Show by Rock!! : Yes! Idol ♡ Declaration

“Iesu! Aidoru ♡ Sengen” (Yes!アイドル♡宣言)

Our adventures in Midi city with Cyan continue.

So we might get some needed development with the girls this episode. Maple has agreed to put them in a battle of the bands concert against Cristicrista, 4 students from St. Midi Middle School’s Student Council.

We learn a little about the girls and see a bit of their personality shine through but it still didn’t make me fall in love with them. If I’m meant to be behind them then don’t make their opponents, Cristicrista, more interesting and fun!

I kind of like Cyan (her introvert speech is probably something I should write out on a bit of card and hand to people when I meet them) but the others are just boring. There is nothing to them and because its all going to be Cyan being the brains behind everything and keeping them together it’ll just get annoying. There was nothing to keep me interested this week until the end and the promise of a cool looking band for this week.

EVERY other band manage to be interesting. All the music is great. But Plasmagica is one dimensional with terrible music. And they are the band I’m meant to be supporting? Like hell.

I’m happy they didn’t win because I was jumping in my seat to Cristicrista’s song and not to Plasmagica.

But the strength of the anime is that I feel this way. I’m supporting made up bands in a anime. Its like X-Factor just with strange looking characters.

And whilst I’m talking about how it looks I still HATE the animation in it. I don’t mind when they start singing and the boys aren’t too bad but the girls all have those stupid bubble things on them to make them look sparkly and its just annoying as hell.

I can find much more to complain about if you want?

ChuChu started to show some personality just for it to kind of disappear mid-episode.

Moa is the most likely for me to like outright as she’s a alien anyway and I find her kind of fun but there is not enough of her doing anything in any episode.

Retoree I get. I get her. I probably am a mix of her and Cyan (I don’t make friends, I’m shy and introverted but at the same time it makes me angry so I get angry at myself instead of being a cute little anime girl who blunders into being important. Ohhh the rage!) buut she’s annoying!

Cyan…. She’s alright.

Maple is awesome. He’s also a egg.

Shingan Crimsonz had a cameo and I loved seeing them. Give me more Crimsonz!

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