Show by Rock!! : With our Crimson Gaze… (etc)

“Oretachi wa shinkōshoku no shingan de (ikaryaku)”(俺たちは深紅色の心眼で(以下略))

We’ve met the girl band contracted to BRR now lets meet the boy band!

No egg puns I promise!

So Shingan Crimsonz is their name and they seem to be a rock, emo like band with a whole group of different attitudes.

I love them and I like that they were asked to be the opening act for Trichronika at their concert after the band that was meant to be doing the opening act got food poisoning. The boys pride seemed to work against them until they were basically reminded that a job is a job.

I love their music though! They are super cool and yeah I just love them. I really hope we see more of them even though the anime is about Cyan I just loved the boys so much. They were much more interesting then the girls!

Talking of the girls and it was bonding that was happening this week (not bondage like Luc keeps thinking I’ve said) as Cyan moves into the dorms and everyone tries to make her feel welcome and at home.

She learns that she is not able to leave this world (Midi City) until she’s saved it by doing what she did in the first episode and keep everyone’s hearts pure or some such.

Its a cute premise I’ll give you that and the animation style is adorable. The girls other then Cyan are a bit bland but the boys make up for it and it has a very colourful group of characters around the outsides of the story.

I mean there is room for a lot to happen in it, on the outside it might look like a small contained story but it could do just about anything.

I kind of want to see more of Crimonz though then I do the girls. All the boys were fun.

I also don’t see the big deal about Cyan, her singing is mediocre and the song she was singing, well in English made no sense and wasn’t exactly brilliant. I don’t think I really understood why she was so damned important all of a sudden. But that is just me.


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