Game of Thrones : The Sword in the Darkness

Through its up and downs I’m attached to this game now. I have no real hopes that anything I do will make a difference but I am at least happy to carry on and see where the story goes.

It is the first and only Game of Thrones story I’ve become attached to in any way.

Still the third episode has the same problems. Clunky controls that make some scenes unplayable, no real continuation of YOUR actions and horrible graphics.

I left the little kid to die yet he somehow over powered a bloody guard and killed him, thankfully I left the sword and ran so they have nothing to prove that I was there other then someone seeing me there.

Regardless its the one thing that annoys me the most. I could possibly forgive the ugliness and the bad controls if it gave me a little more freedom. I wanted the kid to die, I never trusted the little git, in episode three here he is forgiving me and putting his life in danger for me.

Its that lack of continuity and the way the characters then shrug off things that annoys me. Yeah you left me to die but I’m sure it’ll be all good now lets go nearly be killed by guards trying to get into Tyrion’s bedroom just after Joffery has been murdered. Its a running theme. I decided to side with my uncle as Asher and save him over my friend but I’m sure that will have little to now consequences in the end.

Even though these games all have a plot and drives you towards it I hate how forced GoT does it. Not only that but they kind of word things in such a stupid way or changes events from episodes before or at least they don’t actually stick to people’s characters and then lets them invent a different reality.

Its stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

The story is the strongest thing but I’d still prefer to not bother play it and be able to just watch a better animated cartoon of it.

As far as characters go I quite like Asher but I don’t like his story, I love Rodrik but I want more control over his story and I’m interested in seeing what happens to Margaery but I could do without Mira.

Funny old world.

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