’s crazy or anything like that because the crazy works in promos but isn’t a important part of his in-ring personality. The fact that he isn’t easy to read in the ring makes you like him even more. He’s fun to watch but his matches don’t become samey because even if he uses the same kind of moves and puts the same kind of character into them you don’t know what you are going to get and when you’ll get them.

I’m not saying everyone not Dean Ambrose isn’t good I’m just saying I could watch Dean Ambrose wrestle all night long and I wouldn’t get bored. I could hear him talking about, I don’t know, breakfast all night long and wouldn’t get bored of him.

The match was great. You could really feel that they both knew each other pretty well.

The match went crazy though as everyone ended up on the outside, Ambrose took them all out, Kane went to chokeslam both Rollins and Ambrose before stopping then thinking of chokeslamming the ref, we then got a double close line to J&J before Rollins managed to throw Ambrose into the steel stairs and get his new finisher on Ambrose in the ring which saw him take the win.

After the match and it looked like a beat down on Ambrose by the Authority but how silly do they have to be not to count on Reigns coming down to help? They left Kane lying in the middle of the ring. It really is a shame that we can’t take Orton out of the picture and put Ambrose into it.

My Thoughts :

It was actually a really good show. Best matches were probably the Tag Team and Divas matches but the main event was something to be seen too.

I still feel that they need to put proper stories into the Divas division because right now it looks weak because it has no real stories going on. You can’t have all of them playing the same character just some nicer then others. Get it sorted.

The show was pretty good regardless and there was a lot of good matches. Of course we are still just coming off of a PPV so there was a lot of setting up work. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the stories progress but not all of them.

Sorry that the review is so late, I also won’t be around for RAW tonight but hope to get that review done tomorrow or the day after. I haven’t got a lot of spare time this week but both me and Annming up as well as Monday’s being free so from next week if I can’t make a review Anna will try and get one done.

Have fun with RAW!


Note : if anything seems odd on the review I had to finish it on my mobile as I left the house and my mobile doesn’t like it much so sorry.

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